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The Reilly Springs community has been poised for the beginning of school this week. It’s been “back to the grindstone” and the start of classes for all of our youth and teachers.

“Things went rather well,” said Heather Salverino on Tuesday, as she assessed the first day of classes for Hunter and Straton. “Hunter had warned Straton ahead of time that he wasn’t to let on that he knew him if they met in the hall, and Straton was excited about going to the same school with his big brother.”

Heather did note that by the time Straton had been in class for 10 minutes, he’d already made friends with everyone and might have a problem with “talking too much.”

Just as a word of caution, certainly watch for the school buses, as they make their way through our community early in the morning and late in the afternoons. It’s easy to come around a corner on a country road or top a hill and a school bus be loading or unloading children. With a hundred other things on our minds, it’s imperative that we still remain vigilant and respective of the kids.

On Sunday, a special mention was made at church of praying for the students, teachers, and upcoming school year. We were asked to recall some of the teachers that had an impact on our lives. I was able to assemble a list of all the teachers that I had from first grade through high school, and even managed to remember who was principal of my schools. Many of us fail to realize the importance and impact of good teachers. This is “hats off” to those heroic individuals who chose teaching as a profession and educate the children for the future.

I heard from Kendra Dannheim this week, and she’s already back in the classroom at Cumby Elementary School. She related a great first day of school, but like many of the students, indicated being very tired and already looking for the first holiday. “Doggone! Labor Day is late this year,” she said.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday afternoon, I attended the volleyball match between two of our  neighboring schools. The Lady Owls of Yantis traveled to Como-Pickton to face the Lady Eagles. The Lady Eagles defeated the Lady Owl JV Team in two sets. However, the varsity match-up was a different story, as it took four sets for the Lady Eagles to defeat the Lady Owls. The Lady Owls won the first set and the third set was decided with a 26-24 score. It was some very, very competitive volleyball and a pleasure to watch. Make plans to attend some of these games and support the youth from both Yantis and Como-Pickton.

Many in our community attended the PBR event that was hosted over the weekend in the Hopkins County Civic Center. I spied Rhandi and Cody Fails on Friday night as they sat a few seats down from me while viewing the action. Joyce McDonald and Vera Harrington attended on Friday night and reported a wonderful time, as they made a night of it and went out to eat before watching the bull riding.

Both nights of PBR featured some intense competition with world class bulls and equally tough bull fighters and bull riders. It was a wonderful event that was attended by many people.

Marilee Fisher and she reported that she and Margerie Martin were in Mesquite on Saturday as they visited a friend. Then, on Sunday, Marilee hosted the entire family for lunch and reported a wonderful time.

Last week, Marilee and Vicki Vaughan were in Dallas, where they went shopping. They shopped at Ikea and then made their way to a fabric store. Is Marilee planning on some new curtains? I know she isn’t sewing a wardrobe for J.R. or Blake.

I visited with Jana DeWitt on Sunday, and she had as her special guest Landri Lawrence from Muleshoe. She and Landri were headed back to Muleshoe on Sunday afternoon so that Landri could make it back in time to start playschool on Monday. They arrived late Sunday and reports are that Landri enjoyed going to school on Monday. Jana and Weldon took Landri to the PBR event on Friday night.

I also visited with Brody and Mary Koon for a few minutes on Sunday, and they reported everything going well. They were enjoying the cooler weather and were looking forward to autumn.

You’ve heard the old adage “when the cows come home.” Well, the Bryant Fisher family is looking forward to when their cows come home and progress on the dairy barn looks like they will be coming home in September. “We’re down to the slow part,” reported Blake this week. “It is just finishing up the equipment and we’ll be ready to move back in the barn.”

The last few mornings have been much cooler and it makes everyone begin to look forward to the upcoming autumn season. It won’t be much longer before those nights at the football games will be very pleasant! Speaking of football games, the Wildcats will be in Paris on Friday night and Como-Pickton will be facing the Cumby Trojans, in the annual “Hopkins County Shoot-Out.” It will be a wonderful night of football, Friday night!

Until next week, continue to enjoy the pleasant weather when it turns cool and strive to get into a routine of school starting. Remember our troops, who defend our freedoms, and ask for them an extra measure of safety and a safe return home, as they make all of our activities possible. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.




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