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Pond is full; fish are on their way

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After weeks of digging and dredging as well as constructing walking paths and a boardwalk, Peavine Pinion Pond is again full of water and soon will be stocked with fish.
    City Manger Marc Maxwell said a temporary berm was constructed in the small creek that runs from Coleman Lake beside the pond and pumps were put in place. City workers then began pumping water during the day until this past Friday night.
    “I said, 'Just open the gate and leave it open 24/7 untl it's full,'” Maxwell said. “About 5 p.m. Sunday it was full. So, yeah, it looks gorgeous.”
    The water taken from Coleman Lake only dropped the level about a foot, according to Maxwell.
    “The math works out, the lower lake at Coleman is about 34 acres and Peavine Pinion is about three-and-a-half acres,” he said. “One foot of water from Coleman Lake equals 10 feet in Peavine Pinion Pond.”
    While work was going on to clean and clear the bottom of Peavine Pinion of several feet of silt and mud, other factors were coming into play to bring the pond more into a park-like setting.
    “We've got a concrete walking path with a good section going to be decomposed granite around it,” Maxwell said. “So, it's a beautiful walk that ties in with the two pathways in Buford Park and will eventually tie into what we are calling the 'Cross Town Trail' that will get you from the Coleman Park water tower all the way to downtown.”
    Another feature that ties in with the walking paths and will lend itself to fishing is a boardwalk that wraps around part of the pool and extends over the water to the peninsula in the pond.
    “Kudos to the Chamber Adult Leadership Class,” Maxwell said. “Without their efforts, there would be no boardwalk and bridge out to the peninsula. They were the difference-maker there. They raised better than $22,000 and, without them, that wouldn't have happened.”
    “All we need now is fish,” he said. “It is a beautiful little fishing hole right now —  minus the fish.”
    Brad Johnson at Northeast Texas Farmers Coop, Maxwell said, has put together a coalition of ag-related businesses that have the pond stocked.
    “We came up with a concept in which Farm Bureau, Farm Country, Farmers Electric Cooperative and Northeast Texas Farmers Coop — all of us with farm in our name and farm in our business way of life — decided we would try to bring the farm to the city through a stocking program at Peavine Pinion Pond,” Johnson said. “The thinking is these four entities play a big role in in FFA and 4-H programs in the county which are programs that strengthen youth and strengthens family.”
    Johnson said the redesign of Peavine Pinion Pond offered a fishing aspect that would further enhance the city's parks and community.
    “That correlates and dovetails right along with youth and family development,” Johnson said. “What better idea than just to coordinate our efforts and work with Tyler Fish Farm and get the pond stocked and ready for fishing within the next year or two.”
    The types of fish will include baitfish such as minnows, different types of perch and bream, along with channel catfish and bass.
    “It does appear we will immediately go with the bait fish, with several different perch, hybrid bluegill, red-ear sunfish and with the channel cat,” Johnson explained. “It will be a while before anyone can go fishing. It takes a little while for these fish to grow to a legal size. We expect that, within a year, it will be a pretty functional fishing lake for perch and channel cat, while it will take two or three years for the bass to come around.”
    Johnson said he expected the first fish to arrive within the next couple of weeks.




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