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Reilly Springs News for April 18, 2012

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The Reilly Springs community mourns with the neighboring Yantis community in the death of Sgt. Tanner Higgins, who was killed in Afghanistan. Word was received of his death Saturday, and residents began relating stories they remembered and expressing concern for the family, immediately.

A conversation with his wife, Shelby Allen Higgins, Tuesday night revealed that no definite plans for a funeral have been made as they must wait until all processing is complete. Shelby expressed her thanks for all of the tributes that she has received and stated that she would let us all know when definite plans were made for the service. “Continue to pray for me.” expressed a heart-broken Shelby. “I'm so proud of Tanner and what he stood for. I look forward to meeting him some day in heaven.”

Meanwhile, many in Yantis are displaying flags, ribbons, banners, etc. to show their support for the Higgins and Allen families.

You've always heard that there is a “silver lining” in every cloud. Well, the community of Yantis did have something to celebrate this week. On Tuesday, star Yantis Owl basketball player, Ty Davis signed to play college ball for Brookhaven College. With relatives in the Reilly Springs community, the celebration was a great day for Ty and his family, and we’ll be watching Brookhaven's schedule come fall. The first game of the 2012-13 season will be at Tyler Junior College. Congratulations, Ty.

I heard from Vera Harrington Tuesday afternoon as she was trying to get a dental appointment. She was needing some work done and hoping to get it completed soon.

Vera indicated that she'd heard from the granddaughters, and like everyone else at this time of the year, they were exceptionally busy with school activities and getting things done as the school year begins to “wind down.” Vera is looking forward to Elizabeth's high school graduation and is counting the days until school is out and Mary, Caroline and Charlotte join her by moving to Reilly Springs.

Bryant and Marilee Fisher reported being in Irving for a Dairy Farmers of America meeting. Marilee had planned a shopping trip while Bryant was in his meetings.

Marilee had also made a trip to the Abilene area with her friend Debbie Wilkie. Debbie was visiting a sick relative, and Marilee chose to visit a cousin in nearby Albany. They reported a nice drive out that way and the wildflowers being beautiful.

Marilee and Bryant received a special surprise from J.R. and Vanessa this week. They sent them some fresh cherries from Washington State. The area where J.R. lives is home to many orchards and fresh fruits. J.R. reported that everything was going great and the weather was nice in that part of the nation.

Joyce McDonald returned from her trip to Muleshoe last Thursday night and reported a nice time visiting with Jan and her family.

Enola Gay called this week to remind everyone of the Reilly Springs Jamboree on Saturday night, among the many other events that are happening over th upcoming weekend. She indicated a nice lineup of local musicians for the show.

Meanwhile, Karen Rosentraub and many other former Blue Blaze Drill Team members are making plans to return to Sulphur Springs on Friday and Saturday night to attend the 50th Anniversary of the SSHS drill team. Many of the former members have been working out with the current members to appear in the weekend show being held in the Hopkins County Regional Civic Center. A reception for current and past members and directors will be held in the Civic Center Exhibit Hall following Saturday night's show. Make plans to attend.

Many from this community were in Yantis last Saturday night for the wedding uniting Cassie McClendon and Jason Manness. Congratulations to Jason and Cassie. The wedding was hosted at the Hidden Lakes Lodge and offered a wonderful evening with great weather and entertainment. It's sad that it seems like it’s only at weddings and funerals that you get to visit with cousins and extended family. But the world we live in is so hurried that many times this is the fact.

Thanks to Jay and Salli for providing a very beautiful venue and wonderful time for everyone.

I had the opportunity to visit with Aunt Sybil McClendon, who had a grand time and enjoyed seeing all of her friends and family at the wedding.

I sat with Mary Koon and Jana DeWitt and enjoyed a nice visit with them. They reported that Brody continues to slowly improve. Remember Brody and Mary in your thoughts and prayers and give them a call when you have the opportunity.

It is almost time for the annual Reilly Springs Memorial Day Service that will be hosted in Reilly Springs the second Sunday in May. Make your plans to attend. If you are on this year's program planning committee, please give me a call, as plans are being made for a meeting to plan the program for this year's event. I know the annual service and program will be a great time for everyone.

Until next week, remember our troops who defend our freedoms and ask for them a safe trip home and protection when in harms way. As we have seen this week, they need our constant prayers and support. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.




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