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Home News-Telegram News Sulphur Springs sends 19 boxes of donated books to Sonrise Christian HS in W. Africa

Sulphur Springs sends 19 boxes of donated books to Sonrise Christian HS in W. Africa

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Thanks to donations from the community, Sulphur Springs was able to send 19 boxes full of books to help stock the student library at Sonrise Christian High School in Ho, Ghana, West Africa. Each box was 1 1/2 cubic feet; small stuffed toys and matchbox-style cars were placed alongside the books in the boxes to stuff them and keep them from shifting around. The toys then became “gifts” for children of staff and others to enjoy.

The school and students sent a few photos of the students with some of the books as well as some of the toys. They also attached a letter offering “BIG THANKS” from the students.

Janell Dzamesi and her brothers, Justin and Jason Dzamesi, were among the children to receive some of the toys packed along with books donated by the Sulphur Springs community to help stock the library at Sonrise High School in Ghana, West Africa. They are the children of Joseph and Jill Dzamesi.

Joseph is the administrator of Sonrise Christian High School in Ghana. League Street Church of Christ is currently the oversight congregation for Sonrise primary school and Sonrise Christian High School. The decades long friendship of Cam and Ray Boatright of Sulphur Springs with Joseph’s parents, African evangelist Sammy Dzamesi and his wife Janet, lead to the start of fundraising, which allowed for the start of Sonrise Christian School in Ghana in 1990. 

The school grew and, in 2003, a need was expessed for a high school in the area. Fundraising efforts began, and the  high school opened in 2005 with Joseph as administrator, and League Street Church of Christ as the oversight congregation.

Sonrise Christian “High” School in Ho, Ghana, West Africa is a fully-functional, established, highly-ranked and fully government-accredited High School in the Volta Region of Ghana. It was established to provide a secondary Christian education opportunity for the graduates of Sonrise (elementary) Christian School who are on track to ultimately achieve a university-level education.

When the Dzamesis expressed earlier this year that there was a need for suitable books to stock their high school library, the Boatrights, through League Street Church of Christ, coordinated a book drive in the Sulphur Springs community, asking for suitable donations of books to send to the school. The library was sparsely supplied with books, Boatright explained in June. The drive was to help improve the overall quality and quantity of books available to students at no
expense to the school.

They asked for English-language books appropriate for high school students in a Christian teaching environment, particularly academic subjects, including all levels of high school mathematics, sciences, world (not American) history, foreign language instruction, literature, novels of all ‘appropriate’ genres, art and technology. They asked for texts on high school physics, chemistry and biology; mathematics and advanced mathematics; English — grammar, comprehension, etc.; accounting, management and cost accounting books as well as high school economics; literature; reading materials including fictional and non-fictional books; old copies of Readers Digest; books on the New and the Old Testament — commentaries, analysis, etc.; French; some history and geography; and SAT preparation books.

Monetary donations were also accepted to help with shipping costs.

When all was said and done, Sulphur Springs and the surrounding area donated 19 boxes full of books interspersed with toys to keep them from sliding around in the boxes.

For more information about Sonrise Christian High School, look for “sonriseghana” on Facebook.




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