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Reilly Springs News for March 12, 2012

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The Reilly Springs community is rejoicing in the wonderful rainfall of Monday and Tuesday. Reports are of as much as 5.5 inches of rain recorded, and farm ponds lakes, and even roadways are running over. “This certainly helps to alleviate the drought," said Marilee Fisher. “We certainly got a big rain.”

Bryant Fisher missed the rain as he, Jerry Spencer and Lynn Ramsey were at a Dairy Farmers of America annual meeting in Kansas City, Mo., and will only be returning today. But they had called and reported heavy rains in Missouri, as well.

“I got a wonderful rain," said Vera Harrington. “I poured out over 5 inches.”

Mary Koon in the Bonanza community reported about 4.5 inches of rain, so the rain was widespread throughout the county.

Yvonne Miller King reported 4.5 inches of rain at their place and that “Miller Lake” was running over. Yvonne attended Justice of the Peace School last week but got back in time to mow her yard before the rains came.

I drove out to Century Lake and Lake Sulphur Springs on Tuesday, and the water levels are certainly high there. Water was up level with the old Century Lake Dam and flowing south at a rapid pace. Hopefully this will bring our water supplies to a manageable level after suffering through the 2011 drought.

Rhandi Stribling Fails reported a wonderful outing last Thursday as she and Case enjoyed a trip to play in the park and soak up the sun. They finished the day with ice cream, making it even more special.

Last Friday, Rhandi, Debra, Brayden and Case traveled to Tyler and enjoyed a day at the Caldwell Zoo, eating at Red Lobster and doing a little bit of shopping.

On Saturday, David, Debra, Rhandi, Case, Brandon, Becky, Alexis, Baylee Gilbreath and Patty Brumley made their way to the Pickton Community Center for the closing ceremonies of the Big Nasty Hog Contest. Brayden was awarded the “Newcomer” Award and received a cap and sweatshirt for his efforts in this year's con this week, and she reported that they had been busy running the concessions at the Sulphur Springs ball park. “It's a big job, but we enjoy visiting with all the people that we get to see," said Sandi.

Sandi also indicated that she was really excited about the progress being made on the square in front of her business. “Hopefully, this rain won't delay them too long," she said.

Sandi also reported that their Plain ’N’ Fancy Sandwich Shoppe in Commerce is doing well as they complete their first year.

Mary Koon was happy to report that Brody had received a great check-up at the doctor this week and continues to improve. And, she was certainly proud to report the success of Chase Koon at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Dairy Show. Chase won Grand Champion, Reserve Grand Champion, and Premier Breeder in the Open Jersey Show, and then won Reserve Grand Champion in the Junior Jersey Show. Congratulations to Chase and of course, Miki and Kris, as well.

Kendra Fisher thinks she has become a “goat whisperer.” “There is one being born about every minute," Kendra said. “They're multiplying like flies around here.”

Meanwhile, Ol' Blake is in charge of milking the goats while Bryant is gone, and he seems to be about overwhelmed, too. “With all of this rain, mud and more and more goats freshening, it seems like I go to bed at night and even dream about goats," Blake said. “At least Kendra gets to go to school and get away from them for a little while, but I listen to them bleating all day.”

If you need some fresh goat's milk, you know where to find it.

Marilee Fisher served as a tour guide this week, as Ethel Winton was entertaining some of her high school friends and they took them to many points of interest in and around Hopkins County. Marilee reported a great visit.

Marilee had also heard from J.R. in Washington state, and he reported that everything there was well and he was really enjoying his job.

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, Marilee and Ethel Winton decided to do some spring cleaning and tackled some closets. “It may be a few days before we do something that insane again," said Marilee.

I also heard from Muleshoe, this week, and believe it or not, it is even raining out that way. Jan reported that it rained on Tuesday and was supposed to be raining today. “I'm trying to get moved, so you can bet that it would rain,” said Jan. “But we do need the rain, and I'm not really complaining.”

Jan reported that she was almost moved into her new house and had a sore back.

David Stribling reported a day on Sunday of mowing the yard ahead of the rain. “We're so thankful to have grass to mow that we certainly aren't complaining,” said David.

The Stribling family enjoyed a fishing expedition with Jarrod Brown on Saturday afternoon as they enjoyed the nice weather.

I also visited with former Reilly Springs resident Tony Hurley at Monday's Sulphur Bluff Lady Bears softball game. Tony was asking about several people in this community and reported coming back to visit his parents regularly, but with having so many activities with his children that he seldom got to see anyone else.

Until next week, continue to enjoy the blessings of the wonderful rain and enjoy the spring weather and flowers.

Remember our troops who defend our freedoms and ask for them a safe return trip home and extra measure of safety. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.




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