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Reilly Springs News for March 30, 2011

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Well, we’re well on our way to summertime, even though we’ve had to drag out our coats again and deal with a little cool weather this week. Going through Reilly Springs, you’ll notice that there are several people with their tomato plants out and planted in the gardens and flower beds. A little bit of warm weather gets everyone to thinking about “digging in the dirt.”

The cool weather the last few days just reminds us that we haven’t got over the hump into warm weather yet But, I did hear from one resident this week that their pecan tree was leafed out and they assured me that was a sign that we wouldn’t have another killing frost. I hope they’re right and we can be assured that things won’t get “bit back” this season.

The Reilly Springs community was saddened late last week to learn that Nell Wilkison Ryzak had passed away, with services and burial in the Metroplex. Nell was reared in the Reilly Springs Community and came faithfully to Memorial Day Service s, when she was able. Argieree Tolleson attended the funeral and reported visiting with Nell’s family at the service. Sympathy is extended to Nell’s family, as she will be sorely missed.

Sympathy is extended to the Julia Hay Attlesey family on her passing. Funeral services are scheduled for Thursday, with interment at Restlawn Memorial Park. Julia Hay has always been a strong supporter of the Reilly Springs Community and lent her musical talents to this community, and been a vital part of life in Reilly Springs. She passed away on Tuesday at her home. Our sympathy is with Carole, Damon, and her entire family! Julia Hay will be sorely missed by the entire community.

Another person with Reilly Springs connections, Ann Ashcroft Williamson, passed away last week, with funeral services on Friday. Ann was a descendent of William Paisley and Jemima Yantis McDonald and was related to many of us in this community. Several cousins and extended family members attended visitation on Thursday night. Sympathy is extended to Joe, George, Bill, and the entire Williamson family.

I visited with Mary Alice Koon, on Thursday night, and she related enjoying a visit from Landri and Sam Lawrence last week while they were visiting from Muleshoe. She and Brodie filled them up on fresh strawberries from here in East Texas, before they went back to the Panhandle.

I made a “short trip to Winnfield, La.,, over the weekend. On Saturday morning, as I was getting ready to take pictures at the “Uncle Earl’s National Hog Dog Trials,” the first people that I ran into were Heath and Trey Gilbreath, from Yantis. They were attending the same event and taking in the sites as well. I really enjoyed the town of Winnfield, and the Louisiana Political Museum that houses the history of “colorful” Louisiana politics, and the many “stump speeches” made by candidates. I was particularly interested in the Gov. Jimmy Davis campaigns, as Bob and Joe Shelton from Reilly Springs were “front men” in Davis’ campaign for governor, as he made his way across Louisiana stumping for votes. They used their musical talents to get Davis elected, as they took their “hillbilly” tunes to the small towns and parish hamlets all across Louisiana, and played before Davis spoke.

Vera Harringtom this week said she’s already “making Yellow Dog Democrats” out of her granddaughters. It seems that Charlotte had her picture made last week with a “Democratic Donkey,” because she knew that Vera wouldn’t like it being with an elephant.

Meanwhile, Vera related that she had been in Waxahachie to attend a party for Mitzi and that a little neighbor boy thought he was going to get Charlotte in trouble by revealing that she’d told him Mary was 51 years old. However, Mary related that she was proud to see 51 and “certainly didn’t want the alternative.” I think she burst the boy’s bubble!

It certainly makes me feel old when you start talking about Mary being 51 and Mitzi has caught up with me, until July, in age. I can remember us sitting on the tailgate of a pickup in Reilly Springs, talking about all those “old people” that were over 30. Man, doesn’t time fly fast?

Marilee Fisher called and related that Bryant “was actually at home, this week, and not traveling.” I seems he’s been busy trying to get all of the last minute details ironed out for the goat dairy, so it can be opened by April 1 when all of the “kids” will start arriving.

Birthday greetings are in order for Kendra Fisher, who is celebrating her birthday today. Happy birthday, Kendra.

I also heard from Sandi Wallace this week, and she related that all of their spare time has been spent at the ball fields. Both Hunter and Stratton are playing baseball and Slade and Cody are coaching, so the entire family is involved. Best of luck to everyone on a great season.

I went to get my oil changed in Yantis this week and ran into Jay Hooker at the Oil Depot. Jay is the great-grandson of Forrest Rya from Reilly Springs, and kin to the entire Hooker clan from Reilly Springs. I advised him that my grandparents had purchased their house in Reilly Springs from Mr. and Mrs. Ray when they moved to the community, back in the early 1980s. Mother and my uncle have been cleaning out my grandparent’s belongings, in the past few weeks.

Among the belongings of my grandparents, Mother found a treasured memento and related a cherished story about it. It was a small, little rusty bell, that we’d not known the significance of. But the little metal goat bell was used by one of my grandfather’s little brothers as a child. The little brother, Roy, was born a twin, and the medical conditions in the early 1900s were poor on a rural Texas farm, to put it mildly. My great-grandmother, Lucy, had a difficult time delivering a set of twins, and one of them died at birth, and Roy was tiny and lucky to live. And Roy was mentally challenged due to his difficult birth and only lived to be 18 years old. However, being the “baby” of the family, he was a treasured asset to his parents and many older brothers and sisters. Wanting to make certain that they kept up with him when he was small, they pinned the little bell to Roy’s overall, and could know where he wa around the farm, by hearing the bell ring

Several in our community were in attendance at Saturday night’s Senior Casino Night in the Hopkins County Regional Civic Center and reported having a great time trying to best “Lady Luck.” Word is that our own Charlotte Baxter may have found herself a second career as a blackjack dealer. Give her a call if you’re planning on having a party and need a dealer.

Until next week, continue to keep your jacket handy as we experience a little bit more cool weather, and protect your tomato and pepper plants. Remember our troops who defend our freedoms, and ask for them an extra measure of safety and a return trip home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County, and America.




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