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Reilly Springs News for July 27, 2011

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Well, it’s been another hot and dry week for residents of Reilly Springs. “At least, I did feel a few drops of rain, as it teased us and sprinkled at my house,” Vera Harrington said. “And Tuesday morning was much more pleasant with the clouds. That kept the temperature from soaring for a few hours.”

“There really isn’t much going on around our house but the hot weather and everyone attempting to stay cool as best they can.” Marilee Fisher said. “It’s so hot that we all just do only what we must do, and then come back in and try to cool-off.”

Marilee reported that Blake and Kendra were looking forward to a trip to the Guadalupe River next week in celebration of their one-year anniversary. “They’re hoping to find it cooler in the river,” Marilee said. “Hopefully they can find some relief and have an enjoyable trip.”

Meanwhile, Vanessa Fisher is looking forward to a visit from her mother and sister. Her mother will be arriving from Washington State, and her sister is coming from South Carolina.

“I hope they are prepared for some hot weather,” Marilee said. “I’m certain that it is at least much cooler in Washington State. Her mom may better watch her suitcase, because I might just slip off to go home with her.”

Bryant Fisher has been spending most of his time contacting people all over and attempting to locate hay for his livestock at a reasonable price that can be trucked to Reilly Springs.

“You can find some,” Bryant said. “But so much of it is extremely high when you add the freight or make an attempt to go and pick it up with your own equipment.”

It’s the same story, second verse, at Vera Harrington’s farm.

“I’ve been on the phone and have managed to find some hay, but I never thought I’d pay the prices that I’m paying for it,” Vera said. “I bought some beautiful soybean hay this past week, but I’m ashamed to tell you how much I had to pay for it. Somebody might send me to the nursing home, if they knew how much I paid.”

Vera did report a nice visit from Mary and the girls over the weekend.

“It was great to have them here for a visit,” said Vera. “I’m attempting to convince them that they need to move back to Reilly Springs.”

Meanwhile, Caroline and Elizabeth “beat the summer heat” with a trip with friends to Colorado, where they reported to Vera that the temperatures were more moderate. Caroline celebrated her 13th birthday this week and was surprised with a party by her friends at the horse barn. Caroline is the avid horsewoman in the Harrington family and continues to ride daily and has told Vera that she should replace all of her dairy cows with horses.

Little Case Fails celebrated his third birthday with a party on Saturday. Marilee Fisher and a number of others helped him celebrate. Word is that he is certainly enjoying all the toys and the attention.

Sandi Wallace reported that she and her grandsons had managed to find a way to “beat the heat” for a little while. They traveled to Frisco and spent the week in a hotel, with loads of swimming, movies and all kinds of fun. “The great part is that you had a maid to help with the clean-up of all those wet towels,” Sandi said.

I think Sandi’s got this entertaining thing all figured-out.

Make your plans to be in Yantis this weekend. The annual Yantis Catfish Festival will be hosted on Saturday and Sunday, with the Catfish Tournament being held on Lake Fork beginning Saturday morning and lasting until Sunday. The Catfish Parade will be on Saturday at 4 p.m., as it makes its way down State Highway 154. Then the Yantis Volunteer Fire Department will be hosting their annual Catfish Dinner at the school, immediately following the parade.

The Catfish Dinner is one of the major fundraising events of the Yantis Volunteer Fire Department that serves us with fire protection and responses to wrecks and other medical emergencies. Make certain to support them in this effort. You’re also certain to see all of your friends and neighbors as you enjoy some great catfish with all the trimmings.

And while you have that calendar out, mark August 12th and 13th for fun nights in the Hopkins County Regional Civic Center, when PBR Bullriding returns to Sulphur Springs and Hopkins County. The 4th Annual PBR tour will offer some great excitement and fun to be enjoyed by all.

Last Saturday was the National Day of the American Cowboy celebration at the Hopkins County Historical Museum, where a number of local cowboys, past and present, were honored for their contributions to the Hopkins County way of life. About 250 local residents enjoyed music, Dutch oven cooking and remembering these individuals who have been such a vital part of our local history.

I enjoyed visiting with Joann White Roach from over in the neighboring South Liberty community as she accepted an award for her father, the late Duward White. Of course, I can remember Duward hauling his horse in the framed back of his pick-up, and coming by my Mom and Dad’s store to get a sack of “cow catcher” cubes as he made his rounds in the southern part of Hopkins County.

I especially enjoyed visiting with Harold and Bill Deaton, who also accepted awards, and remembered Bill making several hand-tooled leather belts for me, from his shop in Eddin’s Western Wear. And Harold was always at the Junior Rodeos, as well as making his rounds through our community, when he bred cows for Coba Select Sires. “Lot of water has run under the bridge,” since those days.

It isn’t long until time to be thinking about school starting. Football and band practices are almost here and it won’t be long until we’ll be attending football games on Friday nights.

Until next week, pray for rain and watch the hurricanes that seem to be beginning to develop in the Gulf of Mexico. Hang in there — autumn will be here eventually and we’ll survive it all somehow.

Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County, and America.




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