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Reilly Springs News for March 16, 2011

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It’s been typical March weather in Reilly Springs this week, kind of frosty and cool on some mornings, but warming up during the day for some great sunshine, and most of our residents have been out enjoying that sunshine.

With the kids out for spring break, many of them have been enjoying the sunshine. Several of them report going to Lake Fork or Running Creek to wet a hook.

Others in the community have reported a few shopping trips to Dallas or Tyler this week, and a few have taken some short trips to neighboring towns while the kids are out of school.

Joyce McDonald has been visiting this week. She accompanied Judy Jones to Muleshoe the first part of the week as they visited the David Lawrences. Word is that the shopping was “intense” and the economy of the Texas Panhandle has definitely improved.

Joyce and Judy reported some really cold mornings in the Panhandle, but like here, the weather warmed up during the day. They all had shrimp boil one night and were joined by the entire group, Michael and Jandi, Abby and Cody, Jacy and Colton, and all the kids for some good food and great fun. Word is that little Sam is “running” and that Reagan won’t be far behind,

They all had shrimp boil one night and were joined by the entire group, Michael and Jandi, Abby and Cody, Jacy and Colton, and all the kids for some good food and great fun. Word is that little Sam is running and that Reagan won’t be far behind.

I heard from the Fishers this week. J.R. and Vanessa had been to Melissa, Texas, to visit some friends and family over the weekend. Bryant and Fred Fisher were left at home to do the meat processing and were kept busy processing wild hogs.

Blake has started a new job this week, and Kendra had to go back to work on Monday after enjoying a week of spring break from Yantis School.

Marilee began a new endeavor. On Sunday, she enrolled in Marynell Bryant’s genealogy class and has become interested in genealogy. She reported a large group of people in the class and already having learned some very useful skills in doing research. The classes will be each Sunday afternoon through the month of March.


Marilee and Debbie Wilkie also enjoyed a brief trip to Greenville for a little shopping and a chance to eat out on Saturday.

Brayden Stribling has been a spring break visitor to Reilly Springs this week. He came to Debra and David’s as soon as he got out of school on Friday and stayed until yesterday. Some mean coon hunting has been going on every night. I think David had to send the boy home just so he could get some sleep. They did stop coon hunting long enough to go to Tyler on Saturday for a trip to Red Lobster.

Alexis Stribling came on Sunday and stayed through Tuesday as part of her spring break, with loads of outdoor activities and some spoiling from the grandparents.

Case Fails has gotten to have fun with his cousins and show off his new puppy, Snookie. She’s a dapple daschund and quickly becoming Case’s best friend.

I visited briefly with Vera Harrington Monday as she was running from place to place doing errands. She reported getting loads of things done around the dairy farm with the nice spring weather. “I know we need some more rain, but it sure is nice to be able to get some things done, without having to worry about mud,” Vera said.

Vera was looking for a visit from the granddaughters this week, as they are out enjoying spring break. That was probably the motivation to get all the chores and errands done, so she could enjoy them.

Last Thursday night I visited with Cody and Heather Salvarino, Sandi Wallace, and Slade and Kendra Daniels, as they attended Hunter and Straton’s open house, at Bowie Elementary School. They were taken on the “grand tour” of the school with both Hunter and Straton as their guides.

Hunter and Straton were both looking forward to spring break and anticipating doing some heavy hunting and trapping down on Running Creek. Check on their progress to see what all they’ve caught.

I visited with Polly Swatsell this week. She’d heard that the flowers are “extra pretty” at the Dallas Arboretu, this year. Polly has the “inside track” because her nephew, Jimmy, is the designer of the gardens. This year’s theme is focused around fairy tale castles, so look for an awesome display. If you’re looking for a beautiful weekend adventure, you might want to check out the arboretum.

Until next week, enjoy the springtime and the many, many signs of “rebirth” all around us. Don’t forget to wear green tomorrow in observance of St. Patrick’s Day.

Remember our troops who defend our freedoms and ask for them an extra measure of safety and a return trip home. Remember our brothers and sisters in Japan and pray for their recovery. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.




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