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Reilly Springs News Feb. 26, 2009

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The Reilly Springs Community is basking in some spring-like weather this week. The warmer temperatures have many out digging in the dirt and getting

their garden plots ready. Others have spent their time cleaning their yards and flower beds. It looks like spring is almost everywhere you look, as early flowers are beginning to bloom and the beautiful tulip trees are in their full glory.
We’ll more than likely experience another cold snap or two, but it looks like the springtime season is almost here.
Jan McDonald Lawrence is visiting with Joyce McDonald this week. She arrived on Monday and has plans to return to Muleshoe later in the week. Meanwhile, she and Joyce have made a trip to Tyler to visit with Jacy Lawrence and Katie Moss, and Jan has been visiting with friends in Hopkins County, as well.
Many from Hopkins County spent Sunday afternoon in Commerce for the final performance of “Lost Highway,” the story of Hank Williams’ life. Sunday’s performance was dedicated to the Ray Price Culture Award and Price was in attendance at the event to watch the play and to sign autographs during intermission. Among those from Hopkins County attending were Tracy Dennis, Nell Furney, Patsy Bennett, Sharon Rainey and Mary Cable. It was an enjoyable performance, that brought back many memories.
“The song ‘Jambalaya’ was reminiscent of Bob and Joe Shelton singing at the Reilly Springs Jamboree,” commented Nell Furney.
Nell also informed me that her sister, Jean Koger, was a visitor for the weekend. They had an enjoyable time and shared many memories.
I heard from Rhandi Stribling Fails this week. She advised that Case’s babysitter had been sick and that several members of the family shared baby-sitting duties. The most adventurous time was the day he spent with David Stribling (Pawdaddy). He spent time riding on the four-wheeler, visited Kerry and Artie Mae Bailey and spent part of the day eating crackers at Big Smith’s BBQ. When Rhandi found him that night, he was tired and dirty, but he’d had a most enjoyable day.
Mary Attlesey, Laura Teer and Linda Alvis came by to visit with Case and Rhandi on Sunday afternoon and Monday night, Case went to Curves for a workout with his mother. There they saw Debbie Shirley, a longtime friend.
J.R. Fisher celebrated his 29th birthday on Saturday night with a large stew supper attended by about 25 friends and family members. Among the guests were Josh Hughes of Cleburne, an Aggie friend of J. R.’s, and Jerry and Tonda Spencer of Sulphur Springs. Reports are that everyone left full of stew and had a wonderful time.
Marilee Fisher, Ethel Winton, J.R. Fisher and Mikey Melton traveled to Commerce last Thursday night to see “Lost Highway.” All were highly impressed with the quality of the production, and Mikey and J.R. were introduced to a style of music that they’d hardly ever heard. Ethel and Marilee told them all about the beginnings of country and Western music as they remembered the Hank Williams story.
Bryant Fisher was in Grapevine this week attending a Dairy Farmers of America meeting.
J.R. reports that the plants in the greenhouse are growing well and he’s looking forward to the weather getting warm enough to transplant them.
Blake Fisher is working on the old Lucille Fisher House, with plans to move into it once he does some remodeling. Kenny Baxter has moved from the house, after being a longtime resident, and Blake decided to “make the move.”
I visited with Vera Harrington this week, and she and Charlie are busy trying to get a rent house cleaned up and repaired so it will be available for rent by March 1st. That isn’t much time, so they have been working at a fast pace.
Vera was coming to town Wednesday morning to attend the Buyer’s Luncheon sponsored by the Hopkins County Farm Bureau. The luncheon is for those individuals who purchase animals in the Northeast Texas Livestock Association’s Junior Market Show. Vera has been a supporter of the show since its inception and is undoubtedly been one of longest continual supporters in the history of the organization.

As a county Farm Bureau director, Delores Miller was busy helping with the preparations for the Buyer’s Luncheon.

Speaking of the Junior Market Show, it will begin on Thursday night with the showing of the lambs and goats. The show will continue on Friday night with the Market Swine Show and conclude on Saturday with the Broiler Show, the Steer Show, and the Heifer Show. This is huge undertaking and represents hours of work and dedication by over 250 youths in Hopkins County, not to mention the hundreds of hours spent by vocational agriculture teachers and county 4-H and FFA agents leaders, and parents. Make plans to come to the Hopkins County Civic Center this weekend and support these outstanding youths of Hopkins County.
Saturday night will feature the Sale of Champions and it is your opportunity to purchase the animals from the youths and add to their college fund. If you aren’t able to purchase an individual animal, you can “add on” money to any youth’s project. Make certain, too, that you support those businesses that purchase animals every year. It’s their demonstration in believing in our community and making certain that the youths of this area have a very bright future and a chance for a college education. Those supporters are to be commended for their investment in our youth.
Speaking of outstanding youths, our neighboring Yantis Lady Owls “ran into Lady Goliath” on Friday night in Gladewater. She was a 6 foot-4 inch player from Waskom, that managed to score 28 points and reap over 20 rebounds. The Lady Owls managed to stay within 10 points of them, despite the player. Congratulations to the Lady Owls on their outstanding season.
Then, on Tuesday night, it was the Yantis Owls who traveled to Commerce to make their bid in bi-district competition. The Owls played a very impressive game and defeated Trenton 51-41, to advance in the playoffs. A large contingent from Yantis was in attendance, with many fans from all across Hopkins County. Yantis will face Avery on Friday night in a location that is undetermined at this time (probably Gladewater). Make plans to support the Owls, as they continue to work toward the state tournament. Congratulations Yantis Owls.
On Saturday I was in Jefferson attending Mardi Gras Upriver. It was a wonderful day spent photographing the parade and just observing the people. The minute I arrived and got out of the truck, the first people that I saw were Bobby and Betty Price and Huel and Juanita Hammonds. You don’t ever get away from home without seeing someone you know.
One highlight of the day was eating a “Redneck Cornbread Sandwich.” It was a fried bologna and cheese sandwich with lettuce and onion between two slices of cornbread. It was quite good. Even better was the (almost healthy because it had dark chocolate) double-German-chocolate pecan pie. It was to die for.
On Friday night, I attended the Saltillo Lady Lions’ playoff game in Lindale and ran into my childhood friend, Ben Shipley. We had a nice visit. Then, once the game started, I had the opportunity to visit with our own Tye Boatman. Of course, Tye teaches at Saltillo and was there to support the Lady Lions.
As you can see, everyone in Reilly Springs is busy. Until next week, continue to pray for some much-needed rain. Remember our troops, who defend our freedoms and ask for them an extra measure of safety. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.




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