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Home News-Telegram News Northeast Texas Junior Market Livestock Show - Sale of Champions wraps up 2-day event

Northeast Texas Junior Market Livestock Show - Sale of Champions wraps up 2-day event

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    The Hopkins County Junior Market Livestock Show wrapped up the showmanship competition Friday night, and finished up Saturday with the Professional Agriculture Workers Stew to recognize buyers just prior to the Sale of Champions.

    More than 200 livestock projects were validated by FFA and 4-H members for this year’s show, which featured lambs, goats, chickens, pigs, steers and heifers, according to Northeast Texas Livestock Association show coordinators.
    Competitors represented Miller Grove, Sulphur Bluff, Sulphur Springs, Cumby, Como-Pickton and North Hopkins FFA Chapters as well as Hopkins County 4-H clubs.
    Grand champion and reserve champion projects, as well as junior, intermediate and senior showmanship awards were presented to in each of the six livestock shows. Several shows featured more than one class, with the top ranked projects denoted per class of animal.
    In a few cases, the youth were repeat winners, having received honors in a previous year’s NETLA Junior Market Livestock Show, and in others competitors took home more than one award.
    For the second straight year Sulphur Springs FFA member Taylor Swinson showed the grand champion lamb. Her 131-pound Class 2 lamb won grand champion and captured the senior showmanship title. The reserve grand champion lamb was shown by Clancy Horton; the Sulphur Springs FFA member showed a 169-pound Class 4 lamb. SSFFA member Bryce McQueen won the intermediate showmanship award with a 147-pound Class 4 lamb. Rhye Caudle, MGFFA/HC4H member, received the junior showmanship award with his 116-pound  Class 1 lamb.
    The grand champion goat was shown by Darby Williams; the SSFFA member showed a 90-pound Class 5 goat. Amy Sprague showed the reserve grand champion; the NHFFA member showed a 73-pound Class 2 goat. Sulphur Springs FFA member Annie Horton, who showed a 78-pound Class 3 goat, earned the junior showmanship award. Dayton Wood, a member of Cumby FFA, won the intermediate showmanship award with an 82-pound Class 4 goat. Kaitlin Maddox, an SSFFA member, took home the senior showmanship award with her 95-pound Class 6 goat.
    The grand champion poultry was shown by NHFFA member Sarah Weatheread and the reserve champion poultry by HC4H member Peyton Coke. Senior showmanship in the poultry show went to SSFFA member Tristan Fairchild, junior showmanship to NHFFA member Liberty Weatheread and intermediate showmanship to MGFFA member Grant Earp.
    For the second year in a row, MG FFA member Lacey Taylor won the senior showmanship award in the swine show and NHFFA  member Jalyn Hrabal the junior showmanship award in the swine show. Taylor’s 246-pound Class 5 swine also won reserve grand champion this weekend. Hrabal won junior showmanship with a 259-pound Class 6 swine Friday. Hrabal also won a junior showmanship award Friday with a Class 19-24 heifer. Intermediate showmanship in the swine show went to NHFFA member Cade Kerby, who showed a 242-pound, Class 4 pig. The grand champion swine, a 274-pound Class 8 swine, was shown by CPFFA member Canyon Smith.
    Brynden Andrews went home with top awards again this year. Andrews topped last year’s reserve champion and intermediate showmanship accomplishments Friday afternoon; the CPFFA member not only again received the intermediate showmanship award with a Class 7-12 heifer but also had the grand champion heifer, a class 19-24 heifer.  CFFA member Cheyenne Gray won the senior showmanship award Friday with a Class 7-12 heifer.
     CFFA member Kaylee Giles showed both the reserve grand champion heifer, a Class 7-12 heifer, and the reserve champion steer, 1,215-pound Class 5 steer. Giles also took home the senior showmanship award with 1,135-pound Class 2 steer.
    The grand champion steer, a 1,175-pound Class 3 steer, was shown by CPFFA member Braxton Andrews. NHFFA member Madison Joslin earned the intermediate showmanship award with a 1,040 pound Class 1 steer. NHFFA member Rebekah Stanley won junior showmanship honors with her 1,165-pound Class 3 steer.

    Below is the list of winners, by show and class, up to fifth place, according to data provided by NETLA:

Lambs, Class 1
    1. Rhye Caudle, MGFFA/HC4H
    2. Breanna Bowen, CPFFA
    3. Hannah Caudle, MGFFA/HC4H
    4. Alex Zeingler, MGFFA
    5. Breanna Bowen, CPFFA
Lambs, Class 2
    1. and 2. Taylor Swinson, SSFFA
    3. Hannah Caudle, MGFFA/HC4H
    4. Ciarra Stewart, SSFFA
    5. Jarrett Bartley, HC4H
Lambs, Class 3
    1. Ricky Wyly, SSFFA
    2. Hunter Allen, SSFFA
    3. Erin Zeringue, SBFFA
    4. Jarrett Bartley, HC4-H
    5. Treyton Andree, MGFFA
Lambs, Class 4
    1. Clancy Horton, SSFFA
    2. Bryce McQueen, SSFFA
    3. Mary Brown, NHFFA
    4. Pauline Rubarts, MGFFA
    5. Cameon Wilburn, SSFFA

