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Man jailed for fabricating evidence during manhunt

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Darrell Don GreenAfter finding his picture on the Internet, the man wanted by Hopkins County sheriff's investigators concerning last week’s jail escape turned himself in Tuesday afternoon.

Tuesday morning, Investigator Daniel Winn was asking for help in identifying and locating the man, now identified as Darrell Don Green, 39, of Rockwall, seen in a convenience store surveillance video. Authorities wanted to speak with Green about a note possibly connected to the escape.

“According to the suspect, your website [myssnews.com] was what keyed one of his friends that knew who he was and immediately called him and called me,” Winn said early Wednesday. “Of course, he made contact with us. He voluntarily came in and chose to speak with us.”

Green came to the sheriff's departmenst and, after being informed of his constitutional rights, agreed to talk with investigators about the note asking for help, which was found at a convenience store

“We didn't know if [note] was real or if it was a hoax,” Winn said. “At the Easy Mart on Helm Lane, he took one of the credit card applications that sits by the gas pumps. He wrote a note regarding where Brian Tucker could be heading and indicated a form of duress that could, possibly, be from a kidnapping situation. He said 'Help me please.' ”

Winn said authorities did not release information about the note until after escapees Brian Tucker and John King were back in custody.

The investigator said Green lives in Rockwall and commutes to work in Mount Pleasant every day.

“Apparently, he was just driving though and heard the clerks talking about [escape] and decided to write this note,” Winn said. “Of course, there is no other indication that he was involved with Mr. Tucker or Mr. King, and there was no indication there was any kind of duress. We believe it was just a bad decision on his part and that it was an absolute hoax.

“During his stop in the morning, which was at Easy Mart on Helm Lane, less than a mile from our command center, it was obviously a very legitimate investigation as far as whether somebody was hurt or not,” the deputy said. 

The investigator said a number of hours were expended in trying to determine if the plea for help was legitimate or not.

Green was arraigned on third-degree felony charges of fabricating physical evidence and had bond set at $10,000 and was being held in Hopkins County Jail.




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