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Reilly Springs News for Jan. 26, 2011

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“Ol’ Man Winter” keeps reminding us that he’s still around with nearly everything being blanketed in a white frost each morning. The weather’s been fairly nice for the past week, however, with everyone enjoying some sunshine, and the weekend held some awesome weather for January. It made everyone start thinking about getting that garden ready.

Speaking of gardening, it’s about time for you to be thinking about getting those potato “eyes” cut and ready to go into the ground if you’re going to have them ready by Valentine’s Day. Or, more importantly, getting that ground prepared to plant them. Lettuce, onions, cabbage and greens won’t be far behind if you’re planning on an early garden.

Rhandi Stribling Fails said she and Debra enjoyed shopping Saturday in Shreveport with Marla Gilbreath, Jana Gilbreath and Baylee. They were celebrating Baylee’s 21st birthday. The report was of some awesome food and lots of fun. Nothing was mentioned about “the boats,” but knowing this crew, they must have gone and not won.

Meanwhile, back in Reilly Springs, Brayden Stribling was coon hunting, and, of course, he “talked” David into going with him.

The news at the Fisher’s this week concerned a huge feral boar J.R. killed Sunday afternoon that was trying to break into a pen with some of his domestic hogs. The boar weighed over 260 pounds and had almost three-inch tusks, big enough to do some real damage. “He’s in sausage,” proclaimed J.R. “Hopefully, he didn’t leave any progeny to give us trouble later.”

Meanwhile, Marilee has become the “sausage making queen of Reilly Springs.”

“I’m so sick of stuffing sausage, that it makes me sick to even think about it.” reports Marilee. “I can’t even count how much sausage we’ve made this winter.”

It’s just J.R. and “the girls” at the Fisher’s this week. Bryant is in Atlanta, Ga., attending a Dairy Farmers of America meeting, while Blake left on Monday morning for a bird hunting trip to Freer. Blake, Jess, Evan Hooker and Dusty Harry are trying their luck on killing birds this week. I’m quite certain they’ll have some stories to tell when they return to Reilly Springs.

I heard from Sandi Wallace this week, and seems like she’s become a “real hunter” now that the grandsons are trapping on a regular basis. Word is that Hunter and Stratton have trapped a little rabbit and a baby feral hog and are raising them both. I haven’t heard that they are staying in Sandi’s kitchen yet, however.

Sandi and Heather both have been busy working to open their new Plain and Fancy Sandwich Shoppe in Commerce. The shop is located on Monroe Street near the Texas A&M University-Commerce Security Office, so it should become a favorite place for students at the college. “We’re really excited and are receiving loads of inquiries about when we’re going to open,” allowed Sandi. “But it’s been rather hectic trying to get everything ready. Kenni Jo has been a real trouper keeping all of the building crisis in order, and no one has had a hot meal around my place in ages unless they got it at the shop.”

Joyce McDonald reported a nice crowd at the wedding shower for Collin McClendon on Sunday afternoon. She reported visiting with Susan Simco and Emily Boyd, who were in attendance from Dallas, and they reported that Earnest Mac and Sarah Boyd were doing better and getting settled in their new home in North Dallas. Collin received a nice array of gifts with loads of family and friends in attendance. Congratulations to Collin on her upcoming wedding.

Joyce also visited with Oleta McDonald this past week and said  she is recuperating from skin cancer surgery but doing well.

Word was received that John Vanderslice of Dallas, who has many family members in the Hopkins County area, passed away last week. He was the son of Morris and Alma Vanderslice. Sympathy is extended to his family.

I haven’t heard from Vera Harrington this week. She must be extremely busy working at the dairy or, most likely, visiting with the granddaughters in Waxahachie. It doesn’t take much of an excuse for Vera to travel to Waxahachie anymore.

Several from our community were in Sulphur Springs on Saturday night to attend the 5th Annual Hopkins County Crockpot Chili Contest at the Civic Center. It was a night of great food and entertainment. Congratulations to Linda Henton on capturing the title for the second year in a row. Linda’s chili had to really shine to impress this year’s panel of judges. The chili samples are identified by number only, and each judge scores the sample. Then, the top samples are brought back and scored again to make certain that the top selection is made. Can you imagine your recipe going through this process two years in a row and garnering the top spot? It’s got to be some awesome chili to rise to the top with two entirely different panels of judges. Congratulations, Linda.

Until next week, remember our troops, who defend our freedoms and ask for them an extra measure of safety and a return trip home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.




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