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Home News-Telegram Community News Reilly Springs News REILLY SPRINGS NEWS Oct. 30, 2009


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Rain is again the topic of discussion in Reilly Springs. Several in the community have reported pouring out as much as three more inches of rain from their gauges. It’s wet everywhere. Vera Harrington reported that she has poured out over 18 inches of rain this autumn, so no wonder our lakes, pools, and road ditches are full. Several have reported getting their tractors stuck in the fields. It will be a while before we’ll probably see it this wet again.

Kenni Jo Wallace said Running Creek had “gotten so high you could almost see under it.”

And Cody Salverino reported that Running Creek was out of the banks down by his house and it was “messing up” his deer hunting.

Cody also reported that both of his boys were back in school after having the flu.

Vera advised that she had surprise visit last week from Little John McNeil, who called her and asked her if it was raining, and when she went outside to look, he was sitting in her driveway. Of course, they had a great visit, and he had brought with him one of his ranch hands who had never been to Texas. Little John reported that he just decided to come down and visit because it was raining so much in Oklahoma that he couldn’t get anything done on the ranch.

While he was in Hopkins County, Little John also visited with his sister, Margret Stahl, before the return trip to Oklahoma.

Mrs. Elma Crouch is doing better this week after having a difficult time last week.

And Joyce McDonald went to Sulphur Springs one day this past week and visited with Sybil McClendon. She reported having a nice visit and said Sybil had talked to Sarah McDonald Boyd in Big Spring and go the latest news from her.

I saw Delores Miller last week at the Hopkins County Civic Center where she was helping with the Ag In The Classroom presentation for area 4th graders. She reported that she had been back to the doctor and that she would require neither chemotherapy nor radiation, so prayers have been answered.

The rain “dampened” the Fishers’ garage sale Saturday. Marilee reported they sold hardly anything, so expect another one in the near future.

Marilee, Brenda Allen, Felicia Hill, B.J. Hooten and Colleen McCreary all took Vonda Hawkins out for her birthday and reported having a wonderful time.

J.R. Fisher has just returned from a trip to the National FFA Convention with some of his students from Winnsboro High School. He reported a great time and getting to see some of his friends from across the nation.

Marilee has also been keeping close contact with our friend Jana Williams as she monitors Ben Williams’ condition. Ben is in ICU at Baylor and not doing well. Keep Jana, Ben, Toby and Jennifer in your thoughts and prayers. Jennifer has been sending regular updates.

Bryant and Blake Fisher are happy to report that they have finally finished their dairy barn remodeling project. They report enjoying the parlor barn and not having to bend over so much when milking.

It came just in the nick of time, as Ol’ Bryant will be having a birthday at the end of this week. He will turn 60 years old on Saturday. I can always remember his birthday as it falls on Halloween. Man, Bryant Fisher getting to be 60, sure seems old. But, then if he’s that old, what does that make me? Maybe, I’m getting older too?

And, speaking of Halloween, I talked to Damon Wilks this week, and he wanted to invite everyone to The Way Bible Church Fall Festival tonight. Food starts at 5 p.m. with other activities to follow. Give Damon a call for details.

Damon also reported that they are having trouble at their house with feral hogs coming out of Running Creek Bottom and tearing up everything. They’re especially bad with so much water in the bottoms and the ground so muddy.

Peggy Pullen dropped by the office this wee, and reported that her grandsons, Triston and Ryan Pullen, hosted a Halloween party last weekend for about 20 of their friends. The decorated the old dairy barn for the occasion and reported a wonderful time. They awarded prizes for the three best costumes.

Monday night was Sulphur Springs High School’s annual induction ceremony for the Gladys Alexander Chapter of the National Honor Society, which reminded me of my own high school days. Several youths from this area were among the inductees, and they performed the very same ceremony that we did back in the 1970s. Chad Cable and I felt really old when we realized that we were one of the few in the audience that remembered who Miss Gladys Alexander was, although our high school principal, Wayne Galyean, was in the audience, as well.

Cole Cable was on the program, and Mary related that he is practicing for his part in the upcoming “Beauty and the Beast” presentation by the SSHS Drama Department. Look for the details and make plans to attend, to support Cole.

Tuesday night was the final home game for the Como-Pickton Lady Eagles Volleyball Team. I saw Sheila Darden Askins there, and she and I were talking about Sunday’s upcoming 60th Anniversary Celebration at the Seymore Church of Christ. The Seymore Church of Christ first held services in the building on State Highway 154 on Sunday, October 23, 1949. The few remaining original members will be joined by their families and those of other members will gather at Seymore on Sunday, Nov. 1. Then they plan to go to the Yantis Community Center and share a pot luck lunch. Make plans to join them on this momentous occasion.

Kenneth Douglas shared with me some pictures he’d gathered from the Seymore community, with many photos of people that I remembered. One photo was of a church baptism in the Jim Sartin Pool up on the hill toward Arbala. The photo was made in the 1950s. Kenneth advised that the pool was used when anyone was baptized at the church throughout the 1950s.

Rhandi Stribling Fails reported that Deborah and David had worked on their wagon between rain showers for most of the past weekend. They all stopped long enough to celebrate Braydon Stribling’s 8th birthday. Happy birthday to Braydon.

Rhandi also reported that she, Cody and Chase went to Oklahoma City over the weekend to the U.S. Team Roping Championships and had a great time visiting with friends and watching the competition.

Until next time, do your best to stay dry. Continue to enjoy the brisk autumn temperatures and all of the autumn activities. Remember our troops who defend our freedoms and ask for them an extra measure of safety. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.




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