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Reilly Springs News for May 18, 2011

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Despite having passed mid-May, the mornings in Reilly Springs continue to be cool — even quite cold on some occasions. One of the community gardeners related their tomato plants are “looking rather sickly.”

Others also say their gardening efforts have been trying. Teddy Boggs announced on Sunday at Memorial Day Services that he’d had a difficult time getting things to grow, as well.

Sunday was a great day to share Memorial Day at Reilly Springs, with a wonderful morning service, a delicious dinner-on-the-grounds at lunch and loads of visiting and memories being shared. It was great to see Tommie Jo and Lonnie Tennison, who traveled from Colorado, to be with us on Sunday.

During his welcome, Sunday, Teddy Boggs shared a bit of history from Reilly Springs, as he related the story of Luke Thrasher. Luke lived on the little road that ran south of the cemetery, and like most other farmers in this community, he had a patch of cotton. It seems that once the cotton was planted in the late spring, the men of the community would gather on the big front porch of Ed Starrett’s General Store, discussing the weather, relating their “stands” of cotton, and catching up on the news of the community. Regardless of the condition of his cotton crop, Luke Thrasher would always say, “Mine don’t look too good — I’ve only got three-thirds of a stand.”

I’ve also heard of another farmer that lived on the same road that would begin milking his cows about the time that the Baptist church would begin their services. Throughout the first half of the service, when the windows were raised in the building, the Baptists had to hear him calling his cows into milk, while they attempted to drown him out with song. Bessie, Spot and Tangle Tail were being called right in the middle of Bringing in the Sheaves.

Brother Larry Baxley was the guest speaker at Sunday’s Memorial Day Service and did an outstanding job of relating his upbringing as the youngest of 13 kids, on the fringes of this community. He related that after having served for a number of years as pastor of the Reilly Springs Baptist Church, he had noticed that our society had become a “throwaway” society, but that there are some things that need to be preserved. He then expounded on preserving families, the local church, and the Bible as God’s word.

“The Bible is still the standard that God left for us, and we must adhere to it closely, regardless of what society demands.” admonished Bro. Larry. “And first the family and then the local church are the ‘glues’ that hold our society together. It’s worth our time and effort to make certain that we keep them alive and healthy in our community.”

Brother Larry continued his address with memories of an old corn crib on his family farm, and the preservation of field peas and other food items for a large family.

Judge Yvonne Miller King wasn’t able to attend Sunday’s gathering as she had to be at a justice of the peace school out of town.

“I guess Sunday was the first time in my life, that I’ve missed Memorial Day at Reilly Springs,” Judge King said.

Yvonne returned on Tuesday and related that she hated to miss on Sunday, but that she and Roy had a great trip.

I heard from Marilee Fisher this week, and she related a wonderful trip to Tucumcari, New Mexico. She was especially impressed with the beautiful murals on the walls of many of the buildings and the outstanding Western and Southwestern art. She also related a nice visit with Beth Parmer, who was a classmate of Marjorie West from Sulphur Springs.

Bryant Fisher returned from a Dairy Farmers of America meeting in Knoxville, Tenn., and reported on it raining in that part of the country for most of his trip.

Marilee also reported that her friends Brenda Allen and Yvonne Weir of Yantis are headed for a trip to the Grand Canyon, this week. Marilee also said she and Debbie Wilkie had a nice shopping trip on Tuesday.

Vera Harrington reported enjoying the Memorial Day service on Sunday, and then she had Janet Neylon and her daughter as visitors from Houston on Sunday afternoon. They had a wonderful visit, although Janet was sorry that she didn’t arrive in time to attend Memorial Day services.

Vera also had a nice weekend visit with Mary Lou Smith and Margaret Ray, as they were in town for their class reunion Saturday night. Mary Alice Koon also attended the reunion and reported enjoying the visit with many friends and classmates.

Mary Alice related that her traditional German Chocolate Cake had to be fixed in a hurry for Sunday’s dinner at Reilly Springs. I’m here to report that regardless of how fast it was fixed, it was certainly up to par — I enjoyed at least two pieces.

Mary Alice also reported that Jana DeWitt was in Muleshoe, visiting with Landri and Sam, accounting for her absence Sunday. Isn’t it amazing how grandkids take precedence over many other activities?

While Jana was in Muleshoe spoiling Landri and Sam, Jan and David Lawrence made a trip to Reilly Springs on Sunday for Memorial Day and a short visit with family. David’s mother, Jann Lawrence of Como, continues to take her weekly treatments in Houston, and they enjoyed a visit with Paul and Jann before she left for Houston on Sunday afternoon.

Thanks is extended to Vera Harrington, Jonetta Wallace, Diane McKinney, Mickey Ledbetter, Jana DeWitt and Tommy Hurley for serving on the planning committee for this year’s Memorial Day Service. It was a wonderful day of celebration and community memories.

I’ll give you a heads-up you might want to write down. Serving on next year’s committee will be Judy McDonald Jones, Kerry Bailey, Anthony McKay, Teresa Wallace and Kelly Starks. This group might need to start planning now to top this year’s event.

Enola Gay called on Monday to remind everyone that she has the monthly Reilly Springs Jamboree planned for Saturday night, May 21, and has a great lineup of musicians. Mark your calendars for this event and plan on coming to enjoy the music in Reilly Springs.

Until next week, congratulations to the spring graduates, and enjoy the many accomplishments you have made and work toward a bright and successful future. Remember our troops who defend our freedoms and ask for them safety and a safe return home.




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