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Home News-Telegram Community News Reilly Springs News REILLY SPRINGS NEWS June 22, 2011


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Folks in Reilly Springs have certainly enjoyed the last two days of cooler weather, despite the fact that we haven’t received much rainfall.

The thunderstorms produced quite an array of thunder and lightning in our community, but it just seems that there wasn’t near enough rainfall.

Vera Harrington reported that two of her farm ponds are dry and all of the others are extremely low. Bryant Fisher told me Monday night that he’d been over to the large McKay Lake on the back of his place and that he’d never seen it this low. Many community stockmen are keeping close observation on all of their lakes and ponds to make certain that cattle don’t “bog down” as they attempt to get water.

“We just haven’t gotten really enough rainfall in the last three years,” said Bryant Fisher. “But this year is even worse, and these strong winds are sapping what moisture we have.”

Father’s Day was observed with some fanfare in Reilly Springs over the weekend. David Stribling received a nice visit from David Jr. and Colten Morrow, and then Brandon, Becky and Brayden Stribling arrived, with everyone “beating the heat” with homemade ice cream.

Alexis Stribling is in Austin, this week, with the First Baptist Church Mission Trip.

Happy anniversary is extended to Brandon and Becky Stribling, who celebrate their 15th anniversary this week.

Bryant Fisher is making progress on getting his goat milking operation ready for the public. He received his permit and is still looking for the inspector for final approval. “I may have some grade-A milk next week,” expressed Bryant. “And, like the cows, we’re having to install some fans to help keep the goats cool.”

“I’ve learned why those old cows like the water misters in the dairy holding pens so much,” addd Bryant. “That’s about the only cool place I’ve found during the day.”

I received a report that Rodney Miller is out of the hospital and doing good following heart surgery last week. He came home on Friday and is feeling well enough to be “up and around, although slowly.” The entire Miller family attended a family gathering at Tonya Rossstourney will be held’ house on Sunday, where they enjoyed some of this year’s award-winning homemade ice cream. “We were all full, when we left.” observed Yvonne Miller King.

I also heard that Marty Glossup is home from the hospital, recovering from his surgery last week. Remember him in his recuperation.

Joyce McDonald enjoyed a weekend visit from David and Jan Lawrence, Abby, Cody, Kobi, and Reagan Kirby, Jacy Lawrence, and Colton Heinrich, all from Muleshoe. Then, Joyce, Jan and Judy Jones left for Branson, Mo., for a short trip.

The Lawrence family members were in Hopkins County to attend the wedding of Danielle Moss and Ty Hinton on Saturday night and reported a beautiful wedding and seeing loads of friends. Congratulations to the new “Mr. & Mrs. Ty Hinton.”

Meanwhile, a large number of our community members were in Sulphur Springs to attend the 52nd Annual Hopkins County Dairy Festival Pageant. Crowned as the new Dairy Festival Queen was Lindsey McCormack, daughter of Sput and Karen McCormack.

Another group of our community residents at on Saturday night, at the Reilly Springs Community Center. The event was reported to have attracted a large crowd and featured some great music.

Getting old certainly isn’t for sissies, according to Vera Harrington.

“I managed to twist my knee in that balloon ride landing, and just thought I’d ‘shake it off’ in a few days. But as you might have guessed, it required a trip to the hospital to get a shot in it, and I’m still a little bit gimpy when I walk.

“The girls told me that’s what I get for attempting something like that, but it certainly was a fun ride.”

Veras says she’s not the only one sore this week as one of her granddaughters, Caroline, took a spill from her horse, Patriot.

“But don’t tell anyone that I think she’s going to recover just a little bit faster than I do,” Vera said.

Mary and the girls came for a visit this past weekend, and the granddaughters “talked” Vera into purchasing four baby chickens, as they thought that a farm needed chickens.

“Well, guess who is listening to the chirp, chirp of baby chicks, in the house at night,” proclaimed Vera. “I’m afraid to leave them outside, or something might get them, but this poultry raising is for the birds, as you might say.”

Several members of this community were in attendance at the Northeast Texas Dairy Show, on Saturday. Among the exhibitors was Chase Koon, showing his registered Jersey cattle. The Koon family continues to be the longest-showing family in the Northeast Texas Dairy Show’s history. I asked Kris Koon on Saturday just how many years the family had shown at the Dairy Show, and he couldn’t even remember. He did note there is a photo in the Dairy Festival Cookbook of his father showing at the event “back when he was younger than me, so I know it’s been a long, long time.”

“I don’t know for certain if he showed at the first show or not, but it wouldn’t have been long after the first one that he began exhibiting cattle,” Kris said.

Until next week, remember our troops who defend our freedoms and ask for them an extra measure of safety and a safe return trip home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, illy Springs, Hopkins County, and America.




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