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Home News-Telegram Community News Reilly Springs News REILLY SPRINGS NEWS Jan. 6, 2010


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Hey folks, it’s a new year and new decade. This is wishing each of you a great and prosperous new year and hoping that all of your hopes and dreams come true.

The old year ended on a rather eventful note for me, last Wednesday night and Thursday morning, when two 9-11 calls were reported from my house. The problem was, while the local sheriff’s department logged them from there, but I wasn’t even there. Best we can figure, something is wrong with the phone.

Yet an “army” of friends and neighbors were out looking for me while I peacefully was asleep on my mother’s couch. I was feeling bad and had decided to take some medicine and was only going to rest for about 30 minutes. Well, you know the rest of the story. Some three hours later, I woke up and half the country was looking for me. Some said they were already planning my funeral.

Well, I’m happy to say that “I’m Alive in 2010” and want to thank those who were concerned enough about me to get out and drive the roads and seek where I was. Special thanks to Vera Harrington and Victor, from the Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office, for their trips to my place and looking up and down the roads. It’s great to be missed.

On a much brighter note, everyone in the Reilly Springs community is rejoicing with the news from Fisher Farms this week. Blake finally popped the question, and, of course, Kendra said “Yes.” Blake Fisher and Kendra Dannheim are officially engaged and planning a wedding. I asked Kendra if I needed to be polishing the silver yet, and she said that they haven’t set a date, but it will be forthcoming. Congratulations to both Blake and Kendra.

Following the great announcement, the Fisher family hosted their traditional New Year’s dinner with black-eyed peas, and this year, Marilee surprised the group with fried rabbit that is being talked about throughout the family. I think she may have started something that she’ll have to continue from now on. The raves keep coming in about the dish.

Once Marilee got her kitchen cleaned up, she and Brenda Allen enjoyed a trip to the movies to see “Blind Side” and reported a wonderful and relaxing afternoon.

Josh Hughes from Cleburne has been a weekend visitor of J.R. Fisher and they enjoyed hunting and spending time together, as they are longtime friends from Texas A&M.

Saturday afternoon, I enjoyed a trip to Fruitvale to see the Yantis Owls and Lady Owls take two varsity wins as they began district basketball play. If you haven’t been out to see them play, you’re missing some great ball games.

On the way home, I met my Mom at AJ’s Fish House on Lake Fork, where we enjoyed a nice dinner and saw several “hometown folks.” Mike and Mickey Turner, Polly Swatsell, and Andy and Linda Crouch all had the same idea.

Vera Harrington dropped by early this week as she was “running errands” in town and getting ready for the “big chill,” that is suppose to be headed this way. She was getting materials to make sure that all of her water pipes were insulated. She and Tim were double-checking everything and trying to avoid having to fix water leaks, after the thaw.

I did the same thing on Tuesday morning as I wrapped a hydrant and made sure that it was properly covered, hoping that it wouldn’t freeze and burst.

The temperatures have been cold part of this winter, but we have been lucky thus far to not have any major ice storms or hazardous traveling conditions here in Hopkins County.

I saw Deborah Stribling, on Tuesday night as she took in the Yantis Owls vs. North Hopkins basketball game, in Yantis. Of course, she was there to watch Ty Davis, and she wasn’t disappointed, as Ty had another great game.

Deborah allowed that they had a great New Year’s celebration and were hoping for a great year in 2010. She did agree that it would probably be just a little bit too cold to try to get out this weekend and take a chuckwagon ride, but promised they’d try that again, once the weather warmed up.

The Yantis Owls defeated North Hopkins in three games on Tuesday night following three great games of basketball.

I also spied Jennie Watkins Cockrum and her husband, Terry, at the Yantis basketball game Tuesday night. They are both Reilly Springs natives, but they were cheering for the North Hopkins Panthers, especially #1, Canyon Cockrum. (Canyon had a great game, too.)

And everyone will be in Yantis this weekend as Yantis celebrates their annual Homecoming on Friday night. The crowning of the Homecoming Queen and the introduction of the court will begin at 6 p.m..

Someone also reminded me of an “ancient” story about the mayor of Yantis this week. Does anyone remember when he was taking a dairy cow to the vet for his Dad back in the 1960s, and the trailer came unhooked from the truck he was driving, as he traveled down Highway-154? The poor ol’ cow had to be rounded-up, and the trailer was a loss to say the least.

I was visiting with my Mom this week as she was relating a story from back in the 1950s, when they were farming on the McKay Place, near where I live (part of the Bryant Fisher Farm). It seems that my Dad had been plowing one January day and was coming home through the Glade Creek bottom in his 1956 Ford pickup when he slid off into the ditch on the downhill past Lorene Reed’s old place. He was “buried up” in the clay and walked the two miles to their house in freezing rain and drizzle.

Mother remembered how cold it was, as they took Judy and I to Edna Brown’s house, and then got on a tractor and rode the two miles to pull the truck out and get it home. “That was back when a cab tractor was unheard of and paved country roads were only a dream.” she exclaimed.

Many of us can remember those old muddy roads that were so common place back in the 1960’s and before. Don’t you want to get down on your knees and be thankful that we don’t have to worry about that anymore?

I’ve heard my grandparents tell about traveling in a wagon from Reilly Springs to Sulphur Springs, and later in a Model-T Ford, and possibly getting stuck three or four times in the process. It’s seems kind of like being a “wimp” to complain about a little bit of cold weather, when you consider the hardships they endured, doesn’t it?

Can any of you remember how muddy and nasty the road was coming into Reilly Springs from the east, through Running Creek Bottom? The “tales” endure of just how impassable those roads were and how deep the clay ruts would get, as folks attempted to navigate the journey. We’re very, very fortunate today.

I can’t even imagine living in one of those old houses, that were situated up on blocks, with no under-pinning, and the wind blowing at 40 or 50 miles an hour, and the temperatures being “in the teens.” And, having to go cut firewood, to “stave off” the cold, by burning it in a fireplace. Folks, have we grown really, really soft?

Until next week, “bundle up” and stay warm, as you count your many, many blessings of modern conveniences. Remember our troops, who defend our freedoms and endure many hardships to keep us safe. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County, and America. Have a happy New Year.




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