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It’s rodeo time in Reilly Springs! I guess it was in J.R. Fisher’s blood, since he had almost always attended the Fort Worth Stock Show in January from the time he was a little boy. However, most of us still wonder what he was thinking when he tried to “tackle” a miniature calf. Well, it sounds like the calf won.

The way the story goes, J.R. was attempting to separate one of the miniature cows from her calf, and the calf decided he didn’t want to be separated. As the calf attempted to jump the fence, J.R. caught him in mid-air. The result was a hard fall, and J.R. ended up on the bottom of the pile. He was walking kind of like “Chester” for the past week and has made a resolution that he might not be quite as tough as he thought he was. Naturally, he’s gotten plenty of ribbing from everyone around the Fisher household.

Word is that J.R. is feeling a little bit better and is “on the mend,” but his pride might still be smarting. (We’ve all been in those situations, J. R..)

Bryant Fisher attended a Dairy Farmers of America meeting in Granbury this week but made it back home in time for the end of milking.

Blake Fisher and his two buddies Mike Melton and Clint Payne have been doing plumbing duties this week. Blake stated that his Mama always told him that if he would go to school and get an education that he wouldn’t have to be digging ditches, but it seemed like he had dug several ditches this week. I think by the time he finally found some of the water lines he was ready to enroll in classes.

Blake Fisher also made one little boy a real “happy camper” this week. He took Colton Price hunting, and Colton got his first deer on Sunday during the special youth hunting season. Jeremy Bowman took his two children and Dustin Hammagren took his nephew, and they all got deer in the Reilly Springs area. Congratulations to everyone.

Marilee and Brenda Allen attended the 51st birthday party of Pam Jones. Can you believe that Pam Jones is starting her second half-century?

Josh Hughes, J.R.’s friend from Grandview, has been a visitor in Reilly Springs this week. He and J.R. had an enjoyable time.

If you haven’t seen Vera Harrington out and about for the past week, there is a reason. Vera had surgery last Tuesday and was in the local hospital until last night. “It’s great to be home, even though I’m still stapled from one end to the other,” allowed Vera. “I want to thank everyone that came by and sent flowers and cards. I thought I was going to sneak in and out of the hospital without anybody knowing about it, but the word got out, and it seems like I’ve seen almost everybody.”

Vera will be recuperating at home for the next couple of weeks, so keep her in your thoughts and prayers and give her a call to monitor her progress. She’s doing well, but going to be sore for a couple of weeks. “And for some reason, I just don’t ‘bounce back’ quite as fast as I once did,” allowed Vera. “It may take me a day or two to get over this surgery.”

Vera, a faithful Democrat, enjoyed watching all of the inauguration activities yesterday as history was made in Washington. “I couldn’t help but think on some of the other times when I was fortunate enough to have been able to attend,” reflected Vera. “I know it was a great time for those who were able to make the trip.”

Our own Cole Cable was one of those fortunate enough to be able to attend the inauguration. Word is that he had a wonderful time and would be arriving back at D-FW airport this afternoon. Chad and Mary were to meet him following his return flight

I spent Saturday in Fort Worth attending the Stock Show Parade, and a trip to Fort Worth wouldn’t be complete without going to the Stockyards. Well, I had my camera out taking pictures (feature that) and someone started yelling my name. It was Tye and Josh Boatman. They were attending a Tracy Lawrence concert and were eating in the Stockyards before going. That just goes to show that you better behave yourself any time you’re away from home because you’re sure to see someone you know.

I talked to Sheila and Randy Koon over the weekend, and they were preparing their cattle to take to the Fort Worth Dairy Show. The show was Sunday, Monday and Tuesday of this week. Many from Hopkins County were in attendance at the show. Results will be forthcoming when all of them return back home.

I heard from Rhandi Stribling Fails this week, and she allowed that she had enjoyed a nice visit with Mandi Walker Berger, who was back home in Yantis from her home in California. On Friday night, Rhandi, Mandi, Marcille Graham, Shelly Ogle and Kelly Perry enjoyed a “girl’s night out” at Lou Viney Winery. Debra Stribling was unable to attend, as she has had “the bug” that seems to be going around with everyone.

Rhandi also reported that Braydon and Alexis Stribling had been weekend visitors at “Grammy and Pawdaddy’s” over the weekend. They accompanied Rhandi, Case and Debra to the movie “Mall Cop,” and word from them is that it is a good movie.

Joyce McDonald enjoyed playing 42 with her group on Saturday night. She met Fred and Ruth Fisher and they all attended the monthly gathering and reported an enjoyable time. They must not have won because nothing was mentioned about the results.

I also heard from Muleshoe this week, and reports are of some “bitter” cold weather but a lack of rainfall and snow. It is even drier in West Texas than here in the eastern part of the state. Word is that we might possibly get some much-needed rainfall this weekend, however.

Sympathy is extended this week to Charlie Garvin, as his son-in-law passed away in Midland. Charlie was there to attend the funeral.

Sympathy is also extended to the Dick Caldwell family on Dick’s death this past week. Funeral services were held yesterday. Dick, the “Voice of Wildcat Sports” for what seemed like a lifetime, had ties to Reilly Springs.
Speaking of this weekend, many in our community will be attending the Annual Lights of Life Gala at the Hopkins County Civic Center. This promises to be an entertaining evening and one that everyone will be dragging out their “monkey suits” for.

The Annual Yantis High School Homecoming will be held on Friday night prior to the basketball game. Many who attended Yantis High School will come back for the event and help cheer the Owls to a basketball victory. If you haven’t been keeping up with the Owls, both the boys and girls are doing well in district play, so come out for the games and support the youths in their efforts.

And, while you have your calendar out, mark Feb. 12 for the Annual Hopkins County Chamber of Commerce Banquet, and call the Chamber Office to reserve your tickets. This year’s banquet promises to be a fun night, with “Mardi Gras ... Hopkins County Style” the chosen theme. The night will honor those individuals in Hopkins County who have “gone the extra mile” and contributed back to our community, making it a wonderful place to live. You won’t want to miss this night of fun and honor for your friends and neighbors.

Until next week, continue to pray for some needed rain and look forward to some springtime weather, which should appear before too long. Remember our troops who defend our freedoms, and ask for them an extra measure of safety and a return trip home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.




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