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BRASHEAR NEWS Oct. 14, 2009

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Has anyone grown web feet yet? The rain just keeps on coming down. We had 4 inches on Tuesday. We have water over the driveway and parts of the road. Wonder how Donnie Martin got the bus down the road? Be careful, Donnie and all of the other bus drivers — you guys are transporting special cargo.

Sickness abounds right now. My granddaughter Rorie is down for the count. Let’s hope we get to see her smiling face real soon. There are still places you can get the flu shot, so be diligent and get that taken care of.

Tom and I went to the Brashear Baptist Fish Fry on Saturday and enjoyed seeing a lot of people. I spoke to Sonny and Barbara Stewart; Rodney and Jennifer Caudle; Mary and Glen Stroh; Jenny, Jaden, and Jacey Arledge; and Elton Stewart. Natosha Burns and I caught up on how her school year is going. She said that she is having a great year. Tom is running for the Cumby Telephone Board, and we wanted to meet more people. The food was good and company was excellent. Becky Burns had made a wonderful broccoli salad. It had raisins, sunflower seeds, apples, fresh squash, broccoli and probably some other things. She had put some type of dressing on it. I sure do want to get her recipe for this.

Carolyn Vaughan gave me some dates for happenings around Brashear. On November 14, there will be a stew supper at the Community Center. All proceeds will go toward the Community Center to help keep it running. There will also be a drawing for a beautiful quilt that was bought in Canton. Hope you have a chance to win this quilt.

Wadded out and went to the Senior Expo Tuesday. I was surprised to see so many of our seniors out in weather like it was. If you attended, you probably came home with a lot of information on home health, different nursing home facilities, hospice around the area and much more. I got my cholesterol checked, and I hope it comes out well. Hopkins County Memorial Hospital was also there taking blood pressure readings. There was a lot of information in one place to help our seniors. Thanks to Karon Weatherman for all of her hard work to help this happen.

Elton Stewart came by and visited with me a little more about the twins that were adopted by Dr. Sanders. He remembers when they moved to close to where Clayton Homes is today. He said that he and Maureen drove their livestock by horseback when they were young. He has many memories of all of this. He wants me to come by for a visit and hear more. Will try to be by real soon, Elton!

The Stewarts had their family reunion on the third weekend in September. He said that Lurline’s younger sister came (she’s 92). Lurline will be 97 her next birthday. I hope I can live as long as she has and still be as quick as she is.

Let’s not forget the Cumby Telephone Barbecue on Saturday. Cumby Telephone Co-op is wonderful. Where else can you pay your bill and get money back that almost pays for telephone service all year, and get gifts throughout the year? They might be called your full-service telephone company and more.

My sympathies to Ron, Marie and Jerry Bramlett on their loss, Aunt Ruby. I know this was hard on them.

Let us all take time to remember that there are others who are hurting and having a hard time in this economy. There are two families in Sulphur Springs who had a fire last week and who could use assistance. Call the Salvation Army to see what you can do to help these families. Also, if you have time, remember to volunteer. There are many opportunities in our town to help out — Heritage Park, lthe municipal library, the Senior Citizens Center and much more. Call around and find out where you can help and make a difference in your community.

Winding down, I just wanted to say a big “hello” and “get well” to Mrs. Gina Wilder. I ran into Mrs. Wilder last evening, and she is looking great. She is dealing with cancer. Mrs. Wilder is a teacher from the high school. Our prayers are with you, Gina. Good luck with your radiation treatments.

Well I guess I have just about covered everything. Let’s check: barbecue, fish fry, soapbox, and remembrances. That’s it. Take care and be careful. Until next week, if you’ve got any news about Brashear to share, call me at 903-612-8806, e-mail me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; or just come on by CR 1119.




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