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Reilly Springs News for July 22, 2011

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It’s still hot and dry in Reilly Springs. We might have received a “heat shower” that lasted 10 minutes and wet the pavement, but with temperatures near 100 at nightfall, it makes for some rather miserable days if you are outside.

Several of our community beef cattle producers have already sold their herds of cattle, and others are scheduling a sale, because they are out of water and have fed all of their hay.

The Stribling family decided to leave Reilly Springs and seek some place that they could find some water. Debra, Rhandi, Braydon, Alexis and Case joined Marla and Baylee for a trip to Galveston for a couple of days this past week. They reported some nice weather on the beach and enjoying being “beach bums” for a few days. Word is that they didn’t see any sharks, but the jellyfish were plentiful.

They left Galveston in a rain, but as hard as they tried, they couldn’t bring any of it back with them.

Now that they’re home, it’s “Birthday Time” at the Stribling household. Brandon ws celebrating his birthday Wednesday, and today Case and Amber will be celebrating. Happy birthday to the Striblings.

At the Harrington household, it’s been the week of the “Skunk Caper.” On Monday night, Vera received a call from Kim Price, who told her that she was outside her back door, but to not come out, as a skunk was in her garage. Well, after joining Kim, from another direction, they determined that the skunk was “sick” and decided it was best to call a sheriff’s deputy. The deputy managed to kill the “critter” and then they discovered that it had killed four baby chickens, while in the yard. Luckily no one was sprayed.

Vera reported an enjoyable visit with Mitzi, Mary and the girls last Thursday. Caroline had returned from her trip to the Texas Panhandle and reported having a wonderful time and “enjoying the sights” in that part of the state. She especially like Palo Duro Canyon.

Vera is headed to Dallas on Friday for her last knee treatment, a lingering reminder of her summertime hot air balloon ride.

Vera also reported that Bobby Price had eye surgery last Friday but is recuperating well.

Vera invites everyone out on Saturday night for the National Day of the American Cowboy activities at Heritage Park. She’s been helping Enola Gay prepare for the event and plans on being there from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday.

Meanwhile, Vera is looking for some hay to purchase, as she’s already feeding what she’s baled and “the stack is shrinking fast.”

On Sunday, I saw Brody and Mary Koon after church, and Brody said that he was doing well after his recent illness. “I’ve just got to continue to stay inside and watch the heat,” Brody said. “But I’m feeling much better, and maybe on the mend, to getting back to normal.”

Mary Koon reported receiving some great photos from Muleshoe of Landri and Sam and hearing about how dry it is in that part of the country, too.

Danny , Shannon and Jacy Lawrence returned to Hopkins County following a week in Nicaragua on the First Baptist Church mission trip. They reported a remarkable journey and said the dental health of Nicaragua is much better. “We saw some beautiful country, extracted and cared for a number of teeth, and had the opportunity to aid a number of people, as we carried our message to that country,” Danny said. “It was a life-changing experience, but we certainly were glad to see Hallie on Saturday night.”

Enola Gay reported a great Reilly Springs Jamboree on Saturday night and one of the biggest crowds on record. “Everyone knew it would be cool and some great music, so they decided to join us,” Enola said. “We’re planning another big show next month, but hopefully we’ll get some rain and cooler weather by then. We can always keep our fingers crossed.”

Enola also reported that “Cowboy Chris,” the young man who has ridden horseback across the U.S. the past four months, is planning on making an appearance at Saturday night’s National Day of the American Cowboy. “I’m excited that he’s planning on coming to Sulphur Springs, and he is supposed to confirm later in the week,” related Enola. “I want to hear all about his travels and the  many people that he’s met.”

Marilee Fisher reported a very nice trip to Memphis last week. “I believe I saw every Elvis impersonator on the planet,” said Marilee. “On our return trip home, we decided to tour the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, and they had another Elvis exhibit there.”

“I’m going to have to rest up on Elvis for a few days,” Marilee added.

Bryant Fisher and Lynn Ramsey were in Dallas at a Dairy Farmers of America meeting Wednesday.

Lke everyone else, the Fishers are hunting for hay. “We’re calling everywhere and trying to locate something of good enough quality to afford hauling it back here to East Texas,” advised Bryant. “I’ve been on the phone to many of my DFA friends from sections of the country that have received some rain, and they’re looking for me.”

J.R. and Vanessa Fisher are expecting the arrival of a new litter of beagle puppies any day, so they’re excited.

Meanwhile, Marilee and Debbie Wilkie report a “marathon” chicken-foot game that is in progress. At least they’ve found some way to beat the heat.

Meanwhile, Tammy Clifton has moved her restaurant from Sulphur Springs Livestock Commission Company to the former site of John’s Potato House (the old Hershel’s location). It’s called The Branding Iron and they’ll be serving their great steaks, as well as an expanded menu. Make plans to enjoy a great steak and excellent food with Tammy and her staff.

Until next week, remember our troops who defend our freedoms and ask for them an extra measure of safety, and a return trip home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.




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