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300 show for downtown rally on tax day

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An animated crowd of 300 assembled in downtown Sulphur Springs Wednesday during the noon hour as part of a nationwide tax day protest, TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Rally, and heard several speakers share their concerns about the direction of the country, overtaxation, and out of control government.

More photos available in the news photos section.

Erwin Cain, chairman of the Hopkins County GOP, was the first keynote speaker and captured the gathering immediately proclaiming “A government big enough to promise you everything is big enough to take it all away.”

“Our government, our Congress, has become a self-serving country club,” Cain said. In finishing his speech, Cain cited several instances of American history where citizens stood up and made things happen.

Vickie Lee, of Sulphur Springs, was one of the many who attended.  She said, “I am here to let the government know that they work for us.  They need to listen to the people; they are out of control.”

Jeff Teimeyer, also of Sulphur Springs, said, “I am here to make a stand as a Christian, to help lift our nation in prayer. I don’t agree with the taxes or the moral direction of the country.”

From the podium area, one of the event’s speakers, Beth Wisenbaker, said “It is great to see this kind of turnout; this is a great crowd.”

The introductions were done by Carol Miller, the event’s organizer, who said, “We are here to let our voice be heard.  We are rising up, coming up, and speaking out.”

Cain said, “A turnout like this says that people are very concerned about their future and the future of the country.”

Sulphur Springs was one of many U.S. cities and towns hosting similar TEA Party Rallies protesting big government and overspending, primarily the recent $787 billion stimulus package as well as the previous TARP bailout.

The assembly continued through the afternoon as the News-Telegram was preparing for press.  For additional video and photography coverage, see www.myssnews.com.




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