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Reilly Springs News March 17, 2010

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Here’s hoping you wore some shade of green today, or else you got pinched by your friends and neighbors in observance of St. Patrick’s Day. It’s the day to observe all things Irish and possibly even eat a little Irish stew and soda bread. Regardless, it’s the perfect day to look for that clover and make a wish for good luck and fortune.

Speaking of good luck and fortune, haven’t the last few days been extremely nice? The warm sunshine, the trees budding out and flowers blooming, just make you want to be outside and enjoying it all. We’re almost certain to have some more cold weather, but I think we can safely say that spring is here.

I heard from Rhandi Fails this week, and the Stribling family is enjoying spring break as Alexis and Braden are out of school and visiting with David and Debra. Isn’t it great to “come back to the farm” and be set free?

Little Case Fails enjoyed a visit from his grandmother, Linda Alvis, on Sunday, and David and Deborah Stribling have John Moore, David’s cousin, visiting with them this week, also. John now makes his home in Alaska but is visiting with family and friends in Hopkins County.

I talked to Blake Fisher this week, and he said that folks might send a “pity party” out to check on J.R. this week. J. R. has been doing all the milking, with the help of Hayden Smith, while Blake has been working off the farm and Bryant has been gone to a dairy meeting. I’m almost certain that J.R. will be wanting some relief by the weekend.

“We had all the chores while he went off to Washington, D.C., for a week, so I don’t feel too sorry for him," related Blake. “But I bet we’ll have to make up the difference real soon.”

Meanwhile, Blake advised that it had been nice not to have quite so much rain for a few days and see the sun for a while. “Maybe some of the mud will dry up and we can really enjoy the springtime," added Blake.

Meanwhile, Kendra Dannheim is enjoying spring break this week   catching up on some of the things she needs to get done.

If you’ve noticed all the tree limbs removed from the Reilly Springs Cemetery, you have both Vera Harrington and Kerry Bailey to thank. On two different occasions, they took care of getting the cedar tree limbs removed from the cemetery that had fallen during the snowfalls and winds that we experienced during the winter months. Give them a pat on the back the next time you see them and let them know how much you appreciate their efforts.

Speaking of Vera, I haven’t heard from her this week. I saw her on Friday and she was in a run, trying to get regular springtime things done around the farm and was contemplating visiting with the granddaughters during their spring break. What do you want to bet, she might be found in Waxahachie? And the granddaughters are getting old enough to want to shop.

Jana DeWitt has just returned from a visit to Muleshoe last week. She reports that the “spoiling of grandbabies” was at an all-time high. Also, Jana is having rotor cuff surgery this week. Give her a call to find out how she’s doing. “The worst part of the surgery is that they tell me I won’t get to hold the grandkids for quite a while,” allowed Jana. “I really don’t know how that’s going to work.”

With many out for spring break and gone from home, folks weren’t reporting this week, so maybe we’ll have more news next week.

Until next week, continue to enjoy the spring weather and beautiful flowers. Remember our troops who defend our freedoms, and ask for them an extra measure of safety. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County, and America.




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