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Residents in Reilly Springs have been enjoying the beautiful weather and managed to get some outside chores completed, ahead of what sounds like maybe another bad spell for later in the week. Don’t put those long-johns away, just yet.

Several from our community were in attendance at the 4th Annual Chili Cook-Off on Saturday night, in the Hopkins County Civic Center. Congratulations are in order for Linda Henton and Louis Russell for winning the adult division. And, it was our own Heston Wilburn and Hunter Jisha, that “took” the youth division, in the chili contest. Who says that folks from the Reilly Springs area, don’t know how to make chili? Congratulations to Heston and Hunter.

Did you survive the storm and tornadoes from last Wednesday night? Several with connections to our community, experienced some damage. Judy and Marlin Jones received fence and roof damage, at their residence on Michel Lane and Danny and Shannon Lawrence found roof damage, a privacy fence blown down, and a child’s trampoline wrapped-around the utility pole in their front yard, on College Street. Several in our community were in Sulphur Springs when the storms came through, and reported a “freight train” sound and being thankful they were spared the destruction.

I was visiting with Tim Kelty, this week, and he reported that he had received extensive damage to his pecan orchard, located behind Lowe’s. Huge pecan trees were uprooted and destroyed throughout the orchard.

I had someone relate to me this week that they had seen a daffodil bud. Does that mean that spring is forthcoming, fairly soon? You can usually count on the daffodils to be making their first appearance of springtime, so maybe we don’t have long to endure the cold weather.

However, that means that it’s time to think about gardening. The Northeast Texas Farmers Co-op had a gardening seminar on Tuesday night, that some from our community attended. They reported that they’re getting ready for planting and already have their Irish potatoes bought. You’ve got to get busy to get ahead of the Reilly Springs gardeners.

Some of the local beef cattle producers in our community were in Winnsboro on Tuesday to attend the “Cow Calf Clinic” and to gain some knowledge about their beef cattle operations. Reports are that the seminar was well attended, at Winnsboro Livestock.

And, speaking of farming, the word around Reilly Springs is that the “broilers” are growing, for the Annual Hopkins County Market Show, that is about a month away. 4-H and FFA Youth are busy tending to projects and making certain that their animals will look their

I “spied” Debra Stribling and Rhandi and Case, at the Yantis vs. Fruitvale basketball game, in Yantis, on Tuesday night. They were there to watch Ty Davis and other “kin” from Yantis. Rhandi reported that she and Case attended a birthday party at the home of Charlotte Burns, for Kiley’s second birthday, on Saturday, and had an enjoyable time visiting with family and friends.

They also allowed that they traveled to Boles Home, on Friday night, to support the Owls and Lady Owls. They were accompanied by Marcille, as they all ate at Oak Valley and then made the trip to the game.

And, speaking of the Owls and Lady Owls, it was a great night in Yantis, on Tuesday night, as both the Owls and Lady Owls defeated Fruitvale, before the home crowd. It was also the night for audience participation, as the Coaches vs. Cancer event was staged during the game. From “three-point” shots from the floor to “airplane” tosses toward mid-court, the event raised over $1,000 for the American Cancer Society and to defray medical expenses for Coach Tina Carrillo’s nephew. Thanks to everyone who participated and raised funds for this worthy endeavor.

And, it was last Saturday night, that several from our community made their way to the Como-Pickton School, to participate in “Bingo Night.” It was a great night of fun for everyone, with a huge crowd of community residents, parents, and students playing bingo until mid-night. Teachers and administrators were calling it “one of the most successful events staged at the school all year.”

“Everyone must have really needed to ‘shake the winter blues’ and decided to come out and have some fun,” related Penny Armstrong, Como-Pickton High School principal. “We certainly had a good time and want to thank all of those who donated prizes for the event.”

Joyce McDonald’s family is “expanding” rapidly. She announces the birth of a great-granddaughter, Anndi Paige Jones, on last Wednesday, here in Sulphur Springs. She weighed 6 pounds, 9 ounces, and is the daughter of Jeremy Jones.

And, then she was on the phone to Muleshoe for much of Friday and the weekend, as she welcomed another great-granddaughter, into the world. Cody and Abby Kirby, along with Kobi, announce the birth of a daughter and sister, Reagan Kirby, born on Friday afternoon, in Lubbock. Grandparents are David and Jan Lawrence and great-grandparents are Joyce McDonald, and Paul and Jann Lawrence of Como, with Mrs. Elma Crouch at Carriage House Manor being the great-great grandmother. Congratulations to all.

Little Reagan may want to “go back” with the “monster” of a snowstorm that she will be facing in Muleshoe, this week. Reports are that they may have up to a foot of snow.

I was apprised of a story concerning some little boys in Reilly Springs, back during the Depression, this week. It seems that there were five “good little Baptist boys,” from Reilly Springs, who had been “paying attention” in Sunday School and suddenly decided that the ol’ mama cat and her kittens needed to be baptized. They got out the “number 2” washtub, filled it with water, out near the smokehouse, and rounded up the cat and her litter. It wasn’t a real challenge to immerse the kittens and the “crew” completed the task with only a few minor scratches. However, when it became time to “dunk” the mama cat, it was quite a different story. She clawed them, scratched them, and had them bleeding, as they attempted to dip her in the water. That’s when one enterprising young man, about nine years old, offered his own advice. “I don’t know about the rest of you boys, but I think we just need to ‘sprinkle’ her and let her go on to hell.”

Many of you know Heath Gammill from the neighboring Martin Springs community, who is running for the Commissioner of Precinct #2, position. Brandon Stribling called this week and announced that friends and neighbors are hosting a “meet and greet” BBQ lunch, on Saturday, Jan. 30, at A&S Air Conditioning, for Heath. The event, to be held at the location on FM 2560, will be from 11:30 a.m. to  2 p.m.

I haven’t heard from Vera Harrington, this week. She must be out “baptizing,” “sprinkling,” or visiting granddaughters. What do you want to bet that she’s been to Waxahachie?

I heard from Julie Barrows, this week, and she allowed that tomorrow night’s Zumba Fitness Class will be collecting donations for the victims of the Haiti Earthquake. Make an effort to support this fundraising effort.

And, I noticed Sandi and Kenni Wallace, on Monday night, as they attended the dinner and meeting that outlined the downtown square designs. Of course, their business is located on the square and they have a keen interest in those plans, as do many others in Hopkins County.

Until next week, continue to remember the victims of the earthquake in Haiti and lend your support, where you can. Remember our troops who defend our freedoms, and ask for them an extra measure of safety and a safe return home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.




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