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SSISD officially has highly qualified staff

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Sulphur Springs Independent School District is now officially 100 percent highly qualified. District administrators during a previous month’s board meeting reported the district was 99.6 percent highly qualified as of Sept. 16. That’s just one teacher away  from being HQ.

The high school math instructor was a certified teacher, but was not specifically certified to teach the math class. She has since taken the necessary steps and passed the test required to attain that certification. That means SSISD now meets all terms of the No Child Left Behind Act, which requires all teachers be highly-qualified.

SSISD trustees, too, all have the needed number of training credits required of school board members, some have even exceeded it. Board members are required to have 10 hours of continuing education in fulfillment of assessed needs their first year of service on the board, then must have five hours of CEU every year thereafter.

Jacquelyn Brice has 11.25 hours, Board Secretary Tammy Cooper 15.75 hours, Jason Dietze 11.5 hours, John Prickette 11 hours, Vice President Don Sapaugh 13.75 hours, Leesa Toliver 32.75 hours and President Kerry Wright 26.5 hours.

The board also during their December board meeting Monday appointed Judy Gillem to serve another three-year term as one of two SSISD representatives to Hopkins County Regional Civic Center Board of Directors.

Following an executive session at the Dec. 9 meeting, trustees approved two resignations, hired seven new personnel and made one personnel change.

Resigning were Sulphur Springs Elementary receptionist Cindy Withrow and Sulphur Springs Middle School coach and social studies teacher Susan Reynolds. Cassie Cannon was hired to fill the receptionist position at SSES.

Reynolds turned in her letter of intent to retire at the end of the school year; she has been a teacher and coach for more than two decades.

School administrators will be working over the next few weeks to choose a social studies teacher, who would begin work when school resumes in January for the spring term. Superintendent Michael Lamb noted that there have been several very qualified substitutes who have filled in or worked in SSISD this year; the district will have quality applicant pool from which to choose a new teacher.

Also at SSMS, John McSheffery II, who was part of the state championship football team in 2008, was hired as a middle school physical education teacher and coach.

The district will also allocate to school security some of the additional funding allocated in the budget as a contingency in the event additional class sections and teachers were needed due to class sizes.

“We put in quite a chunk of change in the original budget for any ‘oops’ positions that could come up. At the last meeting, we approved an additional officer, security officer and math position. The function with the security guard the intention is to do lesser stuff on campuses — check parking lots and watch cameras, things of that nature,” Lamb said. 

Trustees Monday night approved officially switching Nathan Gaddis from a security guard position at high school to hiring him as a district police officer, stationed at high school, according to Lamb. The district also approved Jarrod Friddle to serve as a security guard at high school and  Barry Washington as a security guard at SSES.

The district also approved Andrew Pickles to fill the slot for another high school math teacher. Also in the math department, Kayla Phillips was approved by trustees Monday to serve as a math mentor at middle school and high school, a new position starting in the spring semester in which Phillips will work with at-risk students or those needing a little extra instruction in math during pull out classes or tutorial sessions.

Douglas Intermediate also adds another person to the staff. Kimberly Isonhood was approved by the school board as a special education aide.




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