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SCU begins warrant roundup

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Special Crimes Unit officers, assisted by police officers, sheriff's officers and Delta County deputies, began a warrant round up Monday morning as the result of a lengthy drug investigation, according to SCU Lt. Commander Harold McClure.

    The warrants came at the end of a nine-month investigation.
    “This was a street-level investigation,” he said. “We bought crack cocaine, methamphetamines, marijuana and, in one incidence, we actually bought heroin in the city limits of Sulphur Springs.”    
    The arrest warrants were the result of as many as 50 separate offenses involving about 35 people, according to McClure.
    “We bought two, three and, from one individual, four different times,” he said. “Some of the cases involved people that came into Hopkins County from other counties and still have outstanding warrants.”
    The SCU chief said the arrests don't mean the end of the effort.
    “The investigation, obviously, is going to continue,” he said. “We are going to try to go up the chain and get the distributors.”
    While the arrests may cause a slight disruption in the drug trade, McClure said, it won't cure the problem.
    “It's going to have an immediate impact just like anytime we do a warrant round up or a lengthy investigation,” Lt. McClure said. “It's been my experience it's going to freeze everything for a little while, obviously. The street people distributing local narcotics are going be very leery who they are selling to. It's going to have an immediate impact as far as sales going down, but once you take one seller out of the game, there are two more waiting to take over — it's a vicious, never-ending cycle.”
    Names of those arrested on felony charges will be printed after they are arraigned.




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