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Reilly Springs News for Jan. 11, 2012

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The talk around the Reilly Springs community this week is the very nice rain that we received. Both Vera Harrington and Bryant Fisher reported receiving more than 3 inches of precipitation, and the great part about it was that it fell slowly and soaked into the ground, where it was needed. "I actually received a noticeable amount in my lake, too," Vera said Tuesday. "It was just what we needed."

Meanwhile, the Reilly Springs community sends their sympathy to the Larry Gumpert family. Larry passed away on Sunday morning at his residence in this community. Funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon with burial in Restlawn Memorial Park. Larry will be sorely missed by his large family and many friends.

Vera Harrington reported that her granddaughter, Elizabeth, turned 18 years old this past week. Vera and Elizabeth went car shopping and found one that Elizabeth liked. Of course, Elizabeth was excited, and Vera was too. They solicited the help of Uncle Bobby Price in making the deal and reported having a great time as they made the purchase. Vera got to telling some stories about her and Bobby, and they are both definitely Mrs. Gladys Price's children. She would certainly be proud of them following in her footsteps. Before too long, they'll be "running into the garage wall" and having to get someone to come rescue them, too. Greg and Mary, beware.

Vera attended a surprise birthday party for Elizabeth on Saturday and reported another great day spent with family in Waxahachie. "It's so nice not to have to worry about getting the cows milked and being able to attend some of these things," reported Vera. "I kind of miss the milk check but wouldn't trade the family time for the world."

Meanwhile, down on the southern bounds of our community, a "wild pig caper" has unfolded. It seems that "Oscar Mayer" and "Buster Brown," two pet wild pigs, are now sausage. The two pigs, owned by David and Debra Stribling, got out of their pen, took up with a herd of wild hogs and were mistakenly shot by someone in the community. They ended up at the Fisher's processing plant. Word is that the meat was donated to charity and Oscar and Buster are now in "piggy heaven" living the good life.

I saw Debra Stribling at the Yantis Homecoming Basketball Games on Friday night, and she told me the story of Oscar and Buster and their demise.

Congratulations to Ty Davis and Shayna Garrett, who were named 2012 Homecoming King and Queen on Friday night in Yantis before a large crowd of hometown folks. They were chosen by the Yantis student body from this year's homecoming court. Following the basketball games with Campbell and Saltillo, a dance was hosted in the Yantis School Cafeteria.

On Friday night, our own Jesse Williams was a member of the North Hopkins Homecoming Court as he escorted one of the nominees. Jesse had been a vital part of the North Hopkins Panther homecoming victory over CHESS. Two of the better basketball games of the season were played in North Hopkins on Friday night. The Panthers managed a slim victory and the Lady Panthers fell to Fruitvale by another very slim margin. Congratulations to Kelley Rumsey on being named North Hopkins Homecoming Queen.

Saturday found many of the parents in this community at the Dairy Health Services Clinic on State Highway 11. They were accompanying their children to validate their dairy heifers for the upcoming Dairy Classic Show in June. The heifers had to receive their ear tag and be entered in the show on Saturday. Robert Smith and Trey Hinton both have children showing in the show, as well as Kim Price and Tate Price. Watch for these youths as they prepare these heifers for the June Dairy Festival show and support them in their efforts.

Kevin Gibson, of the neighboring Martin Springs community, serves as president of the Northeast Texas Livestock Association and met with parents of students showing in the upcoming junior market show on Sunday afternoon and then shepherded a board meeting on Monday night when the final plans for the show were made. The NETLA Market Show and Sale is scheduled for February 23-25 with Hopkins County youths making an effort to win a slot in the Sale of Champions scheduled for the last night of the show. Make plans now to come out and support the youth of Hopkins County.

I visited with Marilee Fisher for a few minutes this week. She reported that Hayden Smith is still in the hospital in Tyler but is improving. This is wishing Hayden a speedy recovery.

Marilee, Brenda Allen and Debbie Wilkie were in McKinney shopping on Tuesday and had an enjoyable day.

Bryant and Blake are involved in processing the last deer of the season, as this year's deer season is winding down. However, they wanted everyone to know that they will still be open for processing hogs.

Marilee also reported that J.R. and Jessica will soon be moving to beautiful Washington State. J.R. has accepted a job with COBA Select Sires in Washington, where he will soon assume his duties. "It is a long, long way from Reilly Springs," allowed Marilee. "But at least it will be a beautiful place to visit."

Several people in this community were both elated and saddened this week to hear that Coach Jeff Riordan and his wife, Mandy, have accepted a head coaching position in Crosby near Houston.

Enola Gay asked me to remind everyone of the Crockpot Chili Contest to be held Saturday night in the Hopkins County Civic Center. She invites everyone to come out and enjoy some great chili, entertainment and homemade pies.

A number of youngsters in this community are headed to the Fort Worth Stock Show this week to exhibit their dairy animals in the Fort Worth Dairy Show on Sunday and Monday. The trip to the Stock Show is always a memorable experience anda highlight of showing animals. There is really nothing like it, and special memories are always made with the trip to Fort Worth.

Until next week, enjoy the nice rain and remember our troops who preserve our freedoms. Ask for them an extra measure of safety and safe return trip home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.




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