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Reilly Springs News July 22, 2009

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The Reilly Springs community was relishing in the rainfall on Tuesday morning as we awoke to showers and cooler temperatures. Does anyone know how much rain we got? Or, had it been so long since you’d looked at your rain gauge that it had dried up and cracked in the heat?

The Reilly Springs Supper Club met at Pizza Inn on Monday night and had an enjoyable visit, with the cooler temperatures and the status of the Fishers’ crops the topic of conversation. J.R. is steadily shelling peas. The purple hull peas are ready and he’s filling orders just as fast as he can. “Most of the customers want them shelled,” allowed J.R. “I guess the art of shelling peas has definitely gone out of style.”

What happened to the family gathering around the television or sitting on the front porch and shelling peas, while they related stories of the day? Certainly, we live in a much “faster-paced” world, today, but you’ve got to agree that the front porch settings are something that have disappeared, and nothing seems to take their place. No amount of texting, face-booking, or e-mailing can replace those gatherings of family and friends that once served as the source of information and community togetherness.

How many of you can still remember going to your grandmother’s house, sitting out on the front porch in the shade and hearing family stories, maybe sharing a freezer of ice cream while the family shelled peas or snapped beans? When was the last time you sat out and listened to the frogs on a summer night? There are so many things that we tend to forget about in the hurried world that we live in as we dash from event to event, never slowing down to enjoy the subtle pleasures in life.

This past weekend was the 6th Annual Catfish Festival and Parade in the neighboring Yantis community. It gave me the opportunity to  catch up with folks in that community. The parade was hot on Saturday, but well attended and much cooler than it has been in many previous years. Reports are that the Yantis Volunteer Fire Department served over 800 people and raised approximately $10,000 to help with fire protection in our area. This was one of the biggest events to date.

The Yantis VFD asked me to thank everyone for their support and donations.

The Catfish Tournament on Lake Fork also drew a large crowd of entries, as approximately 475 people fished in the tournament on Saturday and Sunday. Winner was a 16-pound bass, caught by a man from Lindale, but several local people were in the top standings. Congratulations to the winners.

I also received a call from Bryant Fisher this week about some missing peacocks. His peacocks have seemed to have left home. They were spotted by Kent and Ramey Jisha and by Roy and Yvonne King, but seem to have disappeared. If you have some show up in your yard, give Bryant a call.

Bryant attended a National Beef Council meeting in Denver, Colo., last week, and reported some cooler temperatures there. Meanwhile, back at home, Marilee joined Vickie Vaughn for a shopping trip to Tyler, on Friday, and then they busied themselves with making “chow-chow,” over the weekend, utilizing some green tomatoes. They reported using Nell Furney’s recipe for a successful canning experience.

Debra Stribling called and wanted to wish Brandon Stribling a happy birthday. Brandon celebrated his birthday on Sunday.

I visited with Vera Harrington for a few minutes this week, as she reported that they had been busy cutting some hay and trying to get it baled. “Looks like some of it may get wet, but I’m not complaining, as we need the rain,” expressed Vera.

Vera also reported a great visit with Mitzi, Mary, and the girls.

This week I heard from Elizabeth Adair. Her son, Randy Adair, had called and reported “meeting up” with someone in Dallas who had Reilly Springs connections. Randy is volunteering at Methodist Hospital and met Horace Binion Smith. Mr. Smith is 93 and also a volunteer there, and told Randy that he was born in Reilly Springs. His parents were William Reilly and Martha Anne Smith. Does anyone remember this family living in Reilly Springs?

Another bit of community trivia ... A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned the old K&N Root Beer stand at the corner of League and Main Streets in Sulphur Springs. Well, Murray Froneberger related that he owned that business for about four years, back in the 1960s. We had a nice visit about my remembrances of the “frosted” mugs and what a great summertime treat it was to go and get one.

Murray allowed the Donnie Lewis was one of the “carhops” at the establishment, when he owned the business. Does anyone remember others who worked there while in high school?

Michael and Jandi Lawrence were weekend visitors as they came to pick up  a precious little girl, who was kind of looking forward to returning to Muleshoe, or at least to seeing Mama and Daddy. Landri left to go back home after a fun-filled week with Jana and Weldon, going to the zoo and other attractions in Dallas, and visiting with family and friends in Hopkins County.

If you call and don’t get me, I’m contemplating taking a little trip next week, but give Kelly a call and she can contact me.

If you didn’t make it out to Gerald Prim Stadium on Monday night to enjoy the Spirit Drum and Bugle Corps as they practiced, you missed a real treat. The students were a great group and put on a quality show, for those who enjoyed the cooler temperatures and music from the stands. It was a very pleasant evening and a great time to relax and enjoy the wonderful weather and company of friends.

Monday afternoon was a remarkable time at Buford Park as folks came out to sign up for their World Champion Hokins County Stew  Contest cooking sites, at the new location. I talked to Meredith Caddell at lunch on Tuesday, and she reported more than 90 sites reserved and counting. Folks, it isn’t even Aug. 1 and 90 people are ready to cook. It promises to be a wonderful contest and one of the biggest ones ever. Who says we don’t get serious about cooking World Championship Hopkins County Stew?

Many from our community made it out to reserve their sites and others are making plans to go by and reserve a spot in the next few days. It will be September 19th before we turn around.

If you haven’t taken the time to attend the Main Street Theater’s Summer Children’s Workshop Production of “Annie Jr.,” you need to make certain that you put that on your “to do” list for this week. It’s a wonderful production, highlighting the many, many talented youth we have in Hopkins County. Madison Rater does a great job in the lead role as “Annie,” and her dog is a “show stopper.”

Until next week, continue to enjoy the cooler temperatures, the prospects of some more rain, and the joys of summer. Remember our troops who defend our freedoms and ask for them an extra measure of safety and a safe return home. Pray for love in hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.




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