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Reilly Springs News Jan. 14, 2009

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The Reilly Springs community has experienced some cooler temperatures this week, but has been spared, thus far, some of the bitter cold temperatures

 that those to the north have been forced to endure. We can count our blessings — it is January and time for us to experience some colder temperatures. It won’t be long before springtime.


I had the opportunity to visit with Vera Harrington for a few minutes this week, and she related going to Waxahachie last week for Elizabeth’s birthday. Can you believe that Elizabeth is 15 years old? “It only seems like yesterday that she was born, and we’ll blink our eyes and she’ll be in college,” bemoaned Vera. “They grow up way, way too fast.”

Happy belated birthday to Elizabeth.

Vera also attended another birthday party for Margaret Ray. About 150 people attended the party at Johnny High’s place. Vera was accompanied by Jerri Graves and Mildred Cross. They reported a great time and seeing many old friends from Hopkins County.

Folks in the edge of Hopkins County that are serviced by Wood County Electric were without electricity for a time early Wednesday morning. It was an inconvenience for those in the dairy business, as their milking schedules were off. No one really knew what caused the outage.

I saw Debbie Stribling Tuesday night at the Yantis ball game, as she had come to watch the Owls and Lady Owls, who took three games from Cumby. Congratulations to the Owls.

Bryant and Marilee Fisher were packing their bags to attend a Dairy Farmers of America meeting in Knoxville, Tenn., this week. They were to leave today and would be returning by the weekend. They were leaving J.R. and Blake to keep the dairy going, while they were gone.

The Reilly Springs Supper Club met on Monday night and had Scotty Stewart as a special guest. He related just how smart his nephew, Wayne Hinton IV, was getting. It seems that Wayne was sitting in the car with Andi and Trey, not thinking, started to put diesel in the car, so accustomed to filling up his truck. Wayne started screaming, “Mama, your car don’t take diesel!”

Naturally, little Wayne saved a very costly mistake.

Speaking of kids, I got an e-mail from Kari King Smith in Mississippi this week. She related that we needed to all ask Roy and Yvonne about them letting Sawyer lock the keys in the truck. It seems that Billie and Kari had been hunting on the old Bowie place and had left Sawyer to entertain Roy and Yvonne. Well, as luck would have it, they took him to feed cows with them, and left him unattended for “just a moment.” When they turned around, Sawyer had locked the doors and was turning windshield wipers, on and off, flashing lights, and having a big time.

When Billie and Kari got back, Roy had the “trusty coat hanger” out while Yvonne was at the window begging Sawyer to unlock the doors. After about 45 minutes, Sawyer decided it was time to open the doors.

Word is that Kari is the “Texas Hold 'em” Champion of Reilly Springs. You might ask Brad, Chad, Zack and Kellie about it. It seems that she “whupped-up” on them during the Christmas holidays and took all of their money back to Mississippi with her. Sounds like there might be a re-match in order sometime very soon.

I also received an e-mail from Rhonda Wallace Loggins this week. Rhonda is happy to announce a new grandson, Fisher Kenneth Wallace. Fisher was born on Oct. 17, just before Caleb deployed to Iraq. Katie and Caleb had also just gotten moved into their house in downtown Reilly Springs. Rhonda asked that we all keep Caleb in our prayers while he is serving in Iraq and that she will keep us posted on all the happenings.

I also talked to Heather Salverino, and she allowed that Sandi was doing much better following her knee surgery. She hoped to be back at work for a few hours this week but still wasn’t allowed to stand for long periods of time. Continue to think about Sandi and give her a call to monitor her progress.

Joyce McDonald had Jan and Jacy Lawrence as visitors this week. They arrived on Sunday night, just in time to take Jacy back to Tyler to enroll in school for the spring semester. Joyce, Jan and Jacy spent Monday getting Jacy’s apartment ready and stocked up on groceries. Jan returned to Muleshoe on Wednesday morning.

Ol’ Kyle Koon is another year older. Family and friends feted him with a birthday party on Tuesday night and had loads of fun. There isn’t anyone better to pull a joke on than Kyle, so the jokes were rampant. Happy birthday Kyle.

Kyle is one of those “mixed blessings.” He is a radiologist with the Cancer Center in Greenville. You hope you don’t have to go see him, but if you do, it is nice to have a friend who can help you out.

J.R. Fisher allowed that the “mule skinning” is going slow. It seems that the mule still isn’t real friendly. He’s going to have to get busy with that mule or he won’t be ready to plow the garden. It won’t be long until it is time to plow.

J.R. did mention that he’d already got some of his seed and that there was a short supply of some of the pea seed that he was hoping to purchase. It seems that seed may be hard to find come spring, so you’d better be shopping now.

I had the opportunity to visit with a number of neighbors in Como Tuesday night at the basketball game when Como-Pickton hosted Lone Oak. The Lady Eagles won in the last 20 seconds of their ball game on a two-point conversion. The Eagles, however, fell to the Buffaloes.

Sympathy is extended to the Ruby Teer family in neighboring Greenpond, as she passed away this week.

I received an e-mail from Sheila Funderburk over in the Union community, and she reported that Ty is still suffering pain during his recovery, but that the pathology reports had been negative. That’s great news, and the Funderburks all expressed their gratefulness for all the many calls and prayers on Ty’s behalf. This is wishing Ty a speedy recovery and a chance to return to a normal life.

If you haven’t marked your calendar yet, make plans to be at Morning Chapel Baptist Church Monday night for the Annual MLK Awards. This is an evening set aside for honoring those individuals in this community who exhibit the spirit of Dr. King. Featured speaker this year will be Greg Owens, heach coach of the state champion Wildcats and athletic director at Sulphur Springs High School. 

And, while you’re marking your calendar, circle Feb. 12. That’s the night of the annual Hopkins County Chamber of Commerce Banquet. “Mardi Gras Hopkins County Style” is this year’s theme, so expect a fun night of visiting with friends, enjoying a great meal, and honoring those individuals who have contributed significantly to our community. Dr. Dan R. Jones, new president of Texas A&M University-Commerce, will be the keynote speaker. If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet Dr. Jones, you will want to take this opportunity to meet him and enjoy his presentation.

Until next week, continue to attempt to stay warm and focus on the upcoming springtime when you get cold. Remember our troops who defend our freedoms and ask for them an extra measure of safety. Pray four our new president as he takes office and pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America. 




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