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REILLY SPRINGS NEWS for Nov. 9, 2011

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How did you like those "more seasonal" 40-degree temperatures this morning? Did you get much rain yesterday at your house?

Reports are that the rain gauges in Reilly Springs recorded about half an inch on Tuesday.

"Every little bit helps, but we sure do need some more," Vera Harrington said. "I'm thankful for the blessing that we got, but I’m still praying mighty hard for some more."

If you were out and about Saturday morning, it may have sounded like a war was going on in the woods as deer hunters took advantage of the opening day of deer season. Reports are that a number of bucks were harvested and even more hogs.

"We received a number of deer and hogs to process," Blake Fisher said. "And they continue to come in."

Do you think that Marilee Fisher has become a regular "Betty Crocker?" She reported that she and Debbie Wilkie were baking cookies for a 90th birthday party for Mrs. Hazel McIntire, Debbie's mother. The party is scheduled for 1 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 12, at Davis Street Baptist Church. Drop by and wish Mrs. Hazel a happy 90th birthday.

Marilee also reported that she'll be attending a 58th birthday party Saturday for Nita Gouge Bowers. Dennis Winton, Ethel Winton and Marilee all plan to meet Nita and her family in McKinney for a day of visiting and celebration.

Between birthdays and cooking, Marilee also had time for a nice visit with Debra Stribling over the weekend. "I'm running to places everywhere and Debra is going to football games and attending school events for her grandchildren, so it's just seldom that we have the opportunity to find time to sit down and visit." expressed Marilee. "Bu, we managed to squeeze some time in for a really nice time."

Rhandi Stribling Fails reported that Case went to a birthday party for Julie Ann McCoy over the weekend. Meanwhile, Rhandi is working on Christmas gifts that she is crafting this year. Rhandi had also taken her grandmother shopping over the weekend and reported a great trip and nice visit.

Yvonne King reported that the Reilly Springs Community Center Board met on Monday night and discussed a number of items on their agenda. Yvonne will be serving as president of the board for the 2012 year. She also asked that everyone remember that the Reilly Springs Community Center is available for rent for wedding showers, baby showers, family reunions and other community functions. Anyone wanting to rent the center can contact Janie McLarry at 903-383-7756.

Additionally, Sandi Wallace reported that Kenni Jo is slowly recuperating from an approximately 12-foot fall on Saturday afternoon when he was doing some repairs on the Community Center. He fell from a scaffold and scared all of those working with him. "He's bruised pretty bad and not near as young as he thought he was," said Sandi. "Maybe this will wake him up to the fact that he might should be more careful."

I attended the ECLC Veteran's Day Program on Tuesday, and saw some children that have Reilly Springs connections in the program. Linda Dunn Crouch was there to see her grandson, Landon, who appeared on the program, and James and Tonya Ross were there to support their granddaughter, Isabella.

Vera Harrington reported that she really hasn't noticed that she's sold her cows as she continues to be busy doing farm chores. "The 15th will be next week and it'll probably hit me right between the eyes, when the milk check is just for part of the month of October." related Vera. "At least I'm not out buying more hay and won't have quite as big of a feed bill, as it will only be for a part of a month."

Enola Gay called and reminded everyone that she has another Reilly Springs Jamboree planned for Saturday, Nov. 19.

Veteran's Day will be observed on Friday, so let's all pause and remember the sacrifices that have been made to preserve our freedoms. One doesn't have to look very far to find those that gave their all, protecting this country. A brief stroll through the Reilly Springs Cemetery will bring home the young men from this community who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country. I'm always reminded of two young men from this community, Ben Day, who was killed in World War I, and Irvin Crabtree, who gave his life in World War II. Both young men, were "greenhorn" farm boys, "snatched from the cotton patch” and called into service to their country. Day died just a few days before the Armistice was signed and Crabtree was killed in the thick of the fight in WWII. You can only imagine the homesickness and sacrifices they endured, before giving their lives on the battlefield. It's humbling just to stand and look at their headstones in the cemetery and realize that because of them you're able to stand here today and enjoy freedom in this country.

Until next week, enjoy the cooler weather, continue to pray for rain, and pause to reflect on the blessings we enjoy as we enter the season of thanksgiving. Remember our troops and the veterans that have preserved those same freedoms for generations. Ask for a safe return home for our troops and and extra arm of protection. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County, and America.





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