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Christian Alliance president tells how HCUW money helps those with emergencies

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    Hopkins County Christian Alliance will use almost if not all of the $8,000 allocated by Hopkins County United Way to help meet the needs of people who cannot provide their own basic food needs, HCCA President Joel Tiemeyer said Tuesday.

    The Christian Alliance is often referred to as the Ministerial Alliance. Until recently, the group was known only as the Ministerial Alliance, but was changed so that “good godly Christians who are not ministers” can be involved in activities hosted by the group. The weekly Community Cupboard food distribution to families is administered at the Hopkins County Community Chest offices.
    “We help people feed their families who need emergency help. For most programs, you have to be below the poverty line. Many are just above, and struggling, but can get no help. Winter comes and kids get sick. Bills go up in summer. This helps those just above that line or people who have an emergency need, unexpected expenses,” Tiemeyer explained.
    Hopkins County Christian Alliance also provides emergency travel assistance for those who become stranded while traveling.
    This function, according to Tiemeyer, is handled through the sheriff’s office. People in need of emergency travel assistance can visit the sheriff’s office then be referred to a Joe Bob’s store.
    “If their car breaks down and they need a place to stay while they wait for it to be fixed, and they are stranded overnight while waiting for a part to fix a vehicle that’s broke down,” Tiemeyer said. HCCA works with local accommodations to aid travelers in costs for such events.
    HCCA also hosts community events such as the Tony Evans Kingdom Men’s Conference and One Month to Live, which was held about 2 1/2 years ago. One Month to Live, Tiemeyer said, netted about 1 1/2 18-wheeler truck trailers full of food that was taken to Community Chest for the Cupboard feeding program.
    “Lucy Vaden said she’d never seen anything like it before. Lucy cried. She said about one-and-a-half 18-wheelers would last for about three months. That’s how much food is needed for [Community Cupboard] distribution,” Tiemeyer said.
    One Month to Live featured on network television caught the attention of people from other states, including Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri, asking about the program, it’s successes and the alliance of so many churches working together — roughly 10-12 churches that meet regularly, with representatives from up to 30 churches participating to host large community-wide events. HCCA was contacted by someone in Florida asking to be walked through the process for the One Month to Live program and uniting various church organizations.
    "If you talk to people from other places, they say the’ve never heard of such networking, not with as many churches involved. It’s not about us, the churches,” said Tiemeyer, noting that HCCA tries to follow Matthew 5:14, to be a city on a hill, whose light cannot be hidden, but shines with the good works to glorify God.
    Hopkins County Christian Alliance is only one of 19 local agencies the $155,000 allocated in this year’s HCUW campaign will go to. HC Community Chest, which Tiemeyer also referenced, has been designated to receive $64,950 this year to help continue providing emergency assistance to qualified individuals in need.
    As of Tuesday’s weekly campaign report meeting, HCUW had reached 31 percent or $48,316 of that campaign goal, $22,320 of it turned in this week.
    “We are hoping this campaign will stand out, that people will see we are the body of Christ doing His work,” said Chris Voorheese, HCUW 2013-14 campaign chairman. “That’s what we do in Hopkins County. To God be the glory. That’s how I feel: when we’re out working we are His arms and legs, out doing His work.”

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