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Citizen’s call brings help to officer

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An unfamiliar voice on the police radio just after 9 a.m. alerted law enforcement officers and agencies to an officer in need of help in the 200 block of College Street, and every available officer answered the call.
    Police Chief Jim Bayuk said a police detective had stopped at a convenience store to make a purchase and was informed of a suspicious person broken down in the parking lot.
    “Detective Monty Tipps went over there and found out the vehicle was broken down,” Bayuk said. “He was going to offer a courtesy escort to wherever the man wanted to go.”
    The detective was acquainted with the man, Royce Wayne “Jake” Sewell, and Tipps informed the man of department policy that requires officers to make sure anyone receiving a courtesy escort not have any drugs, weapons or anything that could harm the officer.
    “The individual reached into his pocket and the detective told him to pull his hands out of his pockets and Tipps observed a plastic little bag similar to what we know narcotics are kept in,” the chief said. “So, when that happened, the detective grabbed the suspect's hand that held the suspected narcotic and, basically, the fight was on.”
    Bayuk credited the woman who responded to  Tipps' request for assistance with playing a vital role in helping keep a bad situation from getting worse.
    “She got on the radio and said 'an officer needs help right now in the 200 block of College Street,'” Bayuk said. “A large contingent of officers showed up from the county and city. I bet 30 officers showed up.”
    According to the chief, the man appeared to be under the influence of a narcotic and that was the cause of his lack of reason.
    “We did have to Taze him because he would not comply,” the chief said. “It ended up with us charging him with three offenses, and the individual was already out on bond for a felony offense when this morning's incident occurred.”

 Along with possession of a controlled substance (suspected methamphetamine), the man is also facing charges of assault on a public servant and trying to take the officer's weapon.
    At the time of this morning's incident, the man was free on $50,000 bond on a charge of burglary of a habitation with intent to commit another felony.




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