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Home News-Telegram Community News Reilly Springs News REILLY SPRINGS NEWS Dec. 2, 2009


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The report that I hear is that most folks in Reilly Springs are still stuffed from all the turkey and dressing they ate over Thanksgiving. “We’re still eating on the leftovers.” allowed one resident. “And, somehow the cakes and pies are going faster than the turkey.”

I have some good news for that turkey though. I was looking on the internet this past week and there was a recipe for “Turkey Gumbo.” It’s a great way to use the turkey and really different from the traditional turkey and dressing.

As for me, one of the most enjoyable things of the holidays is to come in a couple of days later and eat a cold turkey sandwich and enjoy some of the leftover potato salad. That’s “mighty fine eating.”

I heard from Vera Harrington and she enjoyed Thanksgiving in Waxahachie with the daughters and granddaughters. Sounds like the “spread”  was pretty big, and Vera indicated that she “was laying low” on the calories, at least until nearly Christmas.

Vera also added that she had talked to Little John McNeil in Oklahoma over the holiday and that he advised a big Thanksgiving, some cold weather, and that both of his children had killed a deer,but that he hadn’t got one yet. It’s hard to believe that Lauren is 12 and Logan is 8. Kids grow up too fast.

And, speaking of deer hunting, the word came that over in our part of Reilly Springs that we’re living in a “war zone.” Seems like the entire Thanksgiving weekend, the Fishers and their buddies were killing deer. Don’t go anywhere near there with anything that looks like a “rack” or you’ll get shot.

Blake is processing them all, so you might know where to go and get some deer sausage, in a few days. One resident remarked that they thought they should “declare war” on the feral hogs and help rid our area of them.

I ate supper with the Reilly Springs Supper Club on Monday night. We all went to East Fork and J.R. Fisher allowed that he will be finishing-up his student teaching in Winnsboro this week. I know he’s ready to get that behind him and will be looking for a job in the area.

Bryant allowed that the “goats are going dry.” It’s breeding season for dairy goats and most of theirs are drying up, for spring kidding. Look for a huge crop of baby kids come spring.

I received “Thanksgiving Greetings” from Lenny Hankins, all the way from The Netherlands. Lenny told me to pass on greetings to everyone in the community and that he kept up with everyone via the column.

Birthday greetings are in order for Joyce McDonald today. I won’t be telling you how old, but you can ask her. Happy birthday, mother.

And, Cody Fails is also celebrating his birthday today. Happy birthday to Cody.

Rhandi Stribling Fails e-mailed me this week and told of a great Thanksgiving celebration at the David Striblings. Kinfolk from as far away as California enjoyed a huge dinner and then a “chuckwagon” ride after lunch. Alexis and Braydon Stribling spent a couple of nights with David and Debbie, and then everyone attended a movie and did some Christmas shopping

Many from our community and the neighboring areas, spent last Friday night in Mesquite. “How about them Wildcats?” The Wildcats delivered a great win and despite giving us all heart failure,” did an outstanding job. They will be playing at 2 p.m. on Saturday at SMU’s Ford Stadium. This will be a great time to travel to Dallas, do a little bit of Christmas shopping, and be at the stadium for a great afternoon of football, and showing your support for the home team. Best of Luck to the Wildcats to continue their winning tradition.

I heard from Yvonne King who, like almost everyone else, reports are that they “ate too much turkey and all the trimmings.” However, she reported a great time and spending some quality time with Sawyer, who was visiting from Mississippi. Sawyer and Yvonne drug the Christmas decorations out and began the task of getting things ready for the season. “He about wore me out.” declared Yvonne.

The Mississippi part of the King family will be returning for a “second round” this next weekend.

Yvonne also allowed that she will be signing up for her fourth term as Justice of the Peace, on Thursday morning. “I love my job and look forward to serving again,” stated Yvonne. “It’s something new and exciting every day.”

Joyce McDonald had the “Muleshoe Clan” as Thanksgiving guests, as they arrived on Friday and enjoyed their dinner on Saturday. On Sunday, a baby shower was hosted for Abby Lawrence Kirby, and Jan, Abby, Kobi, and Jacy began the trek back to Muleshoe, late Sunday afternoon. They received calls that it was snowing in Muleshoe, but that the temperatures were too high for it to stick.

On the way back to Muleshoe, as Jan and company attempted to by-pass a traffic snarl on I-30, they hit a deer. Thankfully, no one was hurt and it only “messed up” the front bumper, one headlight, and the grill. They decided to spend the night in Abilene and returned home to Muleshoe and Lubbock, on Monday morning.

Jana and Weldon Dewitt hosted Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, for the Koon family, at their home, and then put the leftovers away, and made their own trip to Muleshoe, to enjoy the remainder of the weekend with Jandi, Michael, and Landri Lawrence. Of course, everyone is “not too patiently” awaiting the arrival of “Baby Sam.” Sam is due to arrive on Dec. 21, just in time for Christmas. Word is that he will be out of the hospital and home for us all to enjoy by Christmas Eve, if everything goes according to plans.

Of course, Baby Sam’s arrival makes Christmas shopping all the more fun, this year. He’ll probably have more John Deere tractors, toy farm sets, and implements than any little baby boy in West Texas.

Until next week, make an effort to get out and enjoy some of the many activities that have been planned for your enjoyment and take time to reflect on your many, many blessings. Remember our troops, who defend our freedoms and ask for them an extra measure of safety and a safe return home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.




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