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Reilly Springs News for May 13

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The Reilly Springs community has received an ample amount of rainfall in the past week. But what do you want to bet that by about the end of June or the first of Jul, we’ll be wishing we had some more of it? It just seems that we’re never really happy with the weather. We all need to say a prayer of thanksgiving for the abundance of moisture that we’re entering the summer with, as a month or so ago, it looked like we might have a very, very dry season on our hands.

Of course, May is always a busy time of the year for everyone in Reilly Springs, with Mother’s Day, Memorial Day Services and all of the end of school activities, as well as taking care of the garden, and a variety of household chores. This year is no exception.

However, we’ve got a real reason to cheer. One of our own, Brandon Harry, has earned the salutatorian position of the Sulphur Springs High School 2009 graduating class. Brandon is a fine young man and has plans to attend Dallas Baptist University and major in finance and business. Congratulations to Brandon and to Tony and Danette, as well.

I also observed Brandon receiving a number of scholarships at the SSHS Awards Breakfast and Awards Assembly. Brandon’s future looks bright ,and we’re all extremely proud of his accomplishments. Best of luck to him in all of his future achievements.

Congratulations to all of the young people in Hopkins County who are completing their high school careers and keep learning as you enter the workplace or continue your educations.

I heard from Vera Harrington this week, and she’d been visiting in Waxahachie. She reported that her granddaughter, Caroline, has fractured her arm in a soccer game on Saturday. However, she was more worried about the outcome of the game than she was getting her arm “patched up.”

Vera also reported that Elizabeth Burns had earned the number seven position in her class for this year, out of over 700 students. Congratulations to Elizabeth.

Meanwhile, everyone in Reilly Springs is making plans for Sunday’s annual Memorial Day Service. The service will begin at  11 a.m. and dinner-on-the-grounds will follow in the Reilly Springs Community Center. Yvonne Miller King and her committee have planned a great program and everyone is promised to have a wonderful day.

I visited with Aunt Sybil McClendon this week, and she reported that Ernest Mack and Sarah McDonald Boyd are planning to attend Sunday’s Memorial Day activities, as they will be traveling from Big Springs. With health concerns of late, this is a happy occasion for all of our family to get the opportunity to visit with Aunt Sarah.

Memorial Day is a great occasion for everyone to renew old friendships and visit with the members of their family who return each year for the event. We’re promised a day of learning about our community and the many, many people who helped to form it. I never fail to come away from the day without something more that I’ve learned about Reilly Springs and some of her citizens.

Marilee Fisher reported a wonderful Mother’s Day. She and Ethel Winton traveled to Paris for lunch and enjoyed an afternoon of shopping. Then, when she arrived back home, she had a new dishwasher.

I ate supper with Bryant and Marilee and Blake and Kendra on Sunday night at East Fork, and we all had an enjoyable visit. They were all talking about the rain and how wet the fields in our community are. “It seems like it’s always too wet or too dry,” said Bryant. “But it’s always better to be too wet than too dry.”

Marilee and Kendra had made some more of their goat’s milk lotion that they are planning to take to Saturday’s Flea Market on the Square in Sulphur Springs. It sounds like they are certainly having success with the product.

I heard from Rhandi Stribling Fails this week, and she allowed that she and Cody and Case met Linda and Clyde Alvis at Two Senoritas in Mt. Pleasant on Friday night for an early  Mother’s Day dinner. They reported a wonderful visit.

On Saturday, Rhandi, Case and Debra were visited by their dear friends, Michelle Davis and Pam Stout of Rains County, and reported a wonderful afternoon. Then, on Sunday, David, Debra, Rhandi, and Case attended church with Joyce Gilbreath and then all the family met at Joyce’s house to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Little Case had minor surgery on Monday but is reported to be doing well.

Jan and Jacy Lawrence returned to Muleshoe late on Saturday night. They had attended a baby shower, in Sulphur Springs, then went by Sheila and Randy Koon’s to pick-up a “barrel train” that the Koon boys were constructing for them. Sheila and Jan got to visiting and they were late leaving for the long drive back to Muleshoe. Reports are that it didn’t take long to spend the night when they finally arrived back home.

I talked to Mary Koon this week, and she reported that Michael McDonald and his family are planning on returning to Reilly Springs, for Memorial Day. Everyone will be happy to see Michael and visit with them. Of course, Michael is the son of Phil McDonald Jr. and will be coming from College Station, where he makes his home.

I’m going to “put my order in” for some of Mary Koon’s green onions, now. Both Mary and Randy always raise some of the best green onions, and they won’t even break my diet, unless I use too much salt. Then, more than likely, Mary will have one of her world famous German chocolate cakes at Memorial Day on Sunday. You can generally count on “eating dessert first” and getting a slice of it, before it is all gone. Sounds like I need to eat loads of green onions, first, so I won’t “pig out” on German chocolate cake, doesn’t it?

As you can see, the Reilly Springs Community is busy and everyone is looking forward to Sunday’s Memorial Day activities. Count your many blessings and remember our troops, who defend our freedoms, asking for them an extra measure of safety and a safe return home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County, and America. See ya at Memorial Day on Sunday.




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