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Parolee held after assaulting officers

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A 24-year-old Sulphur Springs man is being held in Hopkins County Jail without bond after being arrested for possession of a controlled substance in a drug-free zone and assault on a public servant.

Police Detective David Gilmore said Kedaron Dion Franklin was arrested after a fight and foot pursuit just before 5 p.m. Tuesday.

Gilmore and Det. Monty Tipps were in the area of Pacific Park on South Lamar Street when they saw a man and woman having a verbal altercation.

“We heard the woman telling the man was mad at him for 'being up there selling that  [expletive], meaning drugs,” Gilmore said. “It was clear she was mad that he was selling dope.”

The detective said the woman got in her car and sped away.

“She just peels out of that thing backwards,” he said. “I had to stop to avoid a collision with her.”

The officers followed the woman to a residence about a block away to make sure she had not been harmed when the man appeared on the scene.

“Detective Tipps and I are talking to her, I notice the male she was having the altercation with is now on a bicycle headed towards us,” Gilmore said. “About that time, Sgt. Mark Estes, on patrol, arrived to assist.”

The woman identified herself to the officers and identified the man as Kedaron Franklin.

The officers ran the usual records checks to see if either the man or the woman were wanted on any outstanding warrants and Det. Gilmore told Sgt. Estes what he had heard the woman say to Franklin about drugs.

The two detectives and the patrol sergeant contacted the man and Sgt. Estes received permission from Franklin to pat him down for drugs or weapons.

“Estes had apparently received some information that the dope was in the gym shorts he was wearing,” Gilmore said. “When Estes reaches for the shorts, Franklin hits Estes in the face with a closed fist and when we began trying to take him into custody he began swinging in an offensive manner, swinging at us instead of just trying to get away.”

During the struggle, Franklin managed to get away from the officers and run.

“The foot pursuit was on, Estes and Tipps pursued him on foot and I ran to my car in case [Franklin] outran them,” the detective explained. “By the time I drove to Carter Street, up a drive way and through a back yard, Det. Tipps and Sgt. Estes were on one of a chain-link fence and Franklin was laying face down on the other side of the fence and had been Tased.”

After being Tased several times, Franklin continued to struggle with officers until he was subdued and taken into custody.

“He was on parole and it was clear he was not going to be taken into custody and he was very offensive in his assaults towards us,” the detective continued. “He wasn't just somebody that broke and ran, he hit Sgt. Estes in the face with his fist and connected with Det. Tipps, I could hear it.

“We recovered three crack rocks out of the match box that was in his shorts,” Gilmore said. “He is on parole for delivery of a controlled substance.”

Franklin was first taken to Hopkins County Memorial Hospital under police guard to be checked out before being taken to jail.

At the county jail Wednesday morning, officers said they had received a blue [parole violation] warrant from the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles and Franklin was being held without bond and that he was also facing additional drug possession charges and charges for assault on a public servant. Sgt. Estes and Det. Tipps both sustained minor injuries during the arrest.




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