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Reilly Springs News May 21, 2009

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It's been a great week in Reilly Springs. Sunday’s Memorial Day Service was a wonderful affair and we must thank all of those who were involved in the planning of the day, for a great time of visiting and remembering those who have founded our community.

Yvonne Miller King served as the Mistress of Ceremonies and chairman of the 2009 planning committee. Her committee consisted of Salli McClendon, Eddy Morton, Jo Ann Wallace, Terry McCullough and Gary Bailey.

Sunday's program consisted of Teddy Boggs as the guest speaker. He told of many of his memories of being reared in Reilly Springs. He told of a close association with his sister, Sue Ann, who passed away with cancer. “We fought like any other brother and sister, but my only regrets are not telling her more that I loved her,” stated Boggs. “Make it a policy to tell everyone you love them and how much you care.”

Boggs continued with examples of many of the ways that as you get older, you treasure the memories of childhood and the people that influenced your life. “We've been fortunate to live in a community that had role models and people of strong moral character,” expressed Boggs. “That gives us focal points in our lives and people to look up to.”

Following Boggs' address, Yvonne told of how she and her siblings were able to ride their bikes to “downtown” Reilly Springs, in the 1950's and 1960's and no one thought anything about it. “We really had a magic childhood.” exclaimed King. “Something that many, many children today are not afforded.”

Don Sapaugh, grandson of Porter and Edith Jo Shelton, provided special music selections to the delight of everyone as he accompanied himself on the guitar. David Alkire, grandson of Henry and Ina Vanginault, led the group in congregational singing of some oldtime gospel favorites.

Those recognized as having passed away in the past year were: Scott Price, Ronald Petty, Finis Attlesey, Marcie Kerby, Louise Williams, Jenine Shearer, Joyce Jenkins and Erwin Haygood. Members of their families were presented with a single rose in their memory by Eddy Earl Morton and Jamie Miller.

The altar flowers for Sunday's service were provided by the Grover H. Bailey Family in his memory.

Following Sunday's service, dinner-on-the-grounds was served in the Reilly Springs Community Center, with loads of visiting. Helpful hints certainly bring results. Mary Alice Koon brought her famous German Chocolate Cake that was enjoyed by all. I broke my diet to have just a taste and it was certainly worth every one of the calories. I'm still having dreams about that gooey confection.

Mary Alice also brought me a supply of hefty green onions that I'm still enjoying on a daily basis. They are some of the sweetest ones I've tasted.

And, speaking of gardens, I visited with J.R. Fisher and he allowed that they already have a ready supply of yellow squash. “We're getting about a bucket a day now,” stated J.R. “If anyone wants some they should give us a call and we have plenty of fresh brown eggs.”

J.R. related that he was forced to replant his cream peas but that the green beans and pinto beans were growing nicely.

Bryant Fisher was in Grapevine today to attend a dairy meeting and will be returning tomorrow.

J.R. also advised that their family has been chosen for a dairy promotional effort and will be preparing some photos and copy for the advertising agency later in the week.

I went to purchase my brown eggs on Sunday afternoon and Blake gave me a tour of the new Country Store. The Fishers are making progress and should have a place to store their vegetables and service customers by summertime.

I got a visit from Vera Harrington on Sunday night as she stopped by the office. She had nothing but praise for the Sunday Memorial Day Service. “It was one of the best ones we've had in years,” exclaimed Vera. “The program was great and the cemetery looked great.”

My family was happy that Debbie McDonald Cade and Oleta McDonald were in attendance, as well as Hilda McDonald Smith. They had traveled from Chandler and Texarkana to visit with Sarah McDonald Boyd and Ernie Boyd and their daughters, who were in attendance on Sunday. “This is about the largest group of the McDonald family that has been in attendance in several years,” expressed Joyce McDonald. “And, it was wonderful to see everyone.”

Mary Alice McDonald Koon advised everyone that the former Jorene McDonald is planning a visit from Canada in early June with an opportunity to visit with her relatives in Hopkins County. Of course, Jorene is the daughter of the late Joe McDonald and wants to see all of her relatives when she travels to Texas.

Serving on next year's Memorial Day Committee will be Teresa Morton, Joyce McDonald, Artie Mae Bailey, Leslie McCullough and Wanda Alkire. Someone suggested that we might do a power-point presentation of old pictures for the program next year. It's a great idea, but you will need to submit the photos of your family soon so we can begin to “scan” them in and work on the presentation. Think about it, and if you desire to have that for next year's program, contact one of the people on the committee.

Danny Lawrence will be graduating from Dental School on Friday, May 22, after eight long years of school, so he's excited, and looking forward to returning to Sulphur Springs. Shannon Sartin Lawrence graduated with her masters in speech pathology last Saturday. Congratulations to Shannon.

And, speaking of graduations, those members of the Sulphur Springs High School graduating class from our community will join their classmates in exercises Saturday night at the Civic Center. Congratulations to the Class of 2009.

Of course, every year it seems that the months of May and June are always busy. But, it just seems that they get busier every year. Enjoy all the activities and take time to attend the many awards ceremonies and recognition banquets to support the youth and their accomplishments.

Until next week continue to enjoy the many events that are afforded for you to attend and continue to support the youth of our community, as they are the “building blocks” for the future. Remember our troops, who defend our freedoms and ask for them an extra measure of safety, as they provide us with the security we all enjoy. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.




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