Goats, Class 1
    1. Caemon Wilburn, SSFFA
    2. Sheyenne Mitchell, NHFFA
    3. Savannah Allen, SSFFA
    4. Jamie Webb, CFFA
    5. Lexi Earley, SBFFA
Goats, Class 2
    1. Amy Sprague, NHFFA
    2. Miranda Frobish, MGFFA
    3. Jase Cunningham, SBFFA
    4. Trayton South, SBFFA
    5. Sheyenne Mitchell, NHFFA
Goats, Class 3
    1. Blake Adams, NHFFA
    2. James Taylor, SB/NH
    3. Annie Horton, SSFFA
    4. Kenna Lane, NHFFA
    5. Jason Wood, CFFA
Goats, Class 4
    1. Faith Wheeler, NHFFA
    2. Jase Thompson, SSFFA
    3. Connor Burgin, SSFFA
    4. Ty Stroud, SSFFA
    5. Jorja Bessonett, MGFFA
Goats, Class 5
    1. Darby Williams, SSFFA
    2. Kaylea Leach, CPFFA
    3. Philip Rater, SSFFA
    4. Mark Maddox, SSFFA
    5. Aleigh Bessonett, MGFFA
Goats, Class 6
    1. Madison Rater, SSFFA
    2. Cheyenne Hoffman, SSFFA
    3. Kaitlin Maddox, SSFFA
    4. Story Thompson, SSFFA
    5. Mason Burgin, SSFFA
Goats, Class 7
    1. Cooper Adams, NHFFA
    2. Levi Crowell, CFFA
    3. Logan Miller, MGFFA
    4. Eli Cummings, MGFFA
    5. Crystal Hulse, CFFA

    1. Sarah Weatheread, NHFFA
    2. Peyton Coke, HC4H
    3. Cody Vance, SBFFA
    4. Micah Flemens, SSFFA
    5. Tristan Fairchild, SSFFA

Swine, Class 1
    1. Lacey Taylor, MGFFA
    2. Tori Raine, SBFFA
    3. Brooklynn Burnside, SSFFA
    4. Karlee Adams, 4-H
    5. Colten Walker, SSFFA
Swine, Class 2
    1. Brennan “Tate” Myers, NHFFA
    2. Jake Couch, SSFFA
    3. Jeremy Joslin, NHFFA
    4. Morgan Mayers, SSFFA
    5. Dalton Klemptner, SBFFA
Swine, Class 3
    1. Baylee Bowen, CPFFA
    2. Brooklynn Burnside, SSFFA
    3. Elizabeth Thomas, CFFA
    4. Candace Earp, MGFFA
    5. Bridget Nabors, CPFFA
Swine, Class 4
    1. Harli Watson, MGFFA
    2. Cade Kerby, NHFFA
    3. Ty Eason, 4H
    4. Tate Myers, NHFFA
    5. Abbi Hale, SSFFA
Swine, Class 5
    1. Lacey Taylor, MGFFA
    2. Grant Earp, MGFFA
    3. Kayleigh Brewer, CPFFA
    4. Landon Dorner, SBFFA
    5. Ethan Phillips, SSFFA
Swine, Class 6
    1. Lance Davis, MGFFA
    2. Josh Couch, SSFFA
    3. Jalyn Hrabal, NHFFA
    4. Alexis Green, MGFFA
    5. Grant Earp, MGFFA
Swine, Class 7
    1. Shelbi Potts, MGFFA
    2. Brennan Green, MGFFA
    3. Phillip Rater, SSFFA
    4. Kiara Stowater, 4H
    5. Dustin Emerick, MGFFA
Swine, Class 8
    1. Canyon Smith, CPFFA
    2. Candace Earp, MGFFA
    3. Dustin Emerick, MGFFA
    4. Sydney Spillers, CFFA
    5. Ethan Phillips, SSFFA

Heifers, Class 0-6
    1. Kaylee Giles, CFFA
Heifers, Class 7-12
    1. Kaylee Giles, CFFA
    2. Brynden Andrews, CPFFA
    3-4. Cheyenne Gray, CFFA
    5. Braxton Andrews, CPFFA
Heifers, Class 13-18
    1. Demi Jo McDonald, CFFA
    2. Elizabeth Thomas, CFFA
    3. Savannah Allen, HC4H
    4. Hunter Cash, CFFA
    5. Sydney Spillers, CFFA
Heifers, Class 19-24
    1. Brynden Andrews, CPFFA
    2. Jalyn Hrabel, NHFFA
    3. Levi Crowell, CFFA
Heifers, Class 25-30
    1. Savannah Allen, HC4-H

Steers, Class 1
    1. Madison Joslin, NHFFA
    2. McKena Dunan, SBFFA
    3. Kimberly Soles, CFFA
    4. Canyon Thomas, HC4H
Steers, Class 2
    1. Kaylee Giles, CFFA
    2. Hunter Cash, CFFA
    3. Cole Sprague, NHFFA
    4. Tyler Kelley, SBFFA
    5. Harrison Fite, SBFFA
Steers, Class 3
    1. Braxton Andrews, CPFFA
    2. Canyon Thomas, HC4H
    3. Maycee Potts, SBFFA
    4. Rebekah Stanley, NHFFA
Steers, Class 4
    1. Garrett Sprague, NHFFA
    2. Shelbie Lackey, CFFA
    3. Cheyenne Gray, CFFA
    4. Samuel Stanley, NHFFA
Steers, Class 5
    1. Kaylee Giles, CFFA
    2. Denton Lawson, SSFFA
    3 and 4. Rachel Stanley, NHFFA
    5. Samuel Stanley, NHFFA
Steers, Class 6
    1. Cheyenne Gray, CFFA
    2. Justin Bartley, HC4H
    3. Aaron Stanley, NHFFA
Steers, Class 7
    1. Cole Farmer, SSFFA
    2. Brynden Andrews, CPFFA
    3. River Thomas, HC4H




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