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Winning roster from Friday's NETLA Junior Market Show

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North East Texas Livestock Association’s Junior Market Livestock Show was in full swing Friday with grand and reserve grand champions named in steer, heifer, swine and poultry shows. Senior, intermediate and junior showmanship awards were also presented in each grouping as well.


Sulphur Bluff FFA member Maycee Potts’ steer won grand champion and Cumby FFA member Cheyenne Gray’s steer was the reserve grand champion. Gray also earned senior showmanship in the steer category, while intermediate went to Como-Pickton FFA’s Brynden Andrews and junior showmanship to Hopkins County 4-H member Canyon Thomas at the steer show.

Hopkins County 4-H member Jalyn Hrabal showed the grand champion heifer and Como-Pickton FFA member Brynden Andrews showed the reserve grand champion heifer. The senior showmanship award at this show went to Cumby FFA member Hunter Cash, intermediate to CP’s Brynden Andrews and junior to HC 4-H member Savannah Allen.

Harli Watson’s cross breed swine won grand champion and Allie Eason’s cross breed swine was named reserve grand champion; both of these youth are members of Miller Grove FFA. Senior showmanship at the swine show went to Lacey Taylor and intermediate to Candace Earp, both of Miller Grove FFA. Jalyn Hrabal of HC 4-H received the junior showmanship award

Sulphur Springs FFA members Quinton Joslin and Hayden Joslin showed the top poultry, Quinton the grand champion and Hayden reserve grand champion. Winning showmanship awards with their poultry were Sulphur Bluff FFA member Cody Vance, senior; MGFFA’s Candace Earp, intermediate; and SBFFA’s Ryan Vance, junior.

The top standings in each show and class at Friday’s events, are as follows:



Class 1

  1. Allie Eason, MGFFA
  2. Shelbi Potts, MGFFA
  3. Phillip Rater, MGFFA
  4. Kelsie Adams, HC4-H
  5. Aaron Smith, MGFFA
  6. Kimberly Soles, CFFA
  7. Tyler Raine, SBFFA
  8. Brooklynn Burnside, HC4-H
  9. Spencer Brewer, HC4-H

Class 2

  1. Ty Eason, MGFFA
  2. Shelbie Lackey, CFFA
  3. Tori Raine, SBFFA
  4. Sydney Spillers, CFFA
  5. Colton Walker, SSFFA
  6. Joe Forshee, HC4-H
  7. Heston Wilburn, SSFFA
  8. Grayson Smith, MGFFA
  9. Mason Burgin, SSFFA

Class 3

  1. Josh Couch, HC4-H
  2. Mackenzie Taylor, MGFFA
  3. Lauren Bullard, MGFFA
  4. Skylar Gaines, CFFA
  5. Jace Mayers, HC4-H
  6. Elli Kate Daniel, HC4-H
  7. Josh Couch, HC4-H

Class 4

  1. Ethan Phillips, SSFFA
  2. Candace Earp, MGFFA
  3. Allie Eason, MGFFA
  4. Courtney Neal, SSFFA
  5. Jacob Batson, CFFA
  6. Kasen price, HC4-H
  7. Zand Calderon, MGFFA
  8. Kayleigh Brewer, CPFFA
  9. Jake Couch, HC4H

Class 5

  1. Tyler Raine, SBFFA
  2. Joshua Clark, CFFA
  3. Ryan Dougan, MGFFA
  4. Jalyn Hrabal, HC4-H
  5. Drew Forsman, SSFFA
  6. Madison Rate, MGFFA
  7. Kariee Adams, HC4-H
  8. Garrett Sprague, North Hopkins FFA

Class 6

  1. Grant Earp, MGFFA
  2. Shelbi Potts, MGFFA
  3. Colton Price, HC4-H
  4. Madison Rater, MGFFA
  5. Jalyn Hrabal, HC4-H
  6. Morgan Mayers, SSFFA
  7. Cade Kirby, NHFFA
  8. Brenton Burnside, HC4-H
  9. Cade Kirby, NHFFA

Class 7

  1. Harli Watson, MGFFA
  2. Ethan Phillips, SSFFA
  3. Ty Eason, MGFFA
  4. Kaylee Rutledge, CFFA
  5. Aubrey Giles, HC4-H
  6. Dustin Emerick MGFFA
  7. 7Cole Sprague, NHFFA
  8. Brooklyn Burnside, SSFFA
  9. Cooper Adams, NHFFA



  1. Quinton Joslin, SSFA
  2. Hayden Joslin, SSFFA
  3. Jacob Neal, SSFFA
  4. Lackey D.J. CFFA
  5. Cody Crouch, NHFFA
  6. Cody Nix, NHFFA
  7. Peyton Coke, CPFFA
  8. Savannah Nix, CPFFA
  9. Zachery Crow, CPFFA
  10. Nala Stowater, HC4-H



Class 1

  1. Cole Farmer, SSFFA
  2. Bryden Andrews, CPFFA
  3. Canyon Thomas, HC4-H
  4. Jaci Patterson, SSFFA
  5. Kaylee Giles, CFFA
  6. Emily Orren, SSFFA

Class 2

  1. Maycee Potts, SBFFA
  2. Cheyenne Gray, CFFA
  3. Madison Joslin, NHFFA
  4. Aaron Stanley, HC4-H

Class 3

  1. Rachel Stanley, HC4-H
  2. Kaylee Giles, CFFA
  3. Samuel Stanley, HC4-H
  4. Hunter Cash, CFFA

Class 4

  1. Brynden Andrews, CPFFA
  2. Quincie Duncan, SBFFA
  3. Chelsey Crouch, NHFFA
  4. River Thomas, HC4-H
  5. Dakota Watkins, SSFFA



Class 1, 0-12 months

  2. Brynden Andrews, CPFFA
  3. Brynden Andrews, CPFFA
  4. Savannah Allen, HC4-H
  5. Clay Bearden, NHFFA
  6. Garrett Sprague, NHFFA

Class 2, 13-18 months

  1. Brynden Andrews, CPFFA
  2. Elizabeth Thomas, CFFA
  3. Kaylee Giles, CFFA
  4. Hunter Cash, CFFA
  5. Cheyenne Gray, CFFA
  6. Joshua Clark, CFFA
  7. Demi McDonald, CFFA
  8. Savannah Allen, HC4-H

Class 3, 19-30 months

  1. Kaylee Rutledge, CFFA
  2. Savannah Allen, HC4-H
  3. Landon Earley, SBFFA
  4. Shelbi Williams SBFFA

The NETLA event wrapped up Saturday with the Professional Ag Workers’ Stew and the Sale of Champions.




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