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Home News-Telegram Community News Reilly Springs News REILLY SPRINGS NEWS Nov. 18, 2009


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The last couple of mornings makes you wished you’d spent more time cutting fire wood, doesn’t it? We’ve finally got some November weather, but if you’re like me, you really enjoyed the unseasonably warm temperatures. I had a little bit of frost on my windshield on Wednesday morning, so I assume that you can say we’ve now had our first official frost of the season. It’s the middle of November, so it’s due.

If you’ve traveled through our community the last few days you’ve observed many of the beautiful leaves are falling. The wind and rain over the weekend, “helped them along,” and it won’t be long before we have bare trees. It has been a glorious riot of color and one that we’ve been blessed to enjoy.

How about them Wildcats? Many of you were in Van on Friday night to witness the great victory that leads us all to Corsicana on Friday night. Take this opportunity to “go south” and support the Wildcats as they continue to advance in playoff action.

Meanwhile, back at home, the Sulphur Springs High School Drama Department is busy with rehearsals for their upcoming production of “Beauty and the Beast.” Our own Cole Cable can be seen in one of the lead roles, so make plans to attend one of the productions on Saturday night, Sunday afternoon, or Monday night.

I heard from Brent and Lacey McClendon this week, and they are “patiently” awaiting the December arrival of Slayton Hugh McClendon. They wanted to express their heartfelt thanks to everyone for the nice baby showers and everyone who has shared in the joy with them.

Also, Brent has been hunting, in South Texas, and managed to kill a prized 8-point Sika deer. Word is that he’ll be mounting it for Slayton’s room. Of course, Lacey isn’t the one that said that, so we’ll see who wins out.

Danny Lawrence returned over the weekend from a week-long deer hunting trip to Kansas. He came home empty-handed but stated that he had a wonderful time, despite getting into poison ivy.

I heard from Marilee Fisher this week, and she was excited about a Saturday trip to McKinney. She and her mother, Ethel Winton, had met “old” friends Reba Hill, Nita Gouge Brewer and Wendy Gouge Sanders, for lunch at the Spoons Restaurant and enjoyed a day of Christmas shopping around the square in McKinney. “It was a great time for all, with all of the visiting and shopping,” Marilee said. “But we decided that we’re getting too old to shop like we once did.”

Meanwhile, Bryant Fisher is leaving today for San Antonio, where he will be attending a Dairy Farmers of America meeting. Here’s hoping he will be bringing back some good news on the price of milk.

Blake and J.R. Fisher have been busy this week. Blake has his deer processing area ready just in time for the season. J.R. has been busy cleaning out his greenhouse, anticipating the cooler temperatures and starting things growing for next year. With this week’s temperatures, he had to move much of his “plant stock” inside.

Many in our community are busy this week with the NETBIO Sale at Sulphur Springs Livestock. Brad Glenn and Cody Fails have been busy all week as they have been moving cattle and getting them ready for marketing.

Rhandi Fails and Deborah Stribling decided that, with the men busy, it was the perfect time for a shopping trip to Tyler over the weekend. Baylee Gilbreath came and spent the night, and “the girls” enjoyed a movie night in town, as well.

David Stribling, like many of the other men in our community, has been attempting to bale a little bit of hay once some of the mud has dried up. Many in this community report still being short on hay despite the long growing season and adequate rainfall. “We’ve just had so much rain, that it has been difficult to put any hay up,” remarked one producer. “We’ve had good moisture, but very little curing weather.”

I visited with Vera Harrington for a few minutes this week. She was attempting to make a sweet potato pie for Saturday night’s Reilly Springs Jamboree. (Now, that’s an event, for Vera to decide to cook.). I did hear that she found her oven, but haven’t heard the results of her baking skills.

Saturday night was a great night in Reilly Springs as a large crowd attended the Jamboree. Some outstanding local talent, as well as “taste tempting” sweet potato pies were a real treat for everyone.

The Reilly Springs Community Center Board took Saturday night as an opportunity to honor community resident Charlie Garvin for his many years of dedicated service to the Reilly Springs community and the Reilly Springs Community Center. Charlie has spent years of work and made contributions of time and money to make certain that the Community Center has remained a place for everyone to gather and meet. Board members presented Charlie with several awards and bade him “good-bye,” as he will be making his home in Midland, following his retirement from Vera Harrington dairies. This is wishing Charlie a happy retirement near his family.

I did hear that Jason Gilbreath was one of the winners in Saturday night’s pie contest and that the entire Gilbreath family is eagerly anticipating another of his creations for Thanksgiving dinner. Jason, I think you might have started something.

Sympathy is extended to the Josh and Lindsey Chamness family on the loss of their son, in the neighboring Arbala community. Graveside services were held on Sunday afternoon at Arbala Cemetery.

If you weren’t in Miller Grove, on Tuesday night as the Yantis Owls and Lady Owls traveled to the neighboring community for basketball action, you missed two of the most intense games you’ll ever see. If it gets any more intense this season promises to be one of the best on record.

The Lady Owls beat the Lady Hornets in a close 50-43 match, with Yantis’ Shelby Allen delivering a number of three-point shots, to lead the Lady Owls. Coach Tina Carrillo is at the helm of the Lady Owls this season and former Yantis coach Jennifer Payne is coaching at Miller Grove.

But you “hadn’t seen nothing yet.” From the initial tip-off of the boys game, the Yantis Owls and the Miller Grove Hornets came out with the same intensity that they were playing at the end of last season. Both teams had advanced to the playoffs and had most of their team members returning for this season.

The Yantis Owls have a new slogan for this season on their T-shirts “P.L.A.C.T.,” — it stands for “Play Like A Champion Tonight” and they certainly gave it their all. However, the Miller Grove Hornets were able to claim the one-point victory, that was decided in the last seconds of the game. It was basketball at its finest and some of the most competitive sports around. Congratulations to both teams and coaches.

Until next week, remember our troops, who defend our freedoms and ask for them an extra measure of safety and speedy return home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.




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