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Home News-Telegram News ‘Limitless Potential’: HCUW at 115 percent of goal and still counting

‘Limitless Potential’: HCUW at 115 percent of goal and still counting

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Hopkins County United Way campaign workers took to heart the challenge, issued at this year’s campaign kick-off, to approach the campaign not as a drive to reach $155,000 but a limitless commitment.

“We have abundantly exceeded that and we are still not done,” HCUW Campaign Chair Chris Voorheese said at Tuesday’s report meeting.

As off 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, HCUW had raised $179,103.90, with at least one packet still to be tallied. And, sticking to the “limitless potential” of the campaign, Voorheese has scheduled another report meeting Tuesday, Nov. 19. Campaign officials hope to have a total from the Nov. 12 giveback event at Chili’s and expect to have a few more reports of packets turned in from other businesses.

“Our community busted through the goal of $155,000 with pledges to date totaling $179,563.90, after calculations were made following the meeting. That’s 115 percent of the campaign goal, and we are not finished yet. I was on the tips of my toes adding red tape to our campaign thermometer!” HCUW Executive Secretary Susan Berning stated in an email to campaign workers, referring to the red “donations” thermometer located outside Sulphur Springs Fire Department Station 2 on Gilmer at Tennessee streets, Tuesday afternoon.

Voorheese extends thanks to all contributors to HCUW this fall for “seeing the needs” and their “tremendous generosity” to help meet them, as well as to campaign workers for all of their time and efforts.

Campaign officials noted that a $14,900 donation given anonymously was an example of “abundant” giving “above and beyond” what’s asked.

The Way Bible Church Pastor Joel Tiemeyer, during the Nov. 12 report meeting, also encouraged campaign workers to keep in mind his kick-off challenge to not limit the potential of HCUW, but to keep reaching out to the community and collecting so that even more needs can be met.

“It’s about more than how much we give, but giving them the best potential we can by not just meeting but exceeding that. By setting a limit, it confines what we can do, put a lid on the box. $155,000 is the bare minimum, a starting place. Let’s see what we can do if we take the lid off the box and make this limitless,” Tiemeyer said.

Campaign workers are encouraged to change the world and their perspective by seeing every dollar raised for HCUW as a face of someone helped. Tiemeyer said each dollar raised for the 19 agencies served by HCUW is a statement to someone in a bad situation “that we believe in you. We’re not instilling money, but a belief in them. We can help change their life if we do this without limits. It can be amazing.”

“We do not want to leave one packet outstanding, so we’ll meet one last time next Tuesday, Nov. 19, at 9:30 a.m. at the Texas AgriLife Extension building. We are hoping to have a number from the Chili’s give back event by then, and I know we still have some packets to be turned in. Hopkins County really stepped up by ‘giving more’ so we can ‘help more!’” Berning stated.

Voorheese noted that additional funds raised over the goal will be divided among the 19 recipient agencies, providing additional means for the organizations to serve more people in the community.

“What happens when we raise 10 to 12 percent or more is that the organizations get more so those organizations can help more,” Voorheese said.

Hopkins County United Way 100 Percent Club, comprised of companies meeting or exceeding the posted goal as reported at the Nov. 12 report meeting, included:

  • UPS
  • CVS North
  • Catacom
  • Cross Country Communications, Corp.
  • KSST Corp.
  • KSST Employees
  • Doc Flesher
  • Custom Shutters
  • Anytime Fitness
  • Edward Jones/Chris Voorheese
  • Parmer Truck and Trailer
  • Northeast Texas Farmers Co-op
  • Star Country
  • Bell Concrete



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