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Reilly Springs News for June 15, 2011

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Today marks the middle of June and we still haven’t gotten any  measureable rainfall. Reilly Springs is extremely hot and dry, and it continues to look like a long dry summer of severe magnitude.

I visited with Vera Harrington this week, and she shared that she already had two of her farm ponds that had gone dry. “I know it’s been about 30 years since one of them has dried up, so that is a true measure of just how dry it is, and we really haven’t even come to the official first day of summer,= yet,” Vera noted.

Vera also allowed that she’d been in the hay field, but that the yields were so low sometimes she wondered why she was making the effort. “But we need to harvest every bale we can, because we don’t know when we’ll have to start feeding it up,” she said. “The pastures aren’t going to hold up long without some general rainfall.”

Meanwhile, if you haven’t heard Vera Harrington’s hot air balloon story, from the weekend, then you must stop her and get all of the details.

Vera was at the dairyman’s dinner and reception on Friday night and had indicated that she just might like to ride in a hot air balloon. Troy Hill had his name pulled from the hat but didn’t really want to go for the ride. So, having heard that Vera would like to go up, he gave the ride to her. “Vera has done so many nice things for me all through the years that if she wants to go for the ride, I want her to,” allowed Troy. “After all, I’m scared of heights.”

Hardly before she knew what was happening, she was headed for the balloon basket, and told to climb in.

“It was absolutely beautiful, and one of the most marvelous things I’ve ever experienced,” related Vera. “I felt like I might have got a glimpse of just what God sees from the heavens.”

Vera had a safe landing and found herself, along with the pilot and his wife, Luc and Loren, in a pasture out past State Highway 19. “The cows didn’t know what was happening, but I just told them to ‘shoo ‘em’ away, and soon the crew came to fold up the balloon,” expressed Vera. “We got it all packed together and started to put it in the trailer, and that’s when someone realized that they had locked the keys in the crew vehicle.

“They asked me if I knew a locksmith. I told them that I didn’t, but that to give me a cell phone and I’d call my brother, Bobby Price, and that he’d know what we needed to do.

“I got Bobby on the phone, and he didn’t believe me, when I told him what I was doing.” related Vera.

“Sis, where did you say you were?” questioned Bobby.”

Once Vera convinced Bobby that she really was out in the pasture with the balloon crew, he got the help she needed, and by about 10 p.m. they got the vehicle unlocked, and were back at Shannon Oaks Church, by about 10:15.

Meanwhile, I hadn’t heard from Vera and was beginning to get frantic. She had given me her cell phone and purse to lock in her car, and I knew she should have arrived back, long before the 10 o’clock hour. I waited for the longest, then I started calling her house, and finally made my way to her house. I finally got her on the cell phone about 10:30, as I pulled into her driveway. That’s when she told me the entire story.

Vera and I had a wonderful laugh about how she just seems to get in trouble, wherever she goes. Mary and the granddaughters came on Saturday and we all had another big laugh as we visited about Vera’s balloon ride.

Vera was one of the judges on Saturday for the ice cream freeze-off, and then she and Mary, Elizabeth, Caroline, Charlotte, and Elizabeth’s friend all attended the balloon rally on Saturday night.

Meanwhile, it was James Ross, with some Reilly Springs connections, who captured the State Champion Ice Cream Title on Saturday with his “Creamy Strawberry” mixture. And, Tonya and Isabella, both placed in  their categories. Congratulations to all.

There is also other news in the Miller family this week, as Rodney Miller is in the hospital in Tyler this week. He is scheduled for heart surgery. Call Delores for updates on his condition, and his recovery progress. Get well soon, Rodney.

Marilee Fisher was another community resident who entered the ice cream contest. She and her mother, Ethel Winton, and J.R. were all in attendance, and had an empty freezer long before the lines had dissipated.

Bryant Fisher worked last Friday on the Hopkins County Dairy Farmer’s float for the Dairy Festival Parade. A number of our community dairymen, their wives, and children rode on the float and passed out milk and dairy products all along the parade route. The especially want to thank Kim Price and Patti Littlefield for all of their hard work and dedication to the project.

Vanessa Fisher enjoyed a church outing, on Friday and Saturday in Pittsburg. And Kendra Fisher has been busy landscaping her yard this week.

Bryant Fisher reported that he had obtained his goat milk permit, and was only waiting on the inspector to come and grade him  before he can start selling goat’s milk.

Meanwhile, J.R. told me to tell everyone that there would be no peas this year. The hot and dry weather has destroyed the crop. “We’ll just have to wait until next year,” advised J.R.

The Stribling family has been busy in the hay field attempting to get all of the hay they can get harvested this week. They all were happy to take a break and celebrate Joyce Gilbreath’s 80th birthday over the weekend with cake and dinner at Juan Pablos. Meanwhile, little Case Fails is the smart one, as he’s enjoying swimming lessons.

This is encouraging everyone to attend the Hopkins County Dairy Festival Pageant, on Saturday night. Connections to this community include, little Jadi Jones, who will be appearing as one of the “little kids” in the pageant. Also, Dairy Festival Contestant Katie Cooper is the daughter of Wayne and Tammy Cooper. Wayne was reared in the Reilly Springs community. Best of Luck to everyone.

And we saw all of the Koon family involved in Saturday’s Dairy Festival Parade as they had their “dairy cow train” in the parade for everyone to enjoy.

Joyce McDonald is looking forward to a visit from the Lawrence family this weekend, as they will be among a large group from this community attending the wedding of Danielle Moss and Ty Hinton on Saturday night. Best wishes to Ty and Danielle.

If that isn’t enough to try to work into your schedule, Enola Gay has planned her monthly Reilly Springs Jamboree for Saturday night.

Until next week, remember our troops, who defend our freedoms, and ask for them an extra measure of safety and a safe return home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County, and America.




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