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Name of woman killed Thanksgiving Day released by police

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    Sulphur Springs Police Monday identified the Cooper woman who died as a result of a car crash at Furr’s Family Restaurant Thanksgiving day as Belma Nadine Scharnhorst.

    The 84-year-old woman had just walked out of Furr’s after her noon meal Thursday and was standing on the west side of the property at the curb waiting to get into the car she came in. Witnesses standing in line from Furr’s door to Burger King parking lot, said a man in a car approached.
    The 72-year-old Pickton man who was driving the car reportedly was shaken and accidentally hit the break pedal instead of gas pedal, causing his car to jump the curb and strike Scharnhorst. A medical helicopter was landed in a nearby parking lot and began flying the woman, who had sustained significant trauma, to Parkland Hospital.
    However, shortly after the flight began the woman began to experience difficulties. The medical helicopter notified the Greenville hospital they’d be landing there, to prepare for the patient. Scharnhorst was still being treated at the Greenville hospital at 2 p.m. Thursday, but later in the afternoon died as a result of her injuries, Sulphur Springs Police Officer Justin Darrow said Friday.
    No charges are expected to be filed against the 72-year-old Pickton man who was driving the car that struck the Cooper woman. Darrow said all information supported a tragic accident, that the man appeared to have full use of his faculties and no alcohol or other substances appeared to have been involved.
    “There are not going to be any charges at this time. It appears to be completely an accident. There appeared to have been no intent,” Darrow said Monday.




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