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Jail, search procedures to be evaluated this week

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nt040313-HC-Jail---The-gate-verticalThe search for Brian Tucker and John Marlin and others implicated following their escape may be over, but  work for officers and the sheriff’s office is not, Hopkins County Sheriff Butch Adams and his Chief Investigator, Lewis Tatum, said Wednesday.

Aside from lots of paperwork for the officers, both the jail and the search protocols will be evaluated over the next few days.

An assessment is being conducted this week at Hopkins County jail by an independent group not affiliated with the sheriff’s office or local officers, Adams said Tuesday. The evaluation, when concluded, will include suggestions for improvement.

“This will address way to make the jail more secure. We have already corrected the problems that existed. This will look at means to add to the areas in question and make them more secure,” Tatum noted. “Just because the search is over, we don’t want people to think we are not being diligent. We are definitely working on things at this time.”

The second event will be a debriefing later this week with all available officers from the agencies who assisted in the search for Tucker and King last week. Discussed will be what actions were taken to provide a more comprehensive picture of the search and capture, as well as strengths and weaknesses for improved response and communications among agencies for more efficiency in any type of future search operation.

After the debriefing, Adams and local officials plan to hold a press conference — possibly as early as next week — with local media to give “more description of everything that took place and exactly what is being done to prevent this from happening again,” the sheriff said.

“We are thankful to all agencies that helped in the capture of King Tucker and King, as well as the citizens of Hopkins County who stood behind us and helped us during this. We are thankful no  citizens were hurt. We appreciate all the replies from citizens backing us instead of negativity. We had a lot backing the department,” Tatum said.

“There are numerous officers as well as individuals and churches who fed us, those who allowed us to use the command post, volunteers who helped, citizens who let us know stuff — so many. There’s no way to name everyone, but we want to thank everyone who helped in any way. We couldn’t have done this without everyone’s help,” Adams said.




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