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Reilly Springs News June 17, 2009

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Members of the Reilly Springs Community were busy all weekend with an array of Dairy Festival activities as the 50th anniversary of the celebration began. It was a great beginning to a wonderful celebration.

Vera Harrington and Kim Price were both busy with the Dairyman’s Hamburger Cook-out that followed the parade, attended by a large group of Hopkins County dairy farmers and their families. Vera had a very nice visit with Mary and Brody Koon and Sheila and Randy Koon.

Jan, David and Jacy Lawrence from Muleshoe also attended the cookout and had a nice visit with Vera. “It had been a long time since I’d had the opportunity to sit down and visit with Jan,” said Vera. “I can’t believe she’s got two grandchildren.”

Randy and Sheila Koon were the parade marshals and surprised everyone with a “Jersey cow train,” made from barrels and ridden in by children and grandchildren. It was a great day of celebration for Randy and Sheila and their family.

Then, it was back home to get some of the real Jersey cows for the annual milking contest on Saturday afternoon. Of course, it was mighty hot, but everyone had a good time. Congratulations go out to Jami Scroggins and her parents, Amy and Dickie, as they won the milking contests.

Maybe we need to start a “grandparent’s milking contest.” I observed Wayne Galyean offering some advice to both Kellie and Katelyn about milking a cow during the contest.

Lttle Lucy Walters and Tonya Ross managed to “rise to the top” in the 8th Annual Texas State Champion Homemade Ice Cream Freeze-Off on Saturday afternoon. Both of these Reilly Springs gals won their categories. Congratulations to both Lucy and Tonya.

About the most devoted Dairy Festival participant from Reilly Springs was Jamie Miller. Jamie won her age division in the 5K Milk Run on Saturday morning. Congratulations to Jamie.

I saw a number of Reilly Springs residents as they watched the balloon glows on Friday and Saturday nights and witnessed the flying of the balloons on Saturday afternoon.

Vera Harrington also reported that she had weekend visitors for the Dairy Festival activities. Mary and her girls came, from Waxahachie to watch the parade and visit with Vera. Of course, they were a “welcomed respite” for Vera from the hay baling and the tending to dairy chores.

Vera also mentioned that she had some storm damage last week, as a band of thunderstorms moved through our community. She said she had some wrought iron that was damaged and had to be fixed this week.

Another, out-of-town visitor for the many Dairy Festival activities was Jorene Lamrande. Joreneis Mary Koon’s niece and lives in Canada. She is the daughter of Joe Dan McDonald and visiting all of her relatives in Hopkins County for about two weeks. I think she had no idea that she had so many cousins.

Jorene attended the milking contest and ice cream contest and has gotten a good “taste” of life in Hopkins County.

Jan and David Lawrence, along with Jacy, were weekend visitors at Joyce McDonald’s and they all went to Tyler following Saturday’s parade to move Jacy out of her apartment. They arrived at Joyce’s house late Saturday night, hot and tired, after loading furniture and household items. The Lawrences returned to Muleshoe on Sunday.

Speaking of the Lawrences, Danny Lawrence is “officially” at work now. He is working at the Vaculik dental office on Church Street. Go by and visit with Danny and get your dental appointment.

Shannon Lawrence began her new job as a speech pathologist with the Hunt County Regional Medical Center in Greenville on Monday, also.

Danny and Shannon had spent four days in Mexico with friends prior to returning for work.

I also saw Brent and Lacey McClendon at Saturday’s Ice Cream Freeze-Off. Lacy, of course, is “eating for two” now, bu, she was having to fight Ol’ Brent for a chance to eat any ice cream. I think Brent was trying to “milk every drop” of ice cream from Tonya’s freezer.

I visited with Yvonne King for a few minutes on Tuesday afternoon as she was getting her items put in the computer for Tuesday night’s auction. She reported a busy weekend and hearing from Billy and Kari Smith in Mississippi.

I haven’t heard much from the Fisher family this week. Marilee is relaxing on an Alaskan cruise and Bryant and the boys are “batching.” They are busy gathering produce, attending Dairy Festival activities and finding out just what all Marilee does for them. I’m sure they are looking forward to her return on Saturday, and I’m sure she will have some wonderful news next week.

I talked to Rhandi Fails, and she allowed that they all took Joyce Gilbreath out for dinner on Friday night and celebrated Joyce’s birthday. It sounded like a great family affair. Happy birthday, Joyce.

Until next week, remember our troops who defend our freedoms and ask for them an extra measure of safety and a safe trip back home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.




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