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Reilly Springs News Feb. 4, 2009

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You’ve heard the adage “Time waits for no one?” Well, we’ve already “lived up” one month of 2009 and well on the way to beginning the second one. Can you believe how fast the year is progressing?

The Reilly Springs community, like the rest of Hopkins County, has received typical Texas weather this week — a little bit of cold, some wonderful sunshine and warmth, a beautiful lightning show and a few drops of rain. However, we’re beginning to need some measurable moisture. With gardeners getting their ground ready, it is evident that we’re going to need some rain to have a successful season.

Monday night found the Reilly Springs Cemetery Society getting together for a business meeting to attend to some necessary items and make certain that everything continues to function. All were in attendance, and this is expressing a thanks to all those who serve on the board. It is a thankless job, but one that must be completed to make certain that our loved ones are honored and given the respect that they deserve.

Everyone was happy to see Vera Harrington up and out at Monday night’s meeting. She is doing great and recovering nicely from her recent surgery. Like they say, “You can’t keep a good girl down.”

I heard from Marilee Fisher this week. She and Bryant had just returned from a National Beef Council meeting in Phoenix, Ariz., where they were accompanied by Jerry and Tonda Spencer and Don and Marilyn Smit, from Hopkins County. Marilee related that she basked in the sunshine. It was 72-78 degrees and sunny the entire time they were in Phoenix. While Bryant and Jerry were in meetings, Tonda and Marilee went sightseeing in Phoenix, Tempe and Scottsdale. They enjoyed riding on the new light rail, the bike rickshaw, and a tour bus and toured the Wrigley Mansion, and had lunch at the famous Sugar Bowl Café. Later, they went to Tempe and felt like they had stepped back in time as they visited the “Hippie Gypsy.” Marilee expressed that they had a great time, and despite the fact that Bryant and Jerry would say they were in meetings all the time, they really had an enjoyable trip, also.

Meanwhile, back at home, J.R. has started “spring plowing” and has almost completed his greenhouse, so there hasn’t been much time for “mule-skinning,” and the plowing hasn’t been done with the mule yet. I’ll keep you posted when he gets hooked to the plow. You’ll probably hear the shouts all the way to Como, when he gets hooked up.

I heard from Debra Stribling, and Brayden, Alexis, Debra, Rhandi, Cody and Case all were among those who came out and supported the Yantis Owls on Friday night. Case even wore a #31 jersey in support of his favorite player and cousin, Ty Davis. Everyone enjoyed a dinner at Oak Valley Catfish Kitchen when the basketball game was over.

On Saturday, Alexis, Brayden, and Rhandi went to the Little Dribblers game at Yantis to cheer Bryce Ogles on. Then, Bryce came back to Debra’s house and they spent the afternoon exploring and running in the round bales of hay. Charlotte Stribling Burns was also a visitor at David and Debra’s on Saturday night.

It seems like the woods of Reilly Springs were taken over by the Boy Scouts this weekend. They explored the woods in our community on Friday and Saturday night. David Stribling couldn’t resist the temptation of harassing them, so he rode over on his horse and told them stories of mountain lions and wild hogs. He commented that the only scout that looked scared was “Steve Smith.”

Debra reported that she was afraid that she might have the entire group camping on her front porch come Sunday morning. However, they must have calmed down Steve, and only came to get water for breakfast, making it safely through the weekend.

Jacy Lawrence was a weekend visitor with Joyce McDonald. She and her roommate, Katie Moss, had attended a concert in Fort Worth on Friday night and returned to Hopkins County and spent the night Saturday night. Jacy spent the night with Joyce and went to church with her before returning to Tyler Sunday afternoon in time for classes on Monday.

Jacy reported that she had heard from her family in Muleshoe and they were complaining about the extremely cold temperatures in the Panhandle, but that they were even drier out there than we are here in East Texas.

Mary Koon reported on Monday night that Jana and Weldon DeWitt had returned from a trip to Muleshoe where they were “babysat” by Landri Lawrence, while Michael and Jandi attended a dairy conference and pleasure trip.

Sheila Koon and Kaylynn Moss were weekend visitors in Muleshoe as they met Jan Lawrence and enjoyed a fun-filled weekend shopping in Lubbock and visiting. They returned home to Hopkins County on Sunday.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and many gardeners hope to have their Irish potatoes planted by that date. Unless we get some really heavy rains, they won’t have to worry about “mudding them in” this year. I visited with several gardeners that have already been plowing, and they say we need some rain to even make the onion sets grow. Pray for a little bit of rain for the Reilly Springs community.

Have you heard about the “Big Nasty Hog Contest?” Well, word is “that it will be the biggest thing to hit neighboring Como and Pickton.” The video contest starts this Saturday, with lunch at the Pine Forest Community Center on Saturday. Get out your video camera and start taking those pictures, as the Reilly Springs community certainly has its share of wild hogs and could prove to have the winning video.

Basketball season is on the downhill swing, and many in our community are following the local teams with interest as spots for the playoffs are up for grabs on almost any night. Both Yantis and Como-Pickton have the possibility of landing one or more teams in the playoffs, so the games become more exciting. Make plans to go out and support these youths as they do their best and work toward advancing in the post season.

If you haven’t purchased your Chamber of Commerce Banquet tickets, time is running out. The banquet is slated for Thursday night, February 12th, and will feature a Mardi Gras theme that is sure to be fun. This is the annual time of the year to honor those individuals and businesses that contribute to our community and make it a great place to live. It is also a great time to meet your neighbors and enjoy a great meal while visiting and swapping ideas.

Speaker for this year’s banquet will be Dr. Charles Jones, president of Texas A&M University-Commerce. He will have a delightful presentation, and it will give you the opportunity to meet him and welcome him to Hopkins County.

It seems like almost everything is happening this upcoming weekend. Check out the local community calendars, as there is something for everyone, from daddy-daughter date nights, to Boot Scootin’ at the Civic Center, and a Spaghetti dinner at Como-Pickton.

And mark you calendar for Saturday, Feb. 14. Along with the regular Valentine’s Day activities, there will be the annual Black History Month Parade. The parade will leave the Cypress Baptist Center and end at Pacific Park.

With promises of some great weather and with folks getting their gardens plowed, continue to pray for some rain. Remember our troops who defend our freedoms and ask for them an extra measure of safety. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America. 




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