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HCUW announces new chairman, goal, theme

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Hopkins County United Way on Wednesday announced Chris Voorheese as the chairman for the 2013-2014 fundraising campaign. This year’s goal and theme were also presented, and a special award was given recognizing one former HCUW board member’s dedication and service.


Voorheese is a financial advisor for Edward Jones-Financial and is active in the community. He and wife Lori have three children, two daughters and a son, and he often coaches youth sports.

Judy Tipping, who Wednesday stepped down as campaign chair but will serve this year as HCUW president, noted Voorheese’s philosophy is to provide funds to organizations that provide services to people in the community who need help. She noted him to already be a “good leader,” which makes him a great fit for campaign chair.

Voorheese is not new to HCUW, but has worked the campaign and served on the organization’s allocations committee.

He said it was while serving on the allocations committee that he realized just how many organizations there are in the community that are in need of help. Unfortunately, HCUW can’t fully fund all of the agencies or their full requests. He said HCUW tries to funnel as much as possible to best serve those in need.

Voorheese said that while there’s always a fear of not reaching the annual campaign goal, he believes HCUW and the community will step up to meet the challenge to help meet community members’ needs. He said that after study, and noting the campaign goal had not been raised in several years, he saw a need to do so.

“It hasn’t been raised in several years. It’s time to take the bull by the horns now by doing it. I believe we set the goal at $155,000 this year,” the new campaign chair said of the $5,000 increase.

That’s why this year’s campaign slogan will be “Give more to help more.” He said one way he plans to meet that challenge is to look at previous years’ records and see which organizations and businesses give, then reach out more to try to secure additional funding from those who haven’t given or are new.

Also during Wednesday’s HCUW board meeting, new members were introduced. They included Maleta Reynolds, Tim Glenn and Brandon Williams.

Tipping noted that while each is new this year on the board, they are by no means new to HCUW. Each has served previously either as campaign workers or other positions on HCUW. Glenn is returning to the board on which he had served several years before.

A special award was also presented at Wednesday’s meeting: a plaque to the family of the late Deana Spataro, recognizing her service to HCUW, including serving as a board member during the 2011-12 year.

“I enjoyed working with Deana, her dedication and loyalty to United Way remains an inspiration,” Kayla Price, who served as co-chair of the 2011-12 campaign, told Spataro’s family.

“As volunteers, we have a support system. Deana was an inspiration to us. We appreciate her service. You were her support system. This also recognizes you, her family for that,” said Markeda Fisher, who co-chaired the 2011-12 campaign and shared president duties with her sister, Kayla Price, during the 2012-13 HCUW campaign year.

“We appreciate it. We miss her a little every day, a little more today. We appreciate this,” said Frank Spataro, Deana’s husband.




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