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Home News-Telegram News City crime rate is second-lowest in 14 years - No homicides or sexual assualts reported in 2012

City crime rate is second-lowest in 14 years - No homicides or sexual assualts reported in 2012

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Crime in Sulphur Springs was up marginally last year, rising by only two crimes overall or 1.06 percent in 2012. But, the 190 crimes recorded in the seven major crime reporting categories was still the second-lowest in more than a dozen years, according to data provided by Sulphur Springs Police Department.


The record low of 188 crimes reported in a single year was posted in 2011, a dip of more than 20 percent from the previous year. The 14-year high, posted in 1999, was 375 — nearly twice as many crimes as the 190 posted in 2012.

Overall, crime rose in three of the seven major crime reporting categories and fell in four others.

Crime fell in two of the most violent categories, with no homicides or sexual assaults recorded by Sulphur Springs Police Department in 2012, according to data provided by the department. While only five of the last 14 years in which the News-Telegram has been tracking SSPD crime data trends have had homicides, 2012 marked the only year that no sexual assaults were reported to police.

The dubious record for homicides was three in 2003, with 2011 following a close second with two homicides reported to police. The most sexual assaults reported in one year since 1999 was eight in 2003, followed by seven in both 2004 and 2008. The previous low of one was first recorded in 2006, then repeated in 2010 and 2011. 

Unfortunately, two other violent crime categories rose in 2012.

There were three robberies in 2012, one more than the low of two set in 2006 and repeated in 2011. The most robberies in a single year since 1999 was 12 set in 2008, eclipsing the 1999 record of 10. 

Nine more aggravated assaults were reported in 2012 than the 28 of 2011. That’s still 19 above the low of 21 set in 2007 and 19 fewer than the high of 56 posted in 1999.

Overall, burglaries have been on a steady decline since the category peaked at 118 in 2004. There were only 51 burglaries recorded last year, a dozen fewer than in 2011, setting a new record low in the category.  There was one fewer home burglary and 11 fewer building burglaries in 2012 than the 30 and 33 of 2011. The most home burglaries was 76 in 2004 (the first year SSPD began showing a break down of the burglary category into home and building burglaries), but the number of building burglaries spiked to 49 in 2007.

There were also two fewer vehicle thefts in 2012 than the 17 recorded by SSPD in 2011. Only 2009 had fewer vehicle thefts — nine, six fewer than in 2012. The most vehicles reported stolen in a since year tover the last 14 years was in 1999, when 43 vehicle thefts were recorded.

The final category, larcenies the total number of theft cases in which items valued at more than $200 recorded, also rose from 75 in 2011 to 84 in 2012. But, that’s still the second lowest rate for the category since 1999, when a whopping 154 thefts were reported. However, the record for theft of items valued at more than $200 was 179 set in 2004.




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