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Reilly Springs News Dec. 9, 2009

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I’m almost worn out and it’s still over two weeks until Christmas. It seems like the Christmas season gets busier every year, with more and more things to attend.

Last weekend was a killer with Friday night’s spectacular Christmas lighting on the square, a Hospice Fiesta, and the Annual Lions Club Lighted Christmas Parade, then the playoff game on Saturday, Holiday in the Park at the Heritage Museum, and the Choral Society Christmas Concert on Sunday.

This year’s Lighted Christmas Parade was absolutely awesome. There was no way the judges had enough awards to give to the many, many beautifully decorated floats. Hours on top of hours went into constructions, decorating, and yes, making sure that those Christmas lights kept burning. Word was that there was some “blown fuses” and a few lights that didn’t burn properly, but the event went off in spectacular fashion. This is just one of those events that will more than likely get more spectacular with each year, as people learn more about construction and lighting as they make the floats. It was certainly a “chilly” night in Sulphur Springs, but with “wood burning barrels” and a host of activity, it didn’t seem cold at all, and the spirit of Christmas definitely prevailed in downtown Sulphur Springs.

Did you see the white tigers and ride down the snow mountain? Well, Straton Salverino used this golden opportunity to celebrate his birthday, with all of his friends, at the events. He was feeding the tigers and zipping up and down the snow mountain, the last I saw of him. He was one happy little boy. Happy birthday Straton.

What about those Wildcats? Yes, in the final score, we lost the game, but it was certainly a hard fought battle and one that everyone in Hopkins County can be proud of. It was certainly an emotional ending, to a great season. When you’ve followed the team since August, you were almost crying with them as they sang the SSHS Alma Mater, but realized that with the great talent and the character that they have, this loss will serve only as a stepping stone to bigger and better things in their life. Thanks guys for a great ride and a wonderful season.

Marilee Fisher and Brenda Allen, along with Autumn and Tessa, made a night out of the Lighted Christmas Parade, the activities on the downtown square, and then headed to the North Pole of Texas Train Ride, at Pine Forest. They reported that it was certainly cold but had a wonderful time, watching the kids as they took in all of the excitement.

J.R. Fisher is leaving today for Mississippi for a business trip as he goes to load some livestock to bring back to Reilly Springs.

Meanwhile, all of the Fisher family is involved in sausage making. They’ve been processing deer and making deer sausage. “We’ve about got it perfected.” announced Blake this week. “It takes loads of practice and getting the spices just right.”

Now you know where to go for some great sausage.

Sympathy is extended to the Dennis Findley family of Reilly Springs on the death of his mother-in-law, Mary Hall, who died in an automobile accident in Kansas on Monday.

The family of Lloyd and Lucille Fisher met on Sunday for their annual Christmas gathering, at the Yantis Community Center. Over 60 family members attended from as far away as Arkansas, and reported a great time. Of course, many memories of Mr. Lloyd and Mrs. Lucille were shared and everyone shared pictures and updates on their own children and grandchildren.

Joyce McDonald traveled to Cedar Creek Lake to meet her brother, Melvin Crouch, and then they went to a funeral for a first cousin on Tuesday.

Debra Stribling and Rhadi and Case Fails met their friends Janna and Kalan Stewart on Sunday, as they all attended the Northeast Texas Choral Society Christmas Concert. Like me, they were inspired by the awesome talent and had a wonderful time. Especially noteworthy was “The Prayer,” performed by Carol Allen, and the featured performance of “Silent Night” by Kim Baxter. Another favorite was when the Frazier men joined forces to perform their segment of the program.

Rhandi and Debra braved the frosty temperatures on Saturday morning and went to Canton to do some more Christmas shopping. Then, on Saturday night, Cody, Rhandi and Case Fails celebrated Cody’s birthday by going to the Texas Land and Cattle Company in Rockwall to eat. They managed a little bit of time to go to Bass Pro and Old Navy (You’ve got to shop when you head in that direction).

Mark you rcalendars for Saturday, Dec.12 or Sunday, Dec. 13, for the Lake Fork Baptist Church Christmas Cantata. The Saturday night performance is at 7 p.m. and the Sunday night performance will be held at 6 p.m. Join our friends from the Yantis area in this celebration.

And, if you haven’t been to Yantis at night, it’s worth the drive just to look at all of the beautiful Christmas lights. Thanks to everyone who has worked so hard on their displays.

Several from this community were involved in the Sulphur Springs First Baptist Church Children’s Christmas Musical on Sunday night. A successful presentation was reported, with loads of laughs when my friend, Greg Price, came out in a 1970s costume. What is sad, I can remember when Greg dressed like that on a daily basis.

Many of you will identify with me, this week, of making a “simple” request, and soon it develops into a “full blown” story. A couple of weeks ago, I called up Jandi Lawrence and my sister, Jan Lawrence, and told them I needed a couple of cotton stalks from the High Plains of Texas for some photos I wanted to do. Well, they forgot about them as they came for Thanksgiving, and relegated the task to Jana DeWitt. Well, Jana delivered this week, with a stalk of cotton that she made Weldon stop beside the road and let her get at the end of a harvested cotton field. Word is that Weldon was about ready to leave her before she could get the stalk. Mary Koon brought it to me this week. Thanks to all who participated in the “cotton caper” and hopefully the photos will merit all the trouble everyone expended to get it to me. Isn’t it great to have friends and kin?

I heard from Vera Harrington this week, and she allowed that she’s been busy keeping up with getting everything around her place “winterized.” With the colder winter weather, it’s necessary to have all the pipes wrapped, the well pumps insulated, and the water troughs covered properly. “We’ve worked continuously, and still have loads of work to complete,” allowed Vera. “It’s a fulltime job just keeping up with everything.”

“Maybe, I’ll work off some of those Thanksgiving calories in time for Christmas,” expressed Vera. “Don’t you burn more of them in cold weather?

“It seems like the days get shorter and I get less and less done,” stated Vera.

Until next week, “keep you head above water” and work toward celebrating the magic of Christmas. Remember our troops, who defend our freedoms and make all of our blessings a reality. Ask for them an extra measure of safety and a safe trip home. If you need a reminder, just listen to the song “Camouflage and Christmas.” It will put you in the proper perspective. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.




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