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Reilly Springs News for Sept. 14, 2011

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The heat and drought continue in Reilly Springs this week. Many of us thought autumn temperatures had arrived, but with 100-plus degree temperatures this week, we’ve been forced to endure more.

“You’re not going to believe this, but it is actually sprinkling rain on me,” Vera Harrington said this morning. “The pavement is wet at my feet, but it doesn’t look like it is going to be a ‘eal soaker like we need.”

Vera was trying to get chores done so she could leave for Waxahachie to attend “Grandparent’s Day” at school with her granddaughters. “We’re still praying real hard for rain, and certainly haven’t seen any real signs of this drought breaking yet,” she said.

“I’ve always said that it always rained after a drought,” Vera added. “But I have to be honest, I beginning to have my doubts this time.”

Meanwhile, Vera has been working to “cover up” one of her farm ponds near the road. She advised that it had gone dry and had enough silt and fill in it that it didn’t hold that much water and presented a place for her dairy cows to attempt to wade into. “I felt like this was a good time to cover it up and smooth out the land,” she said.

Bryant and Marilee Fisher attended a Dairy Farmers of America Meeting in Austin last week and counted their blessings as they saw all the smoke from the fires in the Bastrop area. “If it can be, it is even drier in that region of the state, than it is here in Hopkins County,” Bryant said. “There is nothing green in that area of the state.”

We have two birthday greetings going out this week. Marilee and Mary Koon both shared a birthday on Tuesday, Sept. 13. Happy birthday to both of these girls.

Marilee shared her birthday with family and friends, as she was taken to Mineola by a group this week. She and her mother, Ethel Winton, have decided to leave the drought behind and travel to Bermuda later in the week. “We just decided if it wasn’t going to rain, we’d just go somewhere that it did,” said Marilee. Here’s hoping they have a great trip.

Mary Koon shared her birthday with family, as well. There was a nice photo of her and Brody enjoying a “birthday breakfast” at I-Hop on Jana’s Facebook page. Mary says she hasn’t been caught up in the Facebook craze yet. Happy birthday Mary Alice.

Meanwhile, Mary reported getting birthday and Grandparent’s Day greetings from Muleshoe, as Landri and Sam called to wish her greetings.

Meanwhile, J.R. and Vanessa Fisher are in Lampasas looking at the prospects of possibly moving to the area. They were looking for jobs and a house in the area this week, seeking “greener pastures.” But it sounds like the drought is severe in that area, too.

Marilee, Brenda Allen and Debbie Wilkie made a trip to Commerce to a meeting and then shared lunch last week.

Jan McDonald Lawrence is back in Hopkins County this week attending to some of the necessary chores at their lake cabin on Lake Quitman. She spent Tuesday night with Joyce McDonald and has plans to return on Thursday. She and Jana DeWitt plan to make the trip back to Muleshoe together so they can attend homecoming activities in Lazbuddie on Friday night, where Landri Lawrence will be carrying the crown during the coronation. “Go Lazbuddie Longhorns,” says Landri.

Sympathy is extended to the Syble Starrett Summers family on her passing this week. She is a sister to Jubal and Doyle Starrett and has strong ties to the Reilly Springs community. She was the daughter of Roy and Cecil Williams Starrett, making her kin to most all of us in this community.  Services will be on Thursday, with interment in the Reilly Springs Cemetery.

Speaking of the cemetery, several of us met with Ronny and Anita Glossup to “grave witch” Tuesday in the Reilly Springs Cemetery. In the old portion of the cemetery, there are a number of unmarked graves, thus it gets tricky to make certain that we know where all the graves are located when someone wants to be buried in that part.

Vera Harrington, Kerry Bailey, Denny Burns and myself met with Ronny and Anita and their “divining rods” at lunch on Tuesday. They located a number of unmarked graves that we had been told about and then told us about some spaces that did not have anyone buried in them. I knew the two brass rods would not work for me, but Vera, Kerry and Denny each tried their hand at the process and were able to locate some of the same information. “I’m still somewhat skeptical despite seeing it happen in my own hands,” Kerry Bailey said. “But I’m going home to the shop and making me a set of rods to continue the exploration myself.”

Many from this community have been in attendance at Hopkins County Fall Festival activities. I saw a number of residents at the Hopkins County Idol competition on Saturday night, and at Saturday morning’s parade. Rodney Miller and his partner, Turk Morgan, were the champions in Saturday’s Fall Festival 42 Tournament. Scotty Reed and his uncles, Ronnie and Donnie Martin, as well as Junior Hinton, were all participants in the tournament, as well.

On Monday, I observed some from this community participating in the Fall Festival Golf Tournament at The Links at Land’s End.

Tuesday found a number of our community’s senior citizens participating in the Senior Citizens Day activities. Sandra Glenn was busy working the Hopkins County Genealogical Society Concession Stand, and helped to serve all of the seniors on Tuesday night. Others from this community were at the Cover Girl activities, the Young Farmer Calf and oat Scramble, and at the FFA Tractor Driving Contest. I also spied” Delores Miller at the Gospel Song-Fest on Tuesday night.

This coming Saturday night will present an opportunity for entertainment in the Reilly Springs community when Enola Gay plans to host her Reilly Springs Jamboree. She indicated this week that she planned to announce the winners of her “singing contest” at Saturday night’s show, so make plans to attend that gathering.

Until next week, enjoy the Fall Festival and continue to uplift your prayers for rain and an end to the drought. Remember our troops who defend our freedoms and ask for them an extra measure of safety and return trip home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.





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