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School: Projects soon underway on SSISD campuses

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As soon as materials arrive, repair projects will begin at two Sulphur Springs schools and new energy management systems will be installed at three campuses.

Trustees for Sulphur Springs Independent School District, during their regular July meeting earlier this week, approved Westbrook Concrete’s bid of $37,000 to convert the asphalt section of driveway on Connally Street leading up to Sulphur Springs High School to concrete.

Only one other company, Thornton Contractors, bid on the project. Westbrook’s bid was $3,650 less than Thornton. Dale Guest, SSISD director of plant operations, recommended trustees approve the low bid; the school board unanimously approved the proposal.

“This is for the high school main entrance there on Connally Street. If you go out through the park, the city street is paved up to the creek behind the Civic Center. There’s about 200 feet from the creek to our circle drive. That’s about 200 feet of very worn asphalt,” Guest explained.

The school, Hopkins County Regional Civic Center staff and the concrete crew will coordinate to schedule the work at a time that will be least inconvenient for both the school and Civic Center schedules.

Superintendent Michael Lamb noted he and Guest had also discussed the need for repairs to fill large holes in the student parking lot on the Houston Street side of SSHS.

Guest reported the scope of the project was assessed and inquiries made for cost estimates.

“It’s going to be a huge project. We’ll have to go out for bids just to fill them in. That’s asphalt,” Guest said, noting local policies which say the board must be consulted for projects $25,000 and up, and the education code which stipulate projects $50,000 and up must be bid out.

District administrators also noted that repairs are also to be made to road surfaces at Sulphur Springs Middle School. Hot tar will be poured in cracks which will be sealed to extend the life of the surface for “quite a few years.”

District trustees also gave approval to Sunbelt South Construction’s bid of $58,864 for the roofing project at Sulphur Springs Elementary. The company submitted the only bid for the project; it met the requested scope of the project.

“Bruce Hammargrin does good work. He’s done work for us for a number of years,” Guest told board members Monday night, adding that the intent is for it to be ready by the time school starts.

The materials that Sunbelt will be replacing are the roofing and light concrete decking put on the building when it was built in 1959.

“It has failed in this area. That building has what we call a flat roof. The decking is made out of lightweight concrete. Over the years, moisture has gotten in the decking. The light weight decking has disintegrated. It crumbles in your hand,” Guest said.

The current roof will be peeled off along with the pipes running to it. New concrete decking (the same type as used before) and single-ply rubber roofing will replace the old; the pipes will be put back on. Guest said the rubber roofing is “what we have on a lot of our buildings. The only problems are with hail storms — then it usually gets them all.”

Trustees also approved the purchase of Honeywell Management Systems for utilities at the high school, Early Childhood Learning Center and Austin Academic Center.

The board, in a previous meeting, gave approval to a proposal for the purchase of a Honeywell Management System for SSHS which left only two campus still to be converted to the Honeywell system.

Trustees asked Guest to check the costs of two additional systems for the two other campuses, as the new system will even further reduce utility expenses/usage and parts for repairs.

Guest reported at Monday’s meeting that the school district could receive a discount of $19,080 if trustees approved purchase of three Honeywell systems now at a total cost of $131,400.

“This would be an option to do all (three remaining campuses) and finish it out,” Guest said.

The board unanimously agreed to buy three Honeywell systems this year in order to receive the overall savings, which amounts to a reduction from $836 per AC at SSHS to about $730 per unit — a 12.7 percent savings.

Five hourly contracts with three tradesmen were also given approval, which would allow the district to call on them for services should a situation arise at a district facility requiring immediate repairs in their areas of specialization.

“In our small community, we sometimes have trouble finding craftsmen to do work who have insurance and workers comp, as we require. If you approve these, when we have a job that needs an electrician, for example, we can go ahead and go to them and do the job, and not go through the bid process. You have the listing of each one, the proposals are very similar to what we had last time. We are asking that we have the privilege to call on any one of these without having to go out for public notice,” Guest said, introducing the proposal to the school board.

Guest noted that the companies were “pretty much the only ones” that submitted bids for those services.

The board approved all five bids:

n Sunbelt South Construction — $50 an hour for the first employee, $38 an hour for a second employee for carpenters; $52 an hour for the first employee, $38 an hour for the second employee for roofers; and $60 for the first employee, $38 an hour for the second employee for welders.

n Hudson Electric Company — $68 an hour for the first employee for an electrician.

n Wood & Wood Plumbing — $110 an hour for the first employee, $37.50 an hour for the second employee, for plumbers.




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