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Folks in Reilly Springs have witnessed the arrival of a new year and celebrated the arrival with hope for a prosperous and productive time for our community. “I really didn’t see much of a change in the color of Dec. 31 and Jan. 1,” said one resident. “But I’m still hopeful that once spring breaks out and we get the onions in the ground that everything is going to come to life.”

Speaking of onions, it isn’t going to be very long before it will be time to start getting the “garden spot” ready. J.R. Fisher was talking about going through seed catalogs the other night. “It’s hard to think about ordering seed when it’s cold outside and everything is wet and dreary,” remarked J.R. “But as little as you think about it, it won’t be too long before I’ll be needing to start plowing ground and getting things ready.”

“It’s been cold and dreary, this week,” was Bryant Fisher’s comment regarding the weather on Monday and Tuesday. “The temperatures haven’t been as cold as it seemed, when you were outside, but the wind and the rain just made it that much more disagreeable. There’s nothing more miserable than a cold rain in the wintertime.”

Marilee Fisher and her mother, Ethel Winton, visited throughout the holiday season. They attended the 65th wedding anniversary of Grant and Lucille Bible and saw loads of friends. Marilee was especially excited to see Dr. and Mrs. Claude Reynolds. Dr. Reynolds reported that he reads Reilly Springs News each week, and “kept up with Marilee” in the column.

Marilee also reports that she and a former co-worker, Brenda Allen of Yantis, recently attended to a few visits that they had been needing to do for a long time. They visited Louann Murray and Jeanne Penson, and enjoyed learning about all of the grandchildren and other events that had taken place in these friend’s lives. Then, Marilee went to visit with another nursing friend, Daphne Ross. Brenda and Marilee encourage any of their old nursing friends, to contact them for a visit. “It’s great to share the good times and the challenges of life, with old friends,” says Marilee.

Marilee also attended the 50th wedding anniversary of W.D. and Judy Scott this past week, and a 75th birthday party for her former neighbor, Charles Husbands. Both events were sponsored by the honorees’ children, and gave her the opportunity to see the entire family. 

J.R. Fisher was a visitor in College Station over the weekend. He and his friend, Josh, from Cleburne, traveled south to a chicken show. We’re all still a little bit suspicious that the show was at the “Dixie Chicken,” but J.R. swears that there actually was a chicken show in College Station. You’ll have to ask him and make the determination for yourself.

The Reilly Springs Supper Club met on Monday night at Pizza Inn and enjoyed visiting about all of the holiday adventures. It had been several weeks since all of us had the opportunity to meet.

I heard from Yvonne and Roy King and they reported a wonderful holiday season, and visits from their large family. However, Yvonne said she was about ready to get back in the routine of things and start the new year.

Joyce McDonald will be returning to Dallas, on Thursday, for a “check-up” and hopes to be released to drive. She attended the birthday party of Ayden Koon on Saturday and saw the entire Koon family while in the Bonanza community. They all reported a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s season.

Joyce is anticipating a visit from Jan and Jacy Lawrence this weekend as Jacy returns to school at Tyler for the spring semester.

I haven’t heard from Vera this week, so that means that she’s probably spending some “quality” time in Waxahachie.

Last night, I traveled to North Hopkins to see a night of outstanding basketball between the Panthers and the Yantis Owls. The Yantis Owls and Lady Owls were victorious, but it was very competitive, with close scores and skillful play. The Lady Owl and Lady Panther match-up went into overtime before the girls from Yantis managed to “pull” the game out. Anyone who attended definitely got their money’s worth.

Equally exciting was the Friday night game in Yantis, where the Owls were victorious over Fruitvale. The boy’s match-up was decided in the last minute of the ballgame with a one-point victory. Everyone was standing and holding their breath. If you are looking for some great basketball action, travel to neighboring Yantis and follow the Owls and Lady Owls this season. Congratulations!

Interestingly, I was doing some “basketball research” the other day and ran across a statement in the 1942 Como Tiger Annual: “The Como Tigers did not enter the County Conference, this year, because of several problems ... lack of height, a dirt court, bad weather, and other difficulties. To be a winning team in 1943 will be a real challenge, as we have lost nearly the entire team to graduation. Graduating will be Gene Land, Truman Diamond, John Smith, Johnny Isom, Johnny Blan and Maurice Beville. Returning will be W.D. Johnson, Dudley Attaway, Buddy Sparkman, Jack Hux, Joe Taylor and Leroy Harris.”

Of course, I was interested in the statement, because 1942 found my Dad as one of the senior players on the Reilly Springs team. They did enter the County Conference that year and fielded a very successful team that was runner-up in the County Tournament and went on to compete in the regional play-offs.

Is there anyone left that remembers the “dirt court” behind the schoolhouse? My Dad took me over there, a few years back and showed me where the court was and where they played basketball. The games had to be played in the afternoons, because there weren’t any lights, and regardless of the weather, seldom were the games canceled.

A few years ago, Edna Helton Brown, my next-door neighbor, related that she played girls basketball at Reilly Springs when she was on the Union team, and that it snowed throughout the game. They “called” the game during the third quarter because the snow got so blinding, that they could hardly find the goals.

Several of those planning the Wildcat Tailgate Party on the downtown square were thankful they had moved the event from Monday night to Thursday night. The weather sounds much more inviting on Thursday afternoon.

The celebration will be something for everyone to get excited about and give everyone the opportunity to tell the Wildcats and their coaching staff, just how proud they are of their accomplishments. It will be a fantastic night of celebration and one that no one will want to miss. Activities begin at 5 p.m. and continue through the awards ceremony. Go Wildcats!

You’ll also want to mark your calendars for the Annual MLK Awards, on Jan. 19. Coach Greg Owens will be the keynote speaker at the ceremonies at Morning Chapel Baptist Church. This will be the perfect way to lend your support to the legacy of Dr. King and see many of your friends and neighbors receive awards for their outstanding work in the community. Congratulations to all of the winners.

While you have your calendar out, go ahead and mark Feb. 12. That will be the 83rd Annual Hopkins County Chamber of Commerce Banquet. The event is slated for the Hopkins County Civic Center and will feature a Mardi Gras theme. The committee is working feverishly to make certain that it is a night to remember and honor those individuals who continue to make Hopkins County a great place to live.

Also, the 3rd Annual Lights of Life Gala is scheduled for the Hopkins County Civic Center on Jan. 24. Who said there wasn’t anything to do in Hopkins County?

Until next week, continue to set your sights on a bright new year in 2009. Remember our troops who defend our freedoms, and ask for them an extra measure of safety. Pray for love in hour hearts, harmony in our community and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America. 




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