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Home News-Telegram News Farm Bureau giving away $25 gift cards during Food Check-Out Week, Feb. 16-20

Farm Bureau giving away $25 gift cards during Food Check-Out Week, Feb. 16-20

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Farm Bureau does a lot for Texas agriculture producers — insurance, legislative lobbying, education — but it all boils down to one thing: providing affordable food for consumers. So it's only logical that the Hopkins-Rains County Farm Bureau would celebrate the week after Valentine's Day.

In Farm Bureau circles, the period of Feb. 16-20 is known as Food Check-Out Week. For the rest of us, it's the time when the average American has earned enough income to pay for their entire supply of food for the year. (It's also more than two months earlier than Tax Freedom Day — that's the day the average person has earned enough money to pay their taxes for the year.)

"Even when our economy is feeling pressure, our farmers and ranchers have made it possible for all Americans to stretch their grocery dollars and still afford healthy, nutritious food," said Don Smith, president of the Hopkins-Rains County Farm Bureau. "While costs on most everything we need have risen, our food is still the most affordable anywhere in the world, and it is because of the dedication of our country's farm producers."

The Hopkins-Rains County Farm Bureau is commemorating the fact that the U.S. food supply is the safest and most affordable in the world by making it a little easier for some people to pay their grocery bill.

Each day from Feb. 16-20, Hopkins-Rains County Farm Bureau is giving away a $25 gift card from Brookshire's Food Store. The winners will be the ones who answer questions about agriculture on KSST Radio 1230 AM's Enola Gay Morning Show.

The local Farm Bureau will purchase food on Feb. 7 for the Northeast Texas Food Bank and invite residents of Hopkins County and Rains County to donate perishable food items to the Northeast Texas Food Bank and other charitable organizations that provide food for those in need.

"We remain concerned that some Americans cannot afford to buy the food that they need, but we are proud of the role Texas farmers play in producing the most affordable food in the world," Smith said.

And the vast majority of those farms in the Lone Star State represent the ideal of the successful small business. Of the 21.3 million farms in the United States, 99 percent are operated by individuals, family partnerships or family corporations, Farm Bureau officials estimate.

"As a farmer, I am producing affordable food for my family and yours," said Smith. "I am proud of what we do and hope Americans will join us  in celebration of our agricultural success."




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