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Saltillo Junior High sweeps UIL; Elementary students place third

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Saltillo Junior High school swept University Interscholastic League contest, ranking first with the highest number of points at this year’s contest. Saltillo Elementary students captured third overall in academic UIL competition.


Saltillo Junior High

Saltillo Junior High students amassed more than 90 individual awards and about 30 team awards.

Sixth graders earned 30 individual awards and 11 team awards. Seventh graders earned 33 individual medals and had nine teams recognized. Thirty eighth graders went home with individual recognition as did 10 eighth grade teams.

A number of Saltillo JH students were recognized for placing in multiple events.

In math, eighth graders earned first place team honors; Luke Saxon placed first and Ana Gallegos second. Seventh graders also captured first place team honors in math, with Lyle Bench winning third, April Stacey placing fourth and Hendrick Rios sixth. Sixth graders Sienna Collins and Lindsey Butler tied for fifth in math, giving the team an overall third place ranking.

In maps, graphs and charts competitions, all three grade levels won third place team honors. Individually, seventh garder Bianca Davison was recognized for placing fourth and sixth grader Calli Callahan for placing sixth.

All three grade levels came home with first place team honors in calculator applications. Eighth graders Ana Gallegos won first, Logan Camp second and Brooke McClure fourth. Seventh graders shut out the competition for the top three slots; April Stacey first, Jordan Sustaire second and Bianca Davison third. Sixth graders Sienna Collins placed first, Lexi Villeda second and Calli Callahan fourth in calculator.

Eighth graders tied another school for third place in science. 

In oral reading, Selena Hernandez took top honors, Rainie English second and Brooke McClure fifth in the eighth grade contest; Paige Leftwich finished fourth and Bianca Davison fifth in seventh grade division; and Matthew Gurley won first place, McKenna Wiler second and  Calli Callahan third among sixth grade competitors.

Sixth graders won second place team honors for their listening skills while seventh and eighth grades each had a third place listening skills team. Individually, sixth grader Sienna Collins won first place honors while classmate Matthew Gurley placed fifth, seventh grader Bianca Davison placed second and eighth grader Kayli Carr placed sixth in their grade levels.

The first place eighth grade numer sense team included Luke Saxon, who won second; Adam Valenzuela, third; and Ana Gallegos, fourth. The first place seventh grade number sense team included Trevor Moore, who placed second and Branson McGill third. The third place sixth grade number sense team included Nathan Valenzuela, who finished fifth and Melissa Tawil sixth.

Briana Davison won first place honors, Paige Leftwich fifth and Russell Edwards sixth, ensuring the seventh grade team won first place honors for their dictionary skills. Both sixth and eighth grades had a second place dictionary skills team. Individually, eighth grader Kayli Carr and sixth grader Lexi Villedo placed fifth, and sixth grader Melissa Tawil placed sixth in dictionary skills.

In modern oratory, Keagan Genzer placed third, Mariah Moore fourth and Breanna Reynolds fifth in the eighth grade category; and April Stacey won second, Lyle Bench fourth and Michael Simmons fifth in the seventh grade contest.

Saltillo’s seventh and eighth grades had a second place art team while sixth grader won third place team in art. Recognized were Breanna Reynolds for placing third, Mariah Moore fourth and Melissa Groenwald fifth in eighth grade art; Jillian Cartwright fifth and Daniell Welch sixth in seventh grade art; and sixth grade Lindsey Butler third in art.

Sixth graders won first place team honors in music; individually, Christy Marquez won second, Matthew Gurley third, Brandon Cotton fourth and Jonathon Brown sixth.

In the Chess pilot exam, eighth grader earned a first place team award, with Adam Valenzuela placing second, Brianna Harvik third and Keagan Genzer fifth; seventh graders earned first place team, with Lyle Bench winning first, Russell Edwards third and Trevor Moore fourth; and sixth graders won second place team, with Nathan Valenzuela placing first, Lindsey Butler fifth and Ben Moore sixth.

The sixth and seventh grade spelling teams won first place honors, while the eighth grade team came in second. Individually, seventh graders Paige Leftwich placed fifth and Bianca Davis fifth, and sixth graders Lorena Castro second and Matthew Gurley sixth.

Sixth graders won a first place team award in social studies, with Melissa Tawil placing second and Sienna Collins placing third. Eighth grader Brenda Castro was also noted for her fifth place finish in social studies.

In impromptu speaking, Selena Hernandez placed second, Brooke McClure third and Rainie English fifth in eighth grade competition; and Michael McCarthy place fourth and Sylvia Feijen sixth in seventh grade.

Eighth grader Breanna Reynolds won first place honors for her editorial writing while seventh graders Michael McCarthy and Sylvia Feijen won fourth and sixth, respectively.

Breanna Reynolds also placed first in ready writing while fellow eighth graders Madison Logan won second and Kendall Haley sixth in ready writing. At the seventh grade level, Jillian Cartwright won first, Biana Davison second and Kendall Haley sixth in ready writing. Sienna Collins placed second, Calli Callahan fifth and Ben Moore sixth among sixth grade ready writing competitors.


Saltillo Elementary

Saltillo Elementary came in third overall at the recent academic UIL meet. Students captured about 35 individual awards and nearly 10 team awards. 

Second graders won six individual awards. Third and fourth grades each won eight individual awards and one team award. Fifth graders earned 17 individual awards and seven team awards.

In storytelling competition, second grader Ethan White won first place honors and third grader Jesus Hernandez placed fifth.

In the chess pilot exam, second grader Beckham Hoover earned second place honors, while classmates Mattie Goldsmith placed fifth and Noah Emmons sixth. Third grade winning the top three slots from first through third were Brianna Tawil, Lainee Camp and Tanner Holcomb. Fourth graders winning the top three slots in chess were from firth through third Kim Rios, Chandler Bain and John Harvick. At the fifth grade level, Michael Clover won first place honors, Zand Underwood second place and Jacob Villeda fourth in chess.

Marisol Olayo earned top honors and Amira Terry fourth in the second grade creative writing contest.

In ready writing, Will Gurley placed first and Regan Spears in third grade competition, Edi Olayo first and Chandler Bain fourth in fourth grade, and Brooke Stacey first and Alexis Mars third in fifth grade.

The fourth and fifth grade art teams each were recognized for finishing third.

In oral reading, fourth grade Kristina Wade placed fifth and classmate Chandler Bain sixth while Jocelyn Ochoa placed third, Cheyenne Neal fifth and Jocelyn Cortez sixth at the fifth grade level.

Fifth grader Jacob Villeda was recognized for his fifth place finish in maps, graphs and charts.

The fifth grade music memory team was noted for their third place finish, fourth grade Kim Rios for placing sixth in music.

Fifth grader Brooke Stacey placed sixth in dictionary skills; the fifth grade team was noted for their third place finish in the category.

Fifth graders won first place team honors in spelling, with Joe Tippit placing second and Brooke Stacey third individually. The third grade spelling team won second place honors, with Bella Coleman recognized for her third place finish and William Gurley his sixth place finish in spelling.

Fifth graders also captured second place team honors in number sense. Individually, fourth grade Chandler Bain placed third while Brooke Stacey placed third and Cheyenne Neal fourth in fifth grade number sense contests.

Third place team honors in social studies went to the fifth graders. Individually, Hannah Wartenbee won first place honors while Caleb Graves was recognized for placing sixth in the fifth grade social studies contest.

Fifth grader Cheyenne Neal was also lauded for winning second place honors in the listening skills competition.




